Midweek Bible Study He Is At The Door 22 11Feb23 37 Trinity is GOD chart


Like in the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE, how different all of our lives would be if we had not been lied to by those who call themselves shepherds (pastors caring for God's flock). Every element of life has been weaponized, but Truth endures, illuminated by the Bible code of the inerrant word of The Creator.

America The New Sodom & Gomorrah – Pastor Sandy Armstrong

Amen to this. All of it. I had a vision during it of my own aborted child comforting me in Heaven. It is very hard to know one could have been a more Godly, obedient parent, and see one's children lost. This is what prayer is for: God answers. All agendas and narratives hide truth, but soon every knee will bow. One needs to wake up and  meet Jesus now, before it is too late.

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