August 1, 2019

It is possible that no one has realized the deception caused by this word “kids” in regard to our children.


It was this past Spring when I realized that calling children “kids” was not good, and why this is so. What is a kid, exactly? A kid is a baby goat. When did this become a part of our Western culture? With the Baby Boomer post-WWII generation, with its growing emphasis on pop culture unleashed through the programming of television, radio and print advertising. The “kids” were the new generation doing shocking things, and shaking things up for the “old goats”, their parents and grandparents.  Hidden-hand agendas have created the movements introducing the elements into youth culture since the advent of the advertising age, the Roaring Twenties. It is the continuing series of plots carried out to deconstruct mankind’s meaning. The word “kids” as a term for children was injected into vernacular by the “ad men”, who received their seasonal agendas from the higher ups of corporate boards. Their directives come from governments, and all governments are Luciferian, the nephilim who speak in the language of witchcraft, putting spells on people through symbols, words, music, products, all food, drink and medicines, and all water and now air, thanks to their geoengineering. With 5G they control the airwaves completely, and are ready to drop us with that military technology of low frequency waves. They’ll do it when people begin to lose all sensibility when the grid goes down due to Nibiru’s presence now.


HUMAN CHILDREN ARE LITTLE LAMBS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. We are sheep, not goats. Baphomet is the goat! This deception ends right here!

“Go; behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves.” – Luke 2:13

BaphometStatueFinished The Illuminati’s devious schemes are so myriad they’re uncountable; BUT THEY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR EVILS AT JUDGEMENT. Their referring to children as kids was placed into the American language by all mass media forces to elevate Baphomet as their parent and destroy their true identity as children of the Most High Creator God.

Now that you know this, you can stop saying it, and share this gnowledge (Gnosis = knowing – they even stripped that of meaning) with others. This is something so undebatable, UNDENIABLE and OBVIOUSLY true that once you learn it, you’ll apply it. We are freeing each other together from bondage because in these last days new gnowledge is being revealed.

With love in Christ,
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  1. Thank you dear friend for valuable insight.

    The lamb signifies the innocence. And kid fools around! I suspect that there is another point that we are missing here. As we know that English is extensively used for casting a spell, for which the user is unaware; in this aspect, I guess we are missing out something. I am not sure what, I am hoping here that someone might have a clue to offer; if not the exact point we are missing.

    One thing I recently realized is about the tree of knowledge of good and evil! As I understand that when Adam & Eve ate the forbidden fruit; they become aware that they were naked! Somehow, I was not fully convinced about this explanation. When we say something or someone is good or bad (evil); what we actually do is we identify that thing / person in mutually exclusive 2 classes only. So, not only we limit our choices but also we judge! This judgement is based on comparison; comparison comes when there is no acceptance of things as they are – that is natural! So, in a way, when one judges, one looses the acceptance as thing / person is… in other words, one has lost the innocence of accepting things / person as they are! So, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, signifies loosing the innocence! In case of Adam & Eve, they lost their innocence; and thus can be said that they got aware of their nakedness and tried to cover themselves… figuratively! Notice the word figuratively contains ” fig” at the start!

    Thank you once again,


    1. Absolutely true, the spellcasting of Babylon! This post could have been much more lengthy, as it really is all entwined in all we discuss here as truthseekers in these days so long awaited, so feared by those who came up with the dark idea of calling the real lambs baby goats.

      Fig-ure, fig leaf… fasting to connect to higher spiritual realms… Atom/Adam and Eva/Eve, when they lost their bright natures and gained self-consciousness, they lost their divine being, yes? The organs developed and are lower dimensional manifestations of what was once spirit. Our lungs are where our wings attach. So this loss of innocence you describe makes perfect sense, and suddenly they live in conflict and self-judge, and judge others. To call it The Fall is an understatement, astrotheologically speaking!

      You are so welcome, thank you too! Namaste!

      1. Exactly! Losing higher vibrations and wings… in fact I very much am confident that we are fallen angels!

        Thank you again to bring out more!


      2. I believe we are the elect. Here we are, and the world is gaining discernment from what the Most High reveals through us in this medium, this blog. It is Our Creator, the selfrevealing source of ALL, the LIGHT, the SPARK – we are voices. We may have fallen angel genetics in our DNA, as we are all miscegenated, all do now. But we are CHOSEN and we use our free will to seek. This is what I believe <3

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