Number 9th of Av crystal ball in hand

Revolution 9 (th of Av)

If the 9th of Av represents the destruction of the temple, and the body is the temple, a third temple won't be physically built: it's already built in us.

Split apple black and white drawing

Dollar kill-switch (link)

From the linked article: "Near the center of the blast, the suffering and devastation most closely conform to the fictional apocalypse of our imaginations... Rockefeller Center would be an unrecognizable snarl of steel and concrete, its titanic statue of Prometheus - eight tons of bronze and plaster clad in gold - completely incinerated.

Charlie in Heaven, by Bill Helfrich, 1985


"Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace." - Psalms 37:37

Soylent Green 2022 small

Two videos: PLEASE WATCH.

Perhaps seeing these will help. New Agers, Humanists, pagans and witches: wise up. So too you mid and post-tribbers: very, very soon it will be too late.

For our God is a consuming fire. - Hebrews 12:29

THE TRUTH ABOUT CERN – Insider Interview

If you want to know what CERN is for, here you go: "In this world we have to put a match to wood to set it on fire. In the otherworld, the natural state of things is fire and it has to be contained. CERN seeks how to remove the container so chaos and destruction rule. That container is what we call the veil: That container is JESUS." - Mike, CERN insider.

Iodine - Periodic Table Element


Stock up on Iodine now, for soon the supply chain will break completely. Get enough for yourself, your family, friends and animals.

Holy War July 7, 2022 IMG_5097


Images of the skies first thing in the morning on July 7, 2022 in the Midatlantic region of the United States east coast. They desperately attempt to clot the atmosphere with the particulates from the chemtrail jets, which are then activated by 5G from mast towers and satellites. THIS IS PART OF THE SOUL TRAP OPERATION SPACE FENCE AND SOLAR WARDEN AND IS MIND CONTROL as well as spraying the public with vaccines to gentically alter us and kill off the human species.

CERN and Kali CHAOS mascot

CERN, the drumroll before the trumpet blast

The Lord is ultimately in charge. Do not fear boastful CERN fools.

Food Factory Destruction page

New page – Updated List of 100+ US Food Factory Plants Destroyed

New page - Updated List of 100+ US Food Factory Plants Destroyed.

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