We Can See It Now (Wake up)

#WeCanSeeItNow  #FACT: Yeshua as the Most High Creator came to earth as a DNA rescue mission to save us from the Annunaki nephilim soultrap run now by the alphabet agencies in the guise / disguise of governments. You have been…

JonXArmy Feathered Serpent Closeup


  It is not difficult to note that when the proximity of the Nibiru system is so visually clear that the geoengineered cloud cover - AKA "weather" - does not hide the red celestial body dominating the sky at sunset,…

The Seven Tablets Of Creation - Enuma Elish on Kindle

In Which I Give Away A Copy Of The Enuma Elish

 The Seven Tablets of Creation (The Enuma Elish of Gods and Goddess Worship from the Babylon Myth) - Annotated - The influence that Ancient Near Eastern Religion and the Old Testament left upon humans, by Leonard William King. (Kindle Edition).…

Merkaba Stargate

In Memory of Charlie

Thanks for joining me! It took thousands of years for us to learn that there is a way that we can go home to Our Creator, and escape from this meatsuit prison planet called Earth! With every death, we return to repeat the slavery, trauma, fear, inequality, endless sickness, wars and poverty, and now poisoned water, air, soil and food, EMFs, vaccines, weaponized weather geoengineering, 5G, transhumanism, AI, and so much more. This blog will introduce you to real ways you - anyone, any age, anywhere - can change your diet and prepare yourself to be what I call Ascension-ready. There are many approaches and modalities to achieving optimal health on every level of life, too much for one blog post, and too urgent for the span of time it takes to blog! I want to help you here in the time that we have left. I urge you to reach out to me, leaving questions - and suggestions - in the comments.

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