October 10, 2020 8-ish AM EST

Yesterday’s first set of images looked to what locals believe to be the east, for if one were to travel in that direction they would come upon the Atlantic Ocean in a handful of miles. This morning the red glow which has been spanning the eastward horizon from a mostly centered eastward point has now relocated its horizonal dominance by possibly as much as 35-45 degrees from my not-much-above-sea-level vantage point. When I went to sleep last night, The Purifier was in the sky where I witnessed it twenty-four hours ago. You see the images in the link above: click on each of these tags to read my articles on the coming #vesica piscis  #poleshift which is happening now as the singularity event is coming, and a few of us will return to The LIGHT who is THE LAW and LORD.
I am simply sharing what is happening, for those who may not notice. There is a massive white-out cloud cover blanketing the atmosphere overhead, and whatever light from the artificial sun is being cast is diffuse and cold. Nothing is as it seems or should be. Yet this is exactly what is happening.
Meanwhile people are addicted to using plasma screen ensoulment devices, eating pork (their brothers, a trichinosis-filled Anunnaki human/boar hybrid) to satisfy Ba’al, living in homes full of AI control surveillance cameras watch all for The Dragon, polluting their souls with pharmakeia via products, foods, drinks, activated by AI through 3G, 4G and 5G ELFs controlled by AI to mind control and make them perps,too. #soultrap They keep the trauma trap going. The Strong Delusion hoax lead-up shows its hand to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Do not fear. (Have you noticed that my website architecture is still messed up? It’s been DONE to mess with ME and attempt to distract me from my Most High designated task.)

Children of the Light have waited all of Time for this, and we embrace the changes while eschewing the hoax and its attendant sorcery.



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  1. Thank you for the posts.

    Yesterday, whole day, practically we had clouds covering the sky and hence sun. In evening, I saw some sunlight coming through window. So, I went out to have a look at the sun. The sun was seemingly behind a thin cloud and I kept looking at the sun! I saw that the source of light was jumping from original position to a position lower at left hand side and then quickly jumping back to original place and repeating the cycle!

    What do you make out of it?

    Thank you for all.


    1. You are absolutely and always welcome.

      Considering that this is a cross-shaped system with a core, The Purifier which some call Tiamat, a system of bodies shaped cosmologically in electromagnetic interaction as a macro version of the water molecule in motion (my gravatar image the micro in our cells), I think the ‘jumping of positions’ you saw was the energy exchanges between them breaking through the ionized atmosphere set up to:

    2. Hide the system
    3. Interfere with the purifying effect some call DNA upgrades
    4. Stop human souls from translating (ascending) which is important to them for every single soul no matter how ‘important’ or conscious a person is… like I wrote in a post, and the lyrics from a YES song – the goal is to capture all they want
    5. That’s what you saw. The “sun” you looked at was the one NASA made, as revealed (outed) by The Final Days channel (Deborah Tavares – she has the website https://stopthecrime.net … I posted a few of them over the summer). Whatever what we knew of our original sun is replaced by their projections, we agree on that, right?

      1. Thank you for the reply.

        I was thinking that the artificial one had some functional issue and between its various hexagonal cells, there was some energy exchange! As both were not far from each other. But, I was not sure, what are other possibilities!

        I am still thinking that original one is obscured and not completely removed from its place, as it is not possible for them to do so!

        Thank you for all.


      2. The body that is the real sun has been losing Helium for a long time, and its electromagnetic energetic relationship and response to the parabolic Destroyer system here is evident in its dimming. Still we observe the CMEs and the ‘orbs’ it releases. Not sure if you follow the channels that show that footage – WSO, Hush Puppy, The Last Days, Nibiru News, Rap The News, and more – I have shown the footage on this site many times – but we see the emissions of pure Hydrogen from the sun and the cosmological bodies around it. Are they draining the sun for energy to complete this DNA rescue mission? This is a battle of bodies and they are the first persons, really.
        I have written all this out ad infinitum and hope that you (and others) have paid attention. The apocrypha is the key to understanding. Being stuck in the things read in the pagan religion texts is death. They are all the fallen angel avatars. Sorry to have to be harsh but you are Indian and Hindu. You need to look up Imperial Cult. It’s just masks and suit and name changes. I learned that there. Try, Chitta.

      3. Thank you for the reply.

        I have subscribed to certain channels but not all. I am viewing their videos when time permits. I am aware of dimming of the sun and they are trying harder to drain it faster, as it would advance the solar minimum and to lowest, so as to create food shortage earlier. Their window is closing much before than the actual solar minimum period that occurs naturally, like our circadian rhythm.

        On a side note: I was even told that PV Solar Cells are actually draining the sun and hence solar power is insanely promoted, even though it consume a lot more energy for production of a solar power generation system, then the power generated by the system over its entire life time. There is actual R&D done wherein the efficiency of solar power cell is in range of thermal power station using fossil fuels, but the technology will not see the day light, like the cleanest atomic energy technology, which completely depletes the nuclear fuel and thus there is no radiation left in spent fuel when disposed.

        However, I am of the opinion that they have no ability to destroy the natural sun, they can just manipulate the time window for their advantage. So, I am just worried about what they can do to human population in present time rather than over humanity’s cycle on earth!

        Regarding “Being stuck in the things read in the pagan religion texts is death. They are all the fallen angel avatars.” All I can say that I have my understanding and perception of various things including India and Hinduism. As you are digging deep in Christianity, I am digging deep into what I am getting. Until I have reached a certain level of understanding and perception, I would not like to comment.

        What you saw and experienced is only a superficial aspect, I guess that there are various things that are completely hidden from you. A time will come when I would be wiser to understand things much better than what presently I can.

        All I can say now is that there are various paths, I am walking mine, as I am getting indications.

        Thank you for all your support and guidance.


  2. I hope you realize I am not “digging deep into christianity”. I “dug” into Truth, shoveling past religions’ narratives. It has been a long process and is still ongoing. I encourage you to revisit https://eatingtoascend.com/2020/05/02/the-lost-years-of-issa-the-unknown-life-of-jesus-christ-by-nicolas-notovitch-1887-read-aloud-audiobook/ and take into consideration what was recorded by the monk less than four years after Jesus’s death and resurrection. Christianity is a construct. All religion is one thing with different masks. There is only truth.

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