We are in a golden corral



May 1, 2021

If the Golden Corral is emblematic of the effect of the addiction to eating, this sure makes those who give themselves over to this willing OUROBOROS sacrifices!

“Alas! It is delusion all;
The future cheats us from afar,
Nor can we be what we recall,
Nor dare we think on what we are.”Lord Byron

I have written on this before, but the articles appear to be made unsearchable thanks to the AI.

Think on this: the vacca (cattle who get vaccinated, AKA forcibly hybridized and given euthanasia time bombs) go to “eat all they want” at this popular franchise located about every 2-3 hours on every highway in the United States, in every city. Words are power. With the illusions created by pharmakeia and all Satan’s toolkit since the arrival some 450,000 years ago (going with Stitchen’s estimate from his translation of the Mesopotamian tablets), when Thoth espied earth and the fallen angel clan of 200 came and took human women as wives, now we see people clamoring to be EUTHANIZED, glutted to the core, sodomizing each other, fulfilling every warning given in the Kolbrin bible read THE DAYS OF THE DESTROYER (another thing “they” hid, found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. IN THE LAST DAYS THERE IS NOTHING HIDDEN THAT WILL NOT BE REVEALED.

Last December and January I rented a room from a Barbara Lloyd, who stole from me a good quarter of my storage unit – my entire re-acquired kitchen, herbs, teas, protocols, my french standing artist easel, my grommet press and patterns for garb (I used to make corsets and re-enactment clothes), my winter clothing, all my sheets, towels and blankets and so much more – well her nephew, “Craig” left this cup in her kitchen, and I took it. It screamed out truth as much as the Old Navy Christmas masks she had bought – I posted the pictures of that package here, too, at Christmas, of course.  And of course no one got to see it due to the AI.

Covid-19 Non-medical masks

Thanks to the Most High God for letting Believers – true Children of the Light, not Gaia New Agers who are deceived by Mystery Babylon, their outward shells shiny but their inner temple desecrated, slaves to Satan’s etheric energies in their delusion – a Strong Delusion indeed – ALL PRAISE TO JEHOVAH AND THANKS TO JESUS CHRIST WHO IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS FOR LETTING CHILDREN OF THE LIVING GOD FIND ONE ANOTHER IN THIS DIGITAL PRISON AND WORK TOGETHER TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL OF TRUTH.

No amount of Space Force Solarwarden 5G will stop that. Theirs is the Grand DElusion. The river Styx is what they get, and eternal death.

© Pastor Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, May 1, 2021
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