Another list of 5G, WiFi, LiFi Protection and Detox Suggestions

September 30, 2020

I am revisiting the issues of  protection from the murderous effects of DEW microwaves, 4G, 5G, the Internet of Things, so-called “Smart Appliances”, LED lights, surveillance monitors and, in protecting oneself from this, one lowers the deleterious effects of the nanotechnology we have all been forced to ingest. Now that the Rockefeller Operation Lockstep plan has been implemented and they human race has been imprisoned in their homes, united in programmed paranoia against the invisible enemy now being called the CCP – the Covid 19 Coronavirus, all a sham – each of us is tasked to find a viable solution to how to do our work and communicate. If you are reading this, you are probably in a livingspace in close proximity to brainwashed people: the awake who are not poisoned as referenced in yesterday’s article called THE ILLUMINATI SECRET COVENANT: WITCHCRAFT ARTICULATED are few indeed. Since WiFi is all around, we are in a web we cannot detangle from. The rational solution is be as low-tech as possible to preserve optimal health, and observe and practice daily detox and immune-boosting habits. It’s possible to live well with less technology even against the tide of the mainstream bias, and the reward is high energy, good sleep, low stress, increased creativity and a better relationships with everyone around you.

Some see our mortal flesh as a limitation.
I see it as an opportunity for vast, miraculous improvements.
We are given this time-body to perfect our eternal soul in.

DETOX for 5G Health

The first thing to do if you don’t already is detox, which means removal of accumulated toxins in the body: parasites and alien genetic (viral) materials, GMO synthetic biology organisms, heavy metals, molds, yeasts, nanotechnology, chemicals including pesticides, BPA from plastics, food, drug and water additives and climate change geoengineering particulates, additives for flavoring and colouring to foods, and more.

A person will never “get detoxed and stay detoxed”. This is simply a lifestyle paradigm shift and remains in process while simultaneously reacting to this changing world we live in as the food supply changes. The food and water supply is now run by artificial intelligence ( read this and this and then this to confirm that), so we must do the best we can with what’s available and learn to do more with less to achieve optimal health on an ever-changing daily basis. Becoming an asthete is the key to survival, and each tip here will take you one step further to a longer, healthier and happier life.

The fundamental principles needed to survive and thrive in a 5G world can be broken into manageable areas, each of which are addressed and adjusted for optimal health as best as one can manage. We all have different environments, backgrounds, abilities and tolerances. These are: water, food, air, products, environment and spirit.


The first step in 5G Health is the WATER that you drink and use!

Due to years of contamination, tap, municipal, well, resevoir, spring, lake, stream and river water sources are all found to contain varying types and quantities of matter unfit for consumption by humans or any biological life forms. Water can be purified by methods ranging from through to sketchy. Distillation remains the highest in terms of lack of non-H20 elements, and is recommended. Nothing is as important for cellular regeneration as the water put into the body.

It is a fabricated myth that drinking distilled water ‘leaches minerals from the bones’. That was an idea invented to go along with the water fluoridation campaign. Unless the water a person drinks is pure H20, their organs are tasked to filter impurities and carry them away from genetically encoded metabolism processes, which interferes with biological functions, causing disease and premature death. DISTILLED WATER IS PURE WATER AND PURE H20 WATER IS WHAT OUR CELLS REQUIRE FOR HEALTH.

  • If you haven’t already, begin drinking distilled water only, no more RO, UV or Britta filtered, so the light signals within your cells transmit as designed, for unless only pure water, which is one Hydrogen atom and paired with two Oxygen atoms and no more, our very organs become the filters, causing organs to prematurely age and fail.
  • In descending order of effectiveness, filter with: Distillation, LifeStraw, Reverse Osmosis with Ultraviolet Light, Reverse Osmosis, Britta or other passive drip tabletop filter.
  • How much water should you drink? While once we were taught to drink 16 ounces an hour throughout the day, the new rule is two gallons a day if possible! One gallon of pure water for normal metabolism and the second gallon for flushing out detoxed wastes. This encourages new cell growth, and that is what must be done to protect from 5G exposure, which is ubiquitous.
  • Drink copper-infused water made from personal or pitcher and cup sets. Modern life has replaced the copper our cells require with sodium in many foods, drinks and manufactured products, and soils produce is grown in are lacking this needed mineral. The major benefit is that copper repels parasites, and the first sign it is helping is joint pain decreases, which explains why copper is used in orthopedic wraps, supports, clothing and jewelry.
  • When you wake in the morning, drink 16-32 ounces (1/2-1 liter) of your copper-infused pure water with either a teaspoon (10ml) of apple cider vinegar (ACV) or lemon or lime juice (preferably fresh-squeezed, but if bottled is available, use it).
  • Use the same pure water you consume to rinse fruits and vegetables, and to cook with, even in large dishes. This is a “sea change”: you must put only pure H20 in your body.

The second step in 5G Health is the FOOD you eat!

This is an exciting topic, and I encourage all to approach this as an intrepid and adventurous explorer! I preface it this way, because food is a need, a pastime, a profession, a sport and also food can be an addiction. Certainly chewing is an addiction, one that is increased by anxiety and parasites, parasites being factor affecting 5G health I will get to later in this chapter. But change is the one constant we can count on in this life, and so to thrive in the 5G – and soon 6G – world surrounding us, we must adapt.

While we wish for a world without 5G microwave directed energy radiation and the Internet of Everything, until a major shift occurs, this is the reality we exist in these bodies in. As drivers of these life form vehicles our soul is born into, our eternal destination rests on our incarnated 3D choices. The bottom line is this: DO THE BEST YOU CAN: THIS IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE, TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU EAT.

  • Step 1: If you are an omnivore, you must stop eating meats, including fish and shellfish. Dead flesh is acidic as it rots and decays in the body, making the body a tomb. When we eat killed once-living creatures, we are taking life. Contrary to all that is taught in most of the world, this is wrong. The Christ taught mankind how to eat in the Essene Gospels of Peace, and I recommend that you read them. The first gospel outlines the basis, and the following three of the four will change all you thought you knew.
  • Step 2: If you are a vegetarian, you must stop consuming dairy products and eggs as well: VEGANISM IS REQUIRED FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH IN A 5G WORLD. Why? When a body takes in genetic materials alien to its own blueprint, this conflicts with the inborn genetic code as well as the genetic lightcodes being beaned to us all in this Aquarian Age of the coming pole shift reset. The body needs to focus on what it was born to do: to regenerate itself. Once we lived hundreds of years, now the mean average is 70-80, but quickly falling due to the pandemics and radiation exposures. The human body’s cellular regeneration is maximized in efficiency and effect when there is no alien genetic contribution not inherent to what one was born with. This is why autoimmune disease and viral infections as well as parasitic infections occur, and why we are seeing increasing numbers of epidemics and pandemics: the human race is becoming increasingly polluted with non-human genes, ribonucleic acids and viral codes either of direct extraterrestrial cosmic origin or from laboratories.
  • Fasting is recommended as one begins to make these changes. Begin with a 24-hour water fast, then 48-hour, then 72-hour. In between each fast, institute a diet change. Keep a journal including what and when you ate, how your feel, and what you have passed in the toilet, if you can. I recommend that you go at your own pace and comfort level, especially during this lock-down with its own challenges and limitations. On the days in between your fasts as you make dietary changes, you will see that you are breaking habits, feeling  a rise and fall of emotions, and experiencing life in less food-programmed ways. All of this is because toxins are leaving your system and not being replaced by successive amounts of new ones while habits are being broken, which occurs at the neuron level. It;s a time to be gentle with yourself and thos around you, who are (hopefully) doing this with you as well. It’s an entirely different scenario for children, as you have to feed their growing bodies while you withhold foods from your own. But all are affected and they will grow into healthier eating patterns thanks to the work you are doing now to protect all of you from 5G!
  • Eat clean, raw foods which bind with and carry heavy metals out from your body. These include wheat grass, cilantro, chloropyl, spirulina and blue-green algae, seeds such as sunflower, hemp, flax and pumpkin, nuts like almonds, walnuts, brazils (avoid peanuts) and antioxidant-rich foods like dark leafy greens. Sprouted alfalfa, radish, broccoli and other quick-starting seeds are powerful sources of life-giving genetic amino acids that are kick-starters to your cellular regeneration more necessary than ever in this 5G world. “Let nuts and seeds be your meat” is from both the book of Genesis and the Christ in the Essene Gospels.
  • Alkalize your diet through your food choices for the same reason you drink alkalized water: disease cannot live in an alkalized body. Refer to the downloadable charts below.
  • Foods to remove from the diet due to promoting the deleterious effects of 5G include wheat, white and brown rice, white and also sweet potatoes, wheat pasta, ramen noodles, soy products, sugar (white, brown, raw cane as well as Jagerry (Indian form), all alcohol products of beer, wine and liquors, and all food made in factories and packaged. By following this set of restrictions you remove genetically modified GMO hybrid foods, glyphosate and other pesticides, carbohydrates which feed parasites and increase acidity and cause diseases, reduce the amounts of chemical and heavy metal additives, colorings, flavorings and – and this is of the utmost importance now more than ever – you greatly lower the intake of the unregulated, unlisted nanotechnology which has been present in all products and packaging for years, completely non-labelled and without our knowledge and consent. This is of paramount and unequalled note because the 5G WiFi extra low frequency microwaves and the LED LiFi pulsed light actually send signals to the nanobot nanotechnology present in our bodies (in all biological life forms, really). When the body is subjected to the pusled direct energy frequencies, this triggers the previously-dormant micromachines and activates them to self-assemble according to the program being pulsed in the beams.  Knowing who to reduce the amounts of nanotechnology in our bodies is critical to maintaining optimal health in the nano toxic world around us.
  • Rigorously wash all foods eaten, and always remove the peels from vegetables grown in our on soil, as this reduces ot only consumed heavy metals and chemical residues, but the number of parasite vectors being introduced within is lowered tremendously. Contrary to what you’ve been taught, the sum total of genetic material of parasites is not killed in boiling, drying or freezing. Add to this the factor of the GMO cross-kingdom (also known as horizontal, or vertical)  reproduction enabled by MONSANTO’s patented Ecdysone: there are more synthetic mutant variations of parasites than there are people. It boggles the mind, so play it safe and eat clean.

At the risk of offending obese people – that is not the purpose or aim here – the recent pandemic statistics as well as non-pandemic disease population studies confirm that overweight individuals are at greater risk and have increased morbidity outcomes. I offer this personal insight: I was born 8lbs. 4oz. to a petite mother, and it was only until I was eight years old did I begin to develope “baby fat”. I ran barefoot on farms through manure of cattle, goats, pigs, geese, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats and all manner of wildlife as well as”exotic” housepets including rabbits, birds, turtles, fish, toads, snakes, mice, gerbils… I ate beef rare, pork,fish including crustaceans, poultry, dairy including raw unprocessed Amish milk, butter and cheese, then sushi when that became the rage. Fruits from trees (mulberries are full of worms from birds), fresh produce and herbs from gardens, salads, ate in restaurants, homes, roadside stands, fairs and festivals, from stores…  just as everyone is, I was pre-loaded at birth and then became infested with parasites from external sources as well.

Parasites are in our genetic code as RNA hitchhikers, and pass through the placental barrier, through breast milk, and every other activity of life on this earth. The body with parasites is genetically, environmentally and culturally predisposed to become either very thin or to develop fat stores, and unless I maintained a disciplined exercise and diet regimen, I was overweight naturally: especially from the waist down.

When I began to detox in late 2015 due to having Lyme Disease and Morgellons Syndrome, I gradually, with the changes I recommend, became healthy, and I became thin. This was not the goal: not dying and regaining my family was. I’ve accomplished the first objective. I still detox and evict parasites and always will. Our genetic code is tainted by them. I have no pain, no joint or skeletal issues, no disease,  no issues at all (other than trying to save the world one soul at a time, and heal my family!) But I have less 5G-related detox now to address than others do because of the ‘extreme detox’ I’ve already completed, which changed my BODY/SPIRIT/SOUL terrain. The faceted, interrelated modalities which I’ve discovered how to recognize and self-treat for, as staggeringly complex and officially unrecognized and untreated medically as they are, have, seemingly against all odds – but there are no coincidences in life – laid the foundation for how to survive 5G.

It goes back to what is defined above in DETOX: the removal of accumulated toxins in the body: parasites and alien genetic (viral) materials, GMO synthetic biology organisms, heavy metals, molds, yeasts, nanotechnology, chemicals including pesticides, BPA from plastics, food, drug and water additives and climate change geoengineering particulates, additives for flavoring and colouring to foods, and more.

Why am I confident of this? Because every factor I addressed and corrected in my own life of affliction with Lyme Disease and Morgellons Syndrome, with the concomitant mold, yeast, heavy metal and parasite loads all exacerbated by EMFS – electromagnetic frequency sensitivity – responded to this treatment and… I’M NOT DEAD.  I occasionally still deal with residual effects of Lyme Disease and the synthetic biology of Morgellons, having what I call “GOD genes”, which made me a canary in a coal mine, a town crier, a PAUL REVERE of health in a nano toxic 5G world. As a matter of fact, I have never been so healthy, productive and positive in all my life. I changed. I was born again on a cellular level, and my life is light-filled. So as I read about the presentation of the Covid-19 Coronavirus planned pandemic and the visible effects of the 5G rollout which is occurring at the same time, I see patterns and I see solutions both.


  • Just before bedtime, have either DE (diatomaceous earth), BC (bentonite clay) or powdered charcoal with 16 -20 ounces of distilled water to bind and carry out the heavy metals, toxins and other wastes being removed from your body as you detox. Of special note is that during the 3-5 days before and after both the new and the full moon cycles are the parasite breeding, egg-laying and hatching times (depending on the ‘type’, considering the medical industry only identifies about 45 parasites at most, and stopped acknowledging they need routine prophylactic treatment on a regular basis in human lives concurrent with the end of WWII). This is an opportune time to use these three on alternating nights. The diatomeaceous earth (DE) – the pulverized, dessicated silica-shell bodies of microscopic sea creatures – shreds the parasites and their eggs and larvae while leaving the human (or dog/cat/horse/chicken/etc) system untouched, and the parasitic entities die and are dealt with by the system and flushed out (this is the abbreviated version of how that works). The excess DE remains inert and passes in the stool, gently cleansing the digestive tract along the way. I learned of this in the horse barns I worked at. We added a tablespoonful to their grain each day year-round, and the benefit was what I just explained as well as another one that’s equally and mind-blowingly beautiful in a Platonic sense: I love how Nature works! When flies, grubs and other noxious insects and parasites lay eggs in the manure after the animal poops, as the eggs hatch and the larvae feed, they die – for the same reasons, and this their life cycle breaks.
  • Wear Shungite jewelry, and place Shungite shields on your internet devices, keep Organite in your environment, and especially by your bed when sleeping
  • You can collect quartz rocks from your environment while out walking, and line them along your windowsills at home
  • A mirror opposite each door and window deflects negative ions back outside
  • Do not keep an electric clock or any electric devices near your bed
  • Use a Faraday Cage around your bed, which could easily be metal window screen on the floor below, on the ceiling above, and at each side. A canopy bed is excellent for doing this, to all those parents out there! You can make one out of simple wire, just a rectangle or cube shape of wire, an armature, around the bed or crib (being sure the child cannot reach it and entangle in it, risking cutting off circulation of a limb or even strangling)
  • Be sure your mattress, box spring, rails and bed frame are free of any metal or springs
  • Opt to sleep on the floor, surrounding yourself with large bottles of water. Water is an excellent barrier for extra-low frequency  (ELF) waves. I recommend stacking them up two feet high all around, with a double layer at the head, shoulders and chest (where your heart and lungs are)
  • Always power off and unplug your wifi router/cable modem, and either put your computer in airplane mode or completely shut down (I do both: RFID is in EVERYTHING THEY MAKE)
  • Use a hard-wired-from-the-pole Cat5 modem and router instead of WiFi – no matter how much your internet service provider pesters you to “Upgrade For Better Performance” – ALL HUMANS ARE EMF-SENSITIVE
  • When sleeping (if possible) turn off the circuit breaker(s) that power your bedroom and adjacent rooms, including rooms above and below the bedroom, to create a sphere of reduced electric field exposure levels within 1 – 2 meters around your bed at night in all directions, even above and below you, and on the other side of the wall by your bed.
  • Never keep a cellphone on your body or in a purse hanging by your side, and stop using laptops and pads on your lap. Set them on desk, at least 2-3′ from your torso and head
  • NEVER let babies, toddlers or children hold or play with cellphones or iPads, smart watches or devices
  • Disable WiFi in devices when you are not using them, and if possible, power off and remove the battery, and shield yourself from their built-into-the-circuitry satellite detection biometric data sensors by keeping them in a metal tin or box when not in use
  • Move all electric power cords – even if the object they are powering is turned off – as far away from your feet as possible, including surge protectors and inline or clip-on transformers. This reduces electric field exposure. Surge protectors also usually have several transformers plugged into them, which are considered “point sources” of magnetic field exposure that extend up to two to three feet
  • LED lights are also dangerous: this is called LiFi, where undetected by the human eye the signal is modulated by ELF (extra low frequencies) for mind control: minimize all LED exposure, use blackout curtains, put black electric tape over light-emitting diodes on the things in your home and car. The almost indetectable flickering pulsed is controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) and directed at individuals, households, churches and businesses selectively, beamed by satellites, the USAF and also via the LEDs in the Internet of Things in the surrounding immediate space of all targeted individuals
  • The magnetic ballast of a fluorescent light fixture will damage the organs of anyone in the room above it, as well as below, so pay attention to where children sleep
  • Do not use baby monitors, they emit excessive microwave radiation (as well as open portals for demons)
  • If you can, do not have a smart meter on your home. If it must be there, put a smart meter shield over it
  • Don’t use cellphones, Bluetooth or satellite radio in the car. The vehicle is an electromagnetic frequency resonance chamber and will concentrate the damage to all inside the vehicle, and this is especially damaging to pregnant mothers, infants and children
  • Eliminate wheat, white potatoes, rice, pasta and all forms of sugar from your diet – and it is a process, but gradually stop eating all factory-made processed foods, since all of these contain nanotechnology added to the ingredients: the FDA does not have to list it, and it is in everything. Sweeten with honey or stevia made from organically grown stevia leaf ONLY
  • Parasites, heavy metals, molds and yeasts create the network which heavy metals and nanotechnology attach to and utilize to make the human body a living 5G antenna, so begin to focus on eating GMO-free probiotics you make yourself, like the fermented cabbage juice cleanse, miso paste soup, kimchee and other fermented fruits, vegetables and kombucha – food is your medicine and you can grow it and make it at home
  • Intermittent fasting helps strengthen the immune system and eject toxins from the body, which include the alien DNA and RNA viruses being released as a result of 5G radiowave weapon poisoning which is causing cell death, a histaminic response, Herheimer’s Reaction and finally Cytokine Swarms, all made exponentially critical in a cascade effect by the pulsed bioweapon nanotechnology in our bodies and all things in this radar-controlled ionized atmosphere all across the face of the earth and in every body, which is why we detox
  • Begin to take a Detox Nanobath daily: to a tub of the hottest water you can stand, add 1-4 cups each of Epsom Salts and Borax (the kind from the box whose label hasn’t changed!), and on alternating days add also either a cup of Pink Himalayan Salt or a cup of baking soda. Targeted Individuals swear by this: I began this bath in late 2015, and began teaching others on my now-archived Facebook group in 2017. (Bye Bye Blue Skies adopted it and cut the ratios down, reducing the effectiveness.) When I began, I did this bath thrice daily, and now only once a week – after four years. So much nanotechnology released from my skin that it looked like crystalline sand from a bathing suit after a day at the beach, the first year and a half I did it! Moisturize with coconut oil while your skin is still damp
  • Alkalize your body and diet by adding citrus juice to your water (lemon, lime, orange), ACV (apple cider vinegar), and do your best to maintain an alkaline diet, as the nanotechnology – including the chemtrail fibers – are designed to thrive in acidic environments, which the Western diet and lifestyle create and promote
  • Wear only natural fibers and avoid metallic and chemical dyes – and this includes tattoos – stop getting them
  • Do not use hair, skin or household products, nail polishes, artificial nails, hair dyes – use only organic, plant-based things – not products
  • Brush teeth with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and diatomaceous earth, and look into oil pulling

This is just a short list for now, but it’s a start. Even if you apply a quarter of the suggestions here, you are going to see a difference, especially regarding device exposure, nutrition and shielding. Remember, 5G is a control grid weapon, we are the targets, and you need to do all you can to minimize the ability to place your body in their sites. if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me, so that we can all work together to make everyone liberated with the truth.


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