THE IMPERIAL CULT – Compilation post

THE IMPERIAL CULT – Compilation post
June 30, 2021
Also on Patreon, public settings for July 3, 2021, but shared here “early” because, because, BECAUSE OF THE WONDERFUL THINGS HE (GOD) DOES.

Yaldabaoth is the first name the force known as Wetiko virus has, and after he was thrown to earth along with the angels AKA other aliens serving him in allegiance, and then unable to leave the dome AKA the Van Allen Belts, he impregnated the female light body of Eve with his evil morphic resonance halo-mimicking alchemical corona: the first coronavirus. In time all the hybrid gods of what the narratives call mythology spread. Thoth in Atlantis, Gilgamesh in Mesopotamia, Enki / Pharaoh in Egypt, Enlil in Ameru and the Feathered Serpent cults. It is all the same, faces of the coin. Tartarus, the Sea Peoples, the Leviathan of the deeps. The apocryphal writing say it clearly: the dragon went to China and the snake was thrown to India. Look at each nation: China’s “mascot” is the dragon, and Vishnu/Shiva/root identity Yaldabaoth tamed the cobra, the snake.

The Imperial Cult exists now, and has existed since the devil drew Cain and his half sister, and then their children mated with fallen angels, and the men of renown walked the earth, some of whom are now lights in the sky, or trapped in constellations.

I recommend listening to the books Adam and Eve wrote in The Cave of Treasures.

Janus is one of the faces in the coin above, another mask of Lucifer. Now all people are forced to wear masks. IT IS ALL CONNECTED: UNMASKING THE MASK.

Soultrapping accountants and rebellious losers is all the world rulers are. They are cheaters and do not play by the rules of 3-6-9. They mimick and lie and steal and murder. Rewrite history and shuffle around playing victim like the Kevin Spacey character in The Usual Suspects. At the end of that when the police freed him, you see his limp dissappear as he walked off, and the detective, confused, returned to his sheeple paperwork job.

Below is an article I wrote on my website I wish that it were possible that everyone could just read it like a book . The only explanation for its existence is God speaks through me. And they will never let people take off masks because the roads that lead to Rome are a Highway to Hell. AC/DC the energy current they sell us from the collected etheric energy of trauma. Battery system. Matrix. I wrote about that on  ETA site too.

ETA estimated time of arrival? Soon. He is coming with the clouds.

On October 15, 2020 – in just two days – there will be a nation-wide earthquake drill called THE GREAT SHAKEOUT OF 2020. Are you aware of this? The program was begun in 2008 in California, but is now in the majority of the United States. Here on the east coast of America’s East Coast, they are preparing not only for earthquakes, but for tsunamis and flooding. Click HERE for the Southeast portion of the site

A year ago, I posted HEY VIRGINIA, did you read that?

I registered as a faith-based group to attend this SHELTER IN PLACE LIVE EXERCISE… that no one seems to know takes place annually now… GO FIGURE! There were many signs and portents leading up to the 9-11 #TwinTowerSoulSacrifice which ushered in the era we live in now of complete surveillance in which human beings themselves are defined and hunted down as the terrorists sought after by the military and arms of the deep state.
(The entire twin tower sacrifice concept has its inception in the fallen brother dieties Enki and Enlil and is one of the first acts of sorcery used to derive power from the harvesting of trauma. Twinning is unnatural and only occurs from the RNA contribution of the conception. This is why Mengele studied it, as part of trying to clone the ‘master race”, the Aryan Vril, Thoth, et cetera. The search for the third strand on demand, not random. Satan, as the first narcissist, is never satisfied, and must always look a his own image and always have his ‘supply’).

You can even get Shakeout merch! Look, a plate tectonics puzzlemap!

The other night I came into the research’ corral’ (if it were the actors Paul Thomas Anderson uses, I would call this “a stable”) of what is known – since time immemorial, which means “before recorded history” – of what is known as THE IMPERIAL CULT.

My followers – especially self-described as HINDU – are shocked to be told that  they get their supposed information from and actually worship agents of Lucifer, Satan, Sobek. the devil. Nebro. Sama’el, call it what you will. Narratives have been fabricated since The Fall.
I don’t even like typing ‘”The Fall” due to the fact that truth has been so distorted by the narratives, nested lies going so far back we can’t root out truth without clairvoyance, which is why the governments employ psychics/remote viewers. (And also why the CIA tried to hire me while I was still in 12th grade. This is the basis of my ability to restore truth from the scattered, disparate parts, and I don’t usually try to find it: it finds me, and this heightened cognition is what I hope helps others to cast off those last veils.)

It’s all the error of Sophia Pistis, who, redeemed by The Creator, was given a role as Tiamat in The Purifier, the system ‘over’ us, what they attempt to hide with their so-called “climate control” geoengineering. And this evening, ‘she’ appeared in the sky over the horizon in a position displaced northward in the same relationship alignment with the ‘sunrise’ two days ago.

If I were publishing utter nonsense, I wouldn’t get so hacked, and this website would have more visibility. I realize that sometimes I say things that are controversial, and seem harsh. It’s difficult to balance how much to convey with the ability of any audience member to listen and accept. Especially when basically it seems that the message attacks paradigms that have been in place for thousands of years and practiced by untold billions of people. If I offended you, I apologize. And it’s not about one religion or another, any religion. Religion is a construct, religions are narratives, in the same vein the hoax affecting everyone now is a contrived narrative.

After transcribing the finding of the Ark of the Covenant and also the process by which Yeshua’s blood sample obtained from the Mercy Seat was cultured, proving that the maternal contribution was 23 chromosomes, and the paternal was one, the Y, to be used in a certain context in a certain chapter, I wanted to relax awhile and just read “freestyle”: whatever interested me, without a goal. On a lark I searched ‘why was Jesus a threat to the Roman government’, and the search result was like when someone asked “Alexa, what is a chemtrail?” and got a straight answer! Chemtrails left by aircrafts are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public by government officials.” (It is not surprising that the PTB have censored Alexa since that truthbomb.) Then I came upon the term IMPERIAL CULT, yet another piece fell right into place. Words in sky blue are especially telling…

“The Imperial cult of ancient Rome identified emperors and some members of their families with the divinely sanctioned authority of the Roman State. The framework for Imperial cult was formulated during the early Principate of Augustus, and was rapidly established throughout the Empire and its provinces, with marked local variations in its reception and expression. Augustus’ reforms transformed Rome’s Republican system of government to a de facto monarchy, couched in traditional Roman practices and Republican values. The princeps (later known as Emperor) was expected to balance the interests of the Roman military, senate and people, and to maintain peace, security and prosperity throughout an ethnically diverse empire. The official offer of cultus to a living emperor acknowledged his office and rule as divinely approved and constitutional: his Principate should therefore demonstrate pious respect for traditional Republican deities and mores. A deceased Emperor held worthy of the honour could be voted a state divinity (divus, plural divi) by the Senate and elevated as such in an act of apotheosis. The granting of apotheosis served religious, political and moral judgment on Imperial rulers and allowed living Emperors to associate themselves with a well-regarded lineage of Imperial divi from which unpopular or unworthy predecessors were excluded. … The Imperial cult was inseparable from that of Rome’s official deities, whose cult was essential to Rome’s survival and whose neglect was therefore treasonous. Traditional cult was a focus of Imperial revivalist legislation under Decius and Diocletian. Christian apologists and martyrologists saw the cult of the Emperor as a particularly offensive instrument of “pagan” impiety and persecution. It therefore became a focus of theological and political debate during the ascendancy of Christianity under Constantine I. The emperor Julian failed to reverse the declining support for Rome’s official religious practices: Theodosius I adopted Christianity as Rome’s State religion. Rome’s traditional gods and “Imperial cult” were officially abandoned. However, many of the rites, practices and status distinctions that characterised the cult to emperors were perpetuated in the theology and politics of the Christianized Empire. The Roman Imperial cult is sometimes considered a deviation from Rome’s traditional Republican values, a religiously insincere cult of personality which served Imperial propaganda.” (Wikipedia)
(Note that the Hindu word for god/dess ‘devi’ derives from the Greco-Roman divus, divi

Now recall what Derek Prince and Paul in Ephesians 6:10-18 each explained about the workings of Satan’s Kingdom. Ethnically diverse due to each nation being offspring of the mating of a different fallen angel with a human woman. It was the “divinely sanctioned authority of the Roman State” because Satan is the Prince of Darkness, and this 3D manifested meatsuit world of illusion is where we exist to refine our dross – or not – and ascend/transcend/translate. Those little-g gods walked the earth, we see the remains of their architecture and their bones found. I could tease out each point, but you get the idea.

So why was the worship of Jesus such a threat to Rome? Because it wasn’t really the jews at that point: they already had murdered their Messiah. Jesus was a threat because he destroyed their narrative, the same as anyone who goes against any of their narratives now. The Kingdom of Heaven is in each of us as Children of the Light. GOD – the Most High Creator – is The Law. What is that? It is LOVE, LIGHT AND CREATION ITSELF. It is the Fibonacci and Pi. It is boundless, ‘He’ is indescribable and illimitable. How could they maintain authority if all they are is a tiny, hook-like parsite hitchhiking in between our chromosomes, instilling fearbased trauma to harvest our light because they have none?

You’ll never get this from a bible.

That’s why they’re rather have everybody focusing on Amazon Prime Day and using ZOOM than preparing to meet their maker. They have been hiding this event since before “The Fall”.

© Laura Rohrer Little Brooks October 13, 2020

SOON EVERYONE WILL REALIZE THAT CHINA AND THE US AND ALL NATIONS ARE ONE PYRAMID TIP. I think Mike Adams has, but he’s still stuck on Trump obstacle/distraction/theatre of As Above So Below.

You have to read between the lines, ley, road, dots, emanations.

I firmly believe I see what I do because of the level of detox, but then I was always a Rishi, a seer. I can’t teach the public how to use all the things I do to remoive the archons. It;s not like I was a parasite cesspool from birth. I have high VMAT2 DNA and very little RNA is all. I was born this way.

What I CAN do is tell what I see.

Mike Adams could do a interview with me and call it CONVERSATIONS WITH A PROPHET.

But then how would that pan (Pan, fluteplayer half-goat satyr #etymology) out? Would I suffer more losses than I did in the fall of 2019 when my apartment was broken into the morning after my interview with THE TRUTH UNDERGROUND, and then a demon rise from a man’s face again, like it did later that day as I volunteered at the local Catholic church food bank?

We live in a world of angels, doppelgangers and demons.

I have written about all of this, all of this.

I apologize for having accidently deleted the comment Tanya made due to window focus issues and trying to delete my own duplicate comment. Like I showed the IP rerouting traffic the alphabets do as they copy and study all we do in the post THE APPLE WE NEED TO STOP EATING on the ETA site, all I write here is lagging so badly that typos I would never make are the result. I can;t see what I type at all. Even backspacing to hiughlight or correct is a total joke and trial. I think I had saved my draft reply here though… was this it?

On Mike Adams and whether he is conop… I’ve followed him for many years, and during that time I learned a lot of things. One of the things that interested me greatly (as it was part of my early training) is the Janus endtimes programming. Janus of course is the 2 faced god, and he presents a good face and a sneaky death face. Those who have this particular programming are expecting to play their part in what is outlined in Revelation. Mass death & chaos, mainly. This programming is why we have so many martyrs. I have come to realize that Mr Adams is part of the faction that wants to keep us terrified for (((reasons))). Loosh, to play out the endtimes prophecies, to harvest our souls for the other side. Whatever the case is, he is working a deep deception. Almost impossible to see it, I couldn’t for the longest time, but recently it’s become clear to me. He is part of the team that is assigned with the ‘get them to civil war it up’ operation. Blood for the blood god, loosh for the archons. This is why you have spidey senses nagging you about him, imo. I keep listening to him because he gives important insight about the plans & mitigating moves of our enemy, along with valuable info about protecting our health & lives during this time. Weird mix right? But this is why I continue to follow him. I do not know if he is aware of how he’s being used.

Then are we asking if Mike is a Janus?

I wrote about twinning on the ETA site, keyword search Mengele… also the issue of RH-negative. My daughter-in-law NIchole was an RH- twin… My father O-negative…

I will stop here. I continue to seek a safer place to be before the grid goes down. I wish I could write more. Please, pleas PLEASE go to my EatingToAscend website and use the keyword search engine in the search boxes or click tags in the tag cloud. I have addressed, I am certain, every question you may have. If not, I am really, really excited to learn more from God as I receive a new question and respond.


I love you,

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  1. Owning and clarifying my comment about Mike A and the Janus end times programming. I don’t think he’s ‘a Janus’, my theory is that he’s being used to play out that particular programming (war/chaos in the end times). Maybe unwittingly serving the other side, even so – he is playing an important part in the awakening of many.

    I’ve learned more about it, this goes back to the Romans (Imperial Cult). The Gates of Janus were open in times of war and closed in times of peace. More detail here:

    So much symbolism, I do believe the Imperial (death) cult is revealing its true face to us now.

    1. I’m in agreement about M.A., however, his renewed respect for Drumph, all politics aside, needs to be reassessed with Donald’s friendship with Epstein and other things.
      I’d love for M.A. to realize Nibiru and the upcoming plasma event of Christ’s return and the earth melting as the sky roll’s back like a scroll.
      It’s impossible to unsee the IC reveal itself now.
      Thank you for your valuable insights.

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