It is possible that no one has realized the deception caused by this word "kids" in regard to our children. OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT BABY GOATS - THEY ARE LITTLE LAMBS

All They Like Sheep (Led To The Slaughter)

It’s raining frogs (now) #magnolia #moses #wakeup  "Check that ego. Come off it, I'm the prophet, the professor, I'ma teach you about the Worm. who eventually turned to catch wreck with the neck of a long-time oppressor. And he's runnin from the devil, but the debt…

IS THERE A CREATOR? A conversation from YouTube comments #amazing

This conversation spontaneously arose from comments below R. Wayne Steiger's video Did The Anunnaki Destroy Mars. I watched it yesterday evening as a choice of somewhat lighter subject matter and to take a break from writing. Although I have seen…


Le Bouvier – Hymn of the Cathars

"At the end of seven hundred years, the laurel will be green once more." Anonymous Cathar Troubadour, 13th Century We're in that seven hundred year period now. The significance of the crowns of Laurel leaves placed on the heads of…

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