Nothing good about this alien walk in. He’s sending rockets out to Sirius, the same old escape attempt every Nibiru pass. The latest Brave browser splashscreen shows this plainly: I’ve put outlines around the constellation Sirius Elon Musk’s Space X rocket’s trajectory is set for.

See the tags.

I’ll keep posting despite the constant DoS attacks and hacking by the Microsoft monkeys. Bill Gates is the antichrist. Space X and Elon Musk aren’t good. They’re done with us, they’re liquidating their human resources. Everyone is under a spell. That’s why I shared Derek Prince’s THE ENEMIES WE FACE UNDERSTANDING WITCHCRAFT. Satan is real. His greatest trick is convincing others he does not exist.

They are hell-bent and that is literal on getting people to live in ZOOM and Facetime, WhatsApp, cellphone convos and this is the soultrap. READ ALL MY POSTS.

Politics is theatre based on Hegelian Dialectic.

Everyone is either angel, demon or doppleganger.

Wake up.

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Alarming Rise in Child Illness Linked To Covid-19, Protests Continue Across the U.S – NBC News
What Are ‘COVID Toes’? Dermatologists Say Foot Lesions May Be New Coronavirus Symptom
“COVID TOES” May Be A New Rare Symptom Of Coronavirus, Doctors Say

Electromagnetic frequency and nanotechnology poisoning looks like this:

This article continues what  the expose called COVID-19 TOES IN YOUNG PEOPLE published by newspaper in the city I used to live in where my family still resides.  Most salient is that the liberal world order, as they have now begun to call satan’s plan, controls the narrative, and there have never been so many minions devoted to him as now in these end days as Nibiru is getting close to the final grand crossing– and double-crossing of a second cosmological body, now you know where that term comes from – of the earth in the last cataclysm as the vesica piscis singularity event occurs.

The COVID-19 TOES IN YOUNG PEOPLE article, in which I disclosed that anthelmintics would help, based on what I have learned from treating Lyme Disease and Morgellons Syndrome, was accompanied by a short post called PLAID, relating a story from when my children were young and what they called my anger, a reference to the Hollywood predictive programming movie SPACEBALLS, and yes, I’m really plaid above the strong delusion humanity has been desensitized to making theirselves succomb to so that their souls can be harvested. More than plaid. I’m this:

I wonder when the group of people who use the term created by the dark agenda “christians” -for the Creator of All who incarnated in Christ did not call his followers that, instead called his followers CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT – will, if they can, wake up to the fact that THE STRONG DELUSION ISN’T THE ALIEN PRESENCE, THAT’S ALREADY DISCLOSED.

The Strong Delusion is Covid-19 coronavirus, which is the effects of 5G they are using for their Spacefence to trap in souls from escaping this 3D hell matrix and prevent them from ascending.

The viral material they patent and distribute in their vaccines included their alien RNA, and DNA from miscegenated humans, animals, insects, plants, yeasts, molds.

They have put nanotechnology in all living creatures which is activated by the Wifi, LiFi (LED lights pulsing undetectable to the human eye) and the 5g, and this is switched on and begins to self-assemble, causing SARS – sudden acute respiratory syndrome, they invented that too – and either sudden death by massive heart attack or a cytokine swarm in the pulmonary system in which the lungs are targeted and they die within, on average, twelve days.

Due to the toxification of all air, food, water, products, medicals – literally everything on earth humans need and use – and DON’T NEED, TOO, as they made people into consuming machines with advertising – humanity has been set up to succomb to 5G like a plague wave. Arthur Firstenburg’s book THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW (Kindle) walks backwards down the pathway of time, illustrating how the manipulation of airwaves has caused epidemics for which the vaccine industry was created, as health makes the cabal profits on disease, trauma and death, not wellness.

I was in Richmond twice last summer, and saw how many towers are up. It made me ill to be there, and when I was there in June the amount of 5G there triggered nanobot swarms in my body: I posted about that here, with video.

Within a two mile radius of my daughter’s home there are 27 cellphone towers and 262 5G antennas, and none, for now, within two miles of my son, who is in a more rural area. In my childhood hometown of Catonsville, where my deceased daughter-in-law’s Nichole‘s family lives and where my granddaughter Emily visits, there are 25 cellphone DEW GWEN 5G millimeter wave towers and 113 5G antennas assaulting that area which, incredibly, is called Paradise. I GREW UP IN “PARADISE”.
Tower data is from AntennaSearch.com and I strongly suggest that all readers save that site andshare it widely. I discovered it in late 2017, and vouch for its validity and consistent reporting data.

I’ve gone plaid over the fact that they are committing genocide and everyone is lied to and satan had me gangstalked and targeted to the point where I am unable to help my family as my heart and soul identity as their Mom and Gramma.

I write this in the field of every single CAPTCHA and cookie acceptance and security log-in, JUST SO IT’S ON THEIR PERMANENT RECORD. Every day. Every time.

As I type, dogs are yelping outside from the effect of the electromagnetic frequencies as this enormous planetary body passes closely overhead, dominating the earth. Birds continue dropping from the skies, and practice strange behaviors, and clustering with untimely, urgent calls. Humans are on their cellphones, oblivious, fearing Covid and practicing social distancing. Ugh. The lies!


To those who may be thinking “How could they do this to people! She’s obviously a delusional conspiracy theorist: even her own family pushed her away!” To every one of you I say, this is all the dungeons and dragons long game satanic plan, and, like others, my genes were identified, selected and targeted by the cabal because I am a blood type A+ CHILD OF GOD and they KNEW I WOULD SPEAK THE TRUTH AND STAND IN THESE LAST DAYS. This is their tactic and I have written of it here many times: they call humans ‘cattle’ and they pick us off after isolating us from the herd. This is predator VS. prey war tactics of isolation and culling.
So how could they do this to their own children – and yours?

It would be excellent if more other bloggers shared my posts instead of plagiarizing them. GOD SEES ALL.

“Newly emerging diseases” caused by 5G include “what is being called” (MSM verbage):
PEDIATRIC MULTI-SYSTEM INFLAMMATORY DISEASE – as reported by my lizard ex-husband’s station


TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME (remember when that happened with tampons, SEPSIS)

Toxic-Shock-Syndrome Infographic

What is the new illness affecting children, and is it linked to coronavirus? – THE GUARDIAN [sic]

REJECTION OF ALIEN GENETIC MATERIAL CALLED AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE BY THE MEDICAL CABAL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neonatal-onset_multisystem_inflammatory_disease

And when it happens in infants, it’s because they are rejecting the strange, alien RNA and viral sheds which came from the genetic contributions of their miscegenated parents at conception, and then all that the mother ingested, which crosses the placenta via her bloodstream linked to theirs (keywords ‘interleukin, cold’)


Look for more articles in the coming days, all “satellite” to this subject., beginning with eating and fasting strategies of alkaline diet, extreme detox, supplements, 5G protection, share my work here with all your contacts, and please join me on Patreon, where you can get The Ascension Diet Ropeworm Protocol and individual coachiing and support.

❤ Namasté and hari OM.

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Seeing the graphs as modelled by the cabal governing consortiums and hidden in plain sight as they lock down humanity into their Spacefence soul prison, it is my hope that the visuals in the above slideshow will decode what is hidden by the geoengineering, pharmakeia and sorcery on all levels of information people get. I pray this helps you all wake up.

ATLAS LAST ALERT SYSTEM_hidden from humanity with geoengineering


(It was 11:11AM when my screen froze as I made the last image, of why they renamed Nibiru/Wormwood/Planet X/The Destroyer/The Purifier/The Red and Blue Kachina ATLAS.


I am working to release updated diet and protocol file and hope to accomplish this later today. It was necessary to release the above data because there seems to be a dearth of accurate disclosure.

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Verner, Rosin and a Comet Called Atlas

Aluminium: The Not Green At All Metal

Aluminium: The Not Green At All Metal
by Chitta Ananda, published April 24, 2020
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Aluminum in INDIA TODAY 3Feb2020

On March 5th, 2020, one day after reading the post “HOW DOES THE ASCENSION DIET AFFECT OUR SOUL?”, I just happened to read an article in the February 03, 2020 issue of India Today magazine’s “Focus – Health” section entitled “Aluminum: The Planet Friendly Metal”; on page number 39. It seemed to me to be an advertisement, because it had a grayish-blue background for a half-page writeup, without page number or any other mark up at the bottom, whereas the entire magazine had a white background with page numbering, the magazine name and issue date at the bottom of each page!

The title header states: “As the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, fully 8% of the ground beneath our feet is made up of aluminium. We all consume small amounts of aluminium constantly – in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and even medicine we take.”

It reads: “Be it vegetables like peas, potatoes and spinach or chicken and tea – they all contain Aluminium. Still aluminium’s name crops up as a reason for a certain condition of problem. Cancer, Alzheimer and what not attributed to it. This has led to a lot of studies and research on this metal. And the results declare Aluminium as one of the safest materials to be used by mankind.”

The article and its incorrect data silently hides the amount of Aluminium in those food items, which was negligible when foods were natural and organically grown in olden days past in a less toxified world, and then humans started to behave like (evil) gods – how much of the metal do we need to have cancer or Alzheimers!

It goes on: “As per US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention exposure to aluminium naturally present in food, water and through food cooked in aluminium pots and pan is not considered to be harmful. The good thing about aluminium is that less than 1% is absorbed in the body while the rest is ejected out through urine and excreta. The number of people who consume Aluminium in form of an antacid itself may be mind – boggling and huge. That by itself is a big certificate for Aluminium because a single dose of antacid may contain 100-200 mg of Aluminium. The myths of aluminium being a carcinogenic or cause of certain neurologic disease suspected to be cause by injections of aluminium containing vaccine have been repeatedly proved false by organizations of world repute like the WHO, Alzheimer’s Society and American Cancer Society.”

So, I can safely say that antacids containing aluminium are not to be consumed. Instead, having soda bi-carbonate (baking soda) with lemon water or citric acid crystals is far better! Understand that the hydroxide of Aluminium and Magnesium is used in antacid. And, that hydroxide part is useful and not the Aluminum metal part of it! Also, do not use utensils made of aluminium, and do not vaccinate! The fact is, after a complete detox, even once you eat your food in aluminium vessel, it is absorbed in body so much that even hair stores it!

Alzheimers is caused by too much accumulation of Aluminium in the brain. The basic brain function of controlling the body is done through minor electrical charges rushing through neurons. Aluminium, being a good conductor of electricity, actually changes the path of electrical charge. So, body parts may not get the right signal, no signal, corrupt signal or no registration of signal at all!

The writeup highlights Aluminum’s light weight, strength of metal and its durability! It further brings attention to its conductivity being 16 times greater than that of steel, and talks about energy savings if foods are cooked in aluminium cookware, adding: “Aluminium foil extends shelf life of food and medicines, prevents light, oxygen, moisture and contamination, this reducing food waste”.

It concludes: “But what really takes the cake is that Aluminium is recyclable. It can be recycled repeatedly with no loss in quality. It has been rightly referred to by many as the Green Metal.”

I must say that if an average person would just think further and research a bit, they will realize that what this advertisement says is exactly opposite of what is necessary for health and avoidance of disease! I prefer to use butter paper, like wrapper for a sub, instead of aluminium foil.

Another thought is this: if Aluminum is the world’s most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, why was this metal was found and brought into usage so very late in the human timeline as compared to other metals like gold, silver, copper, iron and brass? Was it found to be poisonous and thus not considered for production in prior times, when other metals were discovered?

As I had read about this metal in the blogpost HOW DOES THE ASCENSION DIET AFFECT THE SOUL, I concluded that my coming upon this Aluminum magazine article is synchronicity and it must be mentioned here!

By Chitta Ananda, a Sovereign Light Being occupying a human body in Western India


aluminummercurycombined This article published published here on January 14, 2019 called SCIENCE VIDEO What happens when Aluminum and Mercury are combined shows the actual reaction of aluminum and mercury are combined, and demonstrates the effects of vaccines on the human nervous system.

Below is a linked list (partial, there are more) of things which will help detox aluminum and other heavy metals from the body:

Citric Acid
Sodium Bicarbonate – Baking Soda
Icelandic Kelp tablets
Klamath Blue-green Algae

Whatever you do, don’t do this (PDF).

You can take back your sovereignty and join others on The Ascension Diet Patreon group for ascension diet detox coaching of the SOUL / SPIRIT / BODY here

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In the summer of 1977, the veils parted for me and I had a vision of ten black holes in our galaxy. In 2013 I read a news article in which NASA had found ten black holes in space.


I just came across this article about how telescopes all around the world “have been shut down because of the Covid-19 coronavirus” and am in never-ending astonishment at how lied-to humanity is by the depraved psychopaths orchestrating this false flag of all false flag events. To call the 5G rollout Covid-19 Coronavirus THE STRONG DELUSION almost seems even still NOT strong enough! How is it even possible to descend to such extraordinarily evil depths of deceit!

There is so much disinformation on just the splashpage of this article:

  1. Mysterious ‘disappearing’ exoplanet was just a big cloud of asteroid trash, study suggests” – Nibiru is only obscured by the lenses, mirrors, filters and environmental and human pharmakiea and mind control
  2. International Dark Sky Week: See how humanity’s connection with the night sky has evolved” – The skies are dark because for over fifty years they have polluted the earth’s atmosphere with all things designed to hide Nibiru (Nebro, as Christ called it/him, in the Gospel of Judas) and we’re not “making the universe into something heroic, just as our ancestors did”: our universe is MORE than ‘heroic’: these planets are COSMOLOGICAL BEINGS and science is crafted to hide facts and perpetuate the illusions maintained cymatically on all levels. “Space images” are CGI and Photoshop was invented by… NASA. I worked there , and there I learned that.
  3. April new moon 2020: Lyrid meteors take center stage in a ‘moonless’ night sky” – NeverAStraightAnswer NASA crafted the brainwashing deception of the “Lyrid Meteor Showers”, which are part of Orion’s Belt and Nibiru, which is now upon the earth, closer each day. This is why they crafted the lie called Covid-19 Coronavirus, to lock down the population which is dying because of the effects of the 5G they are turning on to trap soul inside the Spacefence in the atmosphere they ionized with their “climate change lie” geoengineering to hide the Event Horizon. Scriptures all prophecy that the moon will go away. In his March 31st address, Trump sold the world that in the next few weeks there would be a flash of light making everything better suddenly. I observe the police forces here as if we are in a military zone and that’s just India. I can’t imagine what Babylon America is like. This is Armageddon time. People are such zombies now.YOU ARE THE PRODUCT DON DRAPER

I just keep truthing. Fear is not in my vocabulary, and we cleanse the bloodlines for all of our generations (seed), and I heart communicate, so my family, I’ve got them, even if they have shunned me.  As star beings, free of the constructs of dimension and time, the power of love is illimitable. Our greatest weapon is LOVE.

Here’s the mindset we’re dealing with:  I’m talking with an early 30’s, bright, articulate Indian man who is “into ascension”, and instead of at least making a note on his phone or a voice memo, he pulled out his smartphone and told Siri to remind him to go to eatingtoascend.com at 2PM! And we were just talking about the dangers of cellphones, the soul trap and AI!


The government planned and developed placing WiFi microwave activated nanobot nanotechnology in the air, foods, and all products at least as early as 1995. 5G switches on the nanotechnology in human bodies, causing a cytokine storm and either a massive heart attack or pneumonia occurs very quickly. If the cabal’s victim is not directly targeted, it takes on the average six months to suffer the cellular damage weakening the individual to have such a deficient immune system that a negligible flu or virus or bacterial or parasitic infection/infestation will kill them. This is the delusion with which they have mounted the most massive disinformation campaign humanity will ever experience – and they are going after dogs too. 5G is the deadly force, not the viral material from their trash genetics people’s immune systems are trying to reject. They made it so, and that is the plan of every agenda and document one finds. The media has a special place in hell. This article will bring you up to speed very fast: Was The COVID-19 Test Meant To Detect A Virus?

Was Covid Test Meant To Detect A Virus

Download “Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?” in PDF form

“The virus is also a sweeping metaphor for the spread of “misinformation,” which means anything outside their religious doctrines, not recognizable by classical virology… The code, the potential scenarios, the mysticism and superstition about how the virus spreads, must not be questioned, If you wish to remain a person, as opposed to an un-person.  It’s a form of post-globalist environmental socialism gone malignant: Demand that all people submit to an equal chance to be killed by a virus. Act out the theatrics of worshiping the virus with fear as the measure of inverted faith… The reason the globalists are obsessed with “spread” and “viruses” is because they want to shut down all forms of communication and information exchange that threatens their New World Order.” Control Test Results COVID HIV LYMEThis is exactly what was done with the ELISA WESTERN BLOT test for LYME Disease, and United States test results for Lyme – if done at all, I was refused testing by the health system cabal – bars were removed from the sample.



Remember, EVENT 201 was the dress rehearsal for this. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that the corona crisis is used for the massive and permanent expansion of global surveillance. The renowned virologist Pablo Goldschmidt spoke of a “global media terror” and “totalitarian measures”. Leading British virologist Professor John Oxford spoke of a “media epidemic”.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SPACE-BASED POWER SYSTEM WEATHER MANAGEMENT PATENT US20060201547A1 clearly explains how Direct Energy Weapons are powered, and includes all the diagrams and technical schematics of the mirrors, lens arrays, filters and membranes they are using to hide Nibiru from humanity. Please watch the video showing this appararatus which captured NASA’s atmospheric witchcraft in Alaska a few weeks ago. In concert with 5G being brought online all across the face of the earth, beginning in Guayaquil, Ecuador in September 2019 – look at this video to see the bodies washing up on beaches and lining streets, fields and cemeteries, it’s a little past the six month mark distinction Wuhan, China has, but 5G WAS TURNED ON THERE FIRST. 

Aluminum foil works best if in at least a dozen layers. Iodine is required to keep the thyroid clear. Tomorrow the 5G helps re-write is coming, meanwhile read this from last fall, and this (and everything else I have written lol).

Schwartz thumbnail The featured image is from SPACEBALLS, a parody of STAR WARS that I highly recommend! When my son Max was five years old I bought the video and he watched it and within a few viewings had it memorized! If I got angry with Emily or Max (my children, not my granddaughter Emily, I have never been angry with her, and she has the purest spirit I have ever known), they would say “Mom’s going plaid again!” Of course then we’d all laugh, and since I was a single parent, and we were pretty close compared to many single parent families, when we laughed together it was beautiful.

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February 26, 2019

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. – Luke 21:28

Extremely rare, huge fish beaches in California, oceans away from its home. <- a link


Why is there such a protracted and heart-wrenching period such as is unfolding before us now, with only three Democrat senators voting against the human sacrifice/infanticide third trimester late-term) abortion bill?

The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. – 2 Peter 3:9

Daily we are seeing mass animal die-offs, legalized human sacrifice, extreme weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and mud floods, windstorms, hordes of locusts, strange and unexplained loud sounds and booms in the atmosphere and underground, wars and rumors of war, detestable abominations of human tissue products in our food labelled “Natural Flavoring” (here is my page listing the products to avoid) and in medications and vaccines, water and air poisoned, Christian persecution, disease outbreaks, normalization of pedophilia, increased sightings of unidentified objects in the sky which are the craft of the Annunaki, rips in the earth and sinkholes, increased meteor activity associated with the incoming Nibiru /Wormwood /PlanetX system, and many other strange occurrences that this world has never before witnessed. Sorcery of media programming controls the minds of almost everyone. It is now illegal for parents to prohibit a child from being the gender they were born as, enforced by the state and educational system. Elementary school children are taught anal sex practices. A universal income is in the pipeline, which is the mark of the beast. Artificial Intelligence robotics have replaced us, or soon will. It is a crime to speak the truth. This is transhumanism and the work of Baphomet. But almost every person is just a boiling frog in a pot being cooked and they all have Stockholm Syndrome and love their confinement. Mothra. No wonder the CIA calls the MKUltra program “Monarch”, and the glyphosates are sprayed on milkweed and we’re losing them and ourselves. It’s all a huge Fibonacci death spiral while people hubristically think that their science god called physics explains things.
Even truthers are still mislead by that.

The strange behavior of animals is a vibrational pre-echo of what humans are too biochemically lobotomized to react with. Humans have been made paralyzed on all sense levels. Viruses, which are all alien in origin, according to my college professor when I was finishing my pre-med, replicate in and shed from RNA, not DNA, for a reason: they are the alien genetics of the parasite Lucifer, arnd they can only duplicate. Science – physics, chemistry, mathematics, music, all arts and sciences, all history and arts, which are falsified since they hide all evidence through murder, lies and theft (war on souls, the holy war of evil vs. good) – science is lies.
You’re all still fooled by truthers who think otherwise.

This is not being presented openly in the churches. Pastors and local volunteers are leading their brethren to slaughter, and will be accounted responsible. Their works they get 501c3 funding for are meaningless. “You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky, but why do you not know how to interpret the present time?” – Jesus speaking about apostacy, Luke 12:56

How long will this go on? Until the last soul realizes that they are a sovereign being and has been fooled by the darkness of this world, and ceases to rely on the illusion. We are already free! Seize the truth of your spiritual liberty this very moment, and keep affirming it each moment from now on. We are at liberty already, only deceived to act as slaves.


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