This crop circle is the first reported this year and the footage is stunning. The pinwheel design of Pythagoran mean triangles suggests that humanity must retain their Fibonacci Sequence DNA and not embrace Transhumanism or the mRNA genetic alteration irrepairably being done by the Covid injections, which cause Prion disease, inject RFID tracking, and have been shown to make magnets affix to the injection sites, proof of the heavy metals and the embedded chips.

BEAST TRACKS EXPOSED: Babylon Players in the Crosshairs of Sight

Hunter Biden's laptops pedophilia proof, rigged elections and nuclear codes and Finger Lakes tattoo. Photographic evidence of The Purifier. Bill Gates' VMAT2 FunVax continued disclosure begun on this site nearly four years ago. More. Join me on Patreon for the deepest insights! @EatingToAscend - The Ascension Diet "I'll have what she's having!" - From When Harry Met Sally (detox diet clue)

Identify the real enemy

EVERYONE must have the courage to fight this evil because it is necessary to get out the truth. The truth is the only thing that sets humanity free and we must identify the real enemy trying to steal our minds, bodies and souls.

Hypogeum of Malta

VIDEO Malta Caves and Tunnels Documentary: Giants, Secret History MUST WATCH-MUST KNOW