...links to four separate videos of vaccine damage that Mike Adams and the Natural News team archived before YT and FB censored them. They must be watched and circulated.

NWO NARRATIVE CHANGE: WHO says herd immunity can only occur via vaccination

By changing the definition of “herd immunity,” the WHO is literally re-writing hundreds of years of scientific understanding as to what the term truly means in an apparent effort to silence any argument that ACTUAL herd immunity would have been a better approach to fighting COVID-19 than lockdowns and social distancing.

THEY are the bioweapon

Humanity has been programmed and exploited to forget that mRNA has ~always been a bioweapon, which is why original humans were vegans, and after the Denisovan reset 12,000 years ago and the Children of Light and then Yahveh's Israelites, food restrictions were set mandated. The mRNA in the genetic material of these forbidden foods actually deprograms and changes the DNA of the individual receiving it, which leads to untold complications and side effects over the longterm, and goes against God’s plan by miscegenating the human race - and I have said before that we are indeed in a race, hence the term - and is a violation of our essential humanity.

Nanoplenty Resources

Smart Dust – Neural Dust – Digital Dust – Nanobots: The tiny electronic particles for wireless communication with each other and anything they connect with. Wireless communication is done over 5G. We are controlled by the neural lace within us.


"What are the consequences for me" means that lots of people who have realized something's not right also sit under house arrest. It is these two perceptions that are the reason that this hoax is happening. It's perception and fear of consequences that are making this all possible, and are destroying the independent livelihoods of billions of people. And the greatest form of control is dependence.

Another list of 5G, WiFi, LiFi Protection and Detox Suggestions

Another list of 5G, WiFi, LiFi Protection and Detox Suggestions published September 30, 2020 by @EatingToAscend

RESPONSE TO WSO’s latest video 30April-1May2020

THE CONCEPT HE HAS BEEN TALKING WITH HIS SMALL STABLE OF "EXPERTS" WITH TO BRING TO HIS AUDIENCE IS NOT "NEW". Steve limits his field of vision to the same cast of characters, and spins a lot of people's spiritual wheels. While it is good to examine data seeking truth, the evidence exists and not everyone still has amnesia. Nibiru, or whatever you want to call it, and it's apron of smaller asteroids, is making its Grand Crossing, and this is the final one. Geoengineering was created to hide this event from human perception, create a space fence, and they want to trap souls inthe matrix of this 3D hell.

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