Midweek Bible Study He Is At The Door 22 11Feb23 37 Trinity is GOD chart


February 13, 2023
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It’s approaching one year ago when I broke through the false teachings I had been programmed with which hid the pre-tribulation rapture of those who believe in and follow with all their hearts Jesus the Christ. Like in the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE, how different all of our lives would be if we had not been lied to by those who call themselves shepherds (pastors caring for God’s flock). Every element of life has been weaponized, but Truth endures, illuminated by the Bible code of the inerrant word of The Creator.

Midweek Bible Study He Is At The Door 22 11Feb23 Ps Sandy on CHAPTERS


This is my message to you before I get started in this study. We know what happened in 2020. We know that it was prophetic. We know what happened in 2017: we know that year was very prophetic, because in that year it was announced – in a Jubilee year – that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. When that happened, that should have told all of us that God has not forgotten, right? We should have said “God has not forgotten; here it is, 1917, that declared Jerusalem. 1967, they declared Jerusalem. Fifty years later, 2017, they declared Jerusalem. And they had a president named Trump, and his vice-president is Pence. And his son’s name in Hebrew is “Shall condemn”, okay? So a lot was going on. When the whole 2020 thing happened, we knew that there was going to be a world-wide judgement. I figured that we were going to leave (rapture) and then the whole world was going to be under judgement. We didn’t leave, but the whole world was under judgement in 2020. Now a lot of strange things happened in 2020. One of the biggest things that happened is they decided that they’re going to patent a cashless currency, and they document the currency as 060606. So it’s a 666 currency. And, they’re setting up the banking system so that no one will be able to use cash during the Tribulation. Everybody will have to have their money on digital currency because the mark is coming: the Mark of the Beast is coming.

All of this stuff is happening right before our eyes every day, and we’re watching it happen. We’re watching, as the Bible says that Russia and Iran – or Magog and Persia – are going to invade Israel. That would mean that Magog (Russia) and Persia (Iran) would have to be best friends right now. So right now, Russia and Iran, which is Persia, are militarily best friends. Iran has a military base set up in Syria. So Syria is allowing Iran to set up a military base in Syria, which is a stone’s throw distance away from Israel. So you’ve got Syria here, and they have Russian troops and Iranian troops have military bases inside of Syria. So Syria is teaming with them to set up a way to strike Israel from a short distance.

Turkey is also in partnership with Russia, okay? So now we have an earthquake , and two of the countries that are teaming up to strike at Israel, Russia and Syria, the earthquake happens right on their shared border. Now I don’t know if this is God’s Judgement or not, but I’m just saying this: when you start thinking that you’re going to destroy Israel, or you start plotting against Israel, God is gonna act, okay? Because His plan is going to be fulfilled.

We had Russia invading Ukraine, and now (Germany – Gomer in the Bible – is also sending hundreds of tanks) – and I thought we were sending the Ukraine, but Canada is also sending tanks along with the US (because we are now the DNA which Biden signed recently). Russian president Putin gave a speech saying that the United States is not who they think they are, that they are not peacemakers, becuse they are sending tanks to our (Russia’s) enemies, or to someone that we’re invading, the US is giving them the power to fight back. So Russia’s stance is that America is now involved.

So there is this hotbed of war, this 7.8 Richter scale earthquake in Turkey – 7.8 is a serious earthquake – and the death toll is over 7,000 people (and climbing). But we have christians who are going to prosperity concerts, and trying to figure out how they can take advantage of the cryptocurrency market, and all their hopes and dreams are in the earth (living their best life). “I know things are going to get better, I’m gonna get a new house, I’m gonna get a Mercedes, I’m going to learn how to run a successful business (Clay Clark and Thrivetime and become a millionaire, I’m gonna be an anarchist and live in Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, India or Japan as a digital nomad), blah-dy-blah-blah. But they never mention Jesus, because most churches are teaching Kingdom Living (and the gaia-worshipping New Age deception teaches evolution to a higher vibratory life form as one’s own ascended master broken free from the ‘matrix of programs’ – DO AS THOU WILT a la Crowley’s demonic religion of Lucifer) in which a Kingdom-living God wants you to be healthy and wealthy in a world you co-create and manifest.

So this is one of the things I thanked the guy who made the new LEFT BEHIND movie that came out last week. He had the boldness to continue talking aboiut something that most churches will not talk about. I was thanking him because since most churches aren’t talking about it, most christians aren’t thinking about it. So whatever message they’re hearing on YouTube or wherever they go to church and they hear “Well, God wants you to be prosperous”, “God wants you to have this amount of money”, God wants you to have this, and do that.” Listen! I am 100% for being prosperous, and having the funds, and everything that you need in the earth realm. My only thing is: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God”. If you seek ye first the Kingdom of God, He’s gonna give you everything that you need. So that’s the way it should happen. You shouldn’t be seeking prosperity, and then be like once I get it, I’ll mention God’s name, like “the Lord finally gave me my breakthrough”, or something like that. But this is the christianity of today, you understand?

I was just thinking about ths christian artist named Tashi ___ who did a duet with Nikki Minaj, and Nikki Minaj, that’s horrible. even though knowing that she’s fully into Satanism, but she’s got this gospel artist that’s willing to do a song with her, because it’ll get her pushed up higher (in the Satanic realm). Because what I’m saying is that the church has gone way away from – you got way more tares than you have wheat right now. And so if you know about the rapture, and you know about living for God, even the people who are going to church are becoming tares because they’re believing now that once they’re saved they’re always saved. So now we have all of these cliques that aren’t christian, but have churches. You have Calvanism. I put Calvanism right over near Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholicism… Because the church used to fight against Calvinism, but we just gave up. And now we’ve got this new thing, this Apostolic things where they say you gotta use signs and miracles in your church, but this is demons (never in the Bible did we see what is done in the churches now in the name of Jesus: it’s demonic spirits). Only one time did a demon scream and then left when Jesus cast it out; he didn’t fall on the ground and start squirming.

So we are in a bad situation as far as churches, but this is what the Lord wanted me to tell you: you don’t know that Israel was rebirthed in 1948, because the church was getting away from Jesus. So all of us that grew up in the church, we never heard about how Israel was rebirthed in 1948, or that Israel regained Jerusalem nineteen years later in 1967. These were things that are in the Bible that the Bible was telling us was going to happen (but we weren’t told that these prophecies were being fulfilled as we sat in the pews listening to sermons, or in the bulletins and newsletters). As a business, you don’t tell people about the Bible, you tell people about what will keep them coming and keep them giving, right? So this is the situation that we’re in. So when Jesus says not many are saved, believe it! Because we’re watching. We’re watching a whole lotta people pretend christianity. “I can do what I want, and I can go to church and that makes me a christian.”

So on Sunday (February 5th, 2023 message) when I was trying to show you guys with the first scripture Genesis 1:1 “In the  beginning God created the heaven and the earth” just showing you guys how God wrote all of the numbers down all the way until you got to the bottom and then the Bible numbers give you 37 which pushes you back up to Genesis Chapter 1. God structured it that way, okay?

5+7+0+8 = 20 1+9+4+8 = 22

Now I’m going to write something on the board.
How many books are in the Bible? 66.
How many books are in the Old Testament? 39.
How many books are in the New Testament? 27.
In the entire Bible there are 1,189 chapters.

66 1,189

Now all of that is for a reason. This is what God is like: “Listen! I’m writing the Bible, I put everything that’s going to happen in the Bible, and I’m telling you: every number, every verse, every thing has been placed there so that you know that I am God. So that you know that there is no way that a man could have done this”, okay?

Out of all of those chapters that are in the Bible, 929 are in the Old Testament and 260 are in the New Testament.

1,189 Chapters in the Bible
929 OT
260 NT

So how many chapters in the Old Testament? 929.
And how many in the whole Bible? 1,189.
9+2+9 +1+1+8+9
How much does that equal? 39.

How many chapters in the New Testament? 260.
And how many in the whole Bible? 1,189.
How much does that equal? 27.

9+2+9+1+1+8+9 = 39
2+6+0+1+1+8+9 = 27

If God took the chapters in the whole Bible and divided them, and made sure that when you broke down each number into 39 books and 27 books, 929 chapters and 260 chapters, and the whole verses. It’s incredible! Isn’t it amazing? Now when I show you that, the LORD wanted me to show you this:

5+7+0+8 = 20 1+9+4+8 = 22

He knew that Israel would become a nation again in 5708 (Hebrew calendar), which is 20. But on the Gregorian calendar it’s 1948. which is 22.
So 2022 has always been the year. It’s always been the year. So God wants you to know that this being in the Bible
5+7+0+8 = 20 1+9+4+8 = 22
with what I showed you on Sunday (February 5, 2023 message) concerning Genesis (Berisheet Passover prophecy – this video explains it well), all of this is in the scripture before you were born, before He lays the foundation of the earth (God restored the earth from the tohu-bohu of the previous pre-antediluvian destruction not described in the Bible but alluded to) – before anything, God had already done that. You understand?

(Now it’s going to get even more exciting – if that is even possible.)

So you have 66 books. How many Hebrew letters? 22. So that means you have a trinity of books. You have 22, 22 and 22. So you have a perfect trinity of God’s Word in this book, and you have to know that it has a designer, okay?

So Israel gets rebirthed in 1948, and then He says “From this time, this will be the last generation.” In Psalms, which is the 19th book of the Bible, in the 48th chapter of Psalms, 1948, it says Israel gets reborn again in that year, and it says and when you see it happen, go and tell it to the last generation (Psalm 48:13).

THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE NUMBER ONE MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH IN OUR LIFETIME: Israel was rebirthed and we are the last generation. Every church should have been saying “Israel is now rebirthed, we are in the last generation. We have to be ready, because we don’t know when, but we’re in the last generation.” But that did not become the headliner of the church! The headliner of the church was “We’re moving from that, and for now we’re moving from being the Philadelphia into being the Laodicean church, which means now you are being ruled by the people.
What will happen if the nation mandates that the church marry gay people in the church? Church leaders respond that they would meet as a board to discuss whether or not to comply with this mandate. Really? Would they ignore the scripture that says that male and female He made them, and sodomy and same sex relationships and being effeminate are sin? The boards are running the church – for Lucifer. But the boards don’t really run the church or truly get to make the church’s rules: the Bible has already told that the church cannot marry gay people. But the church is run by the people, and the people are being guided by ignorance, those at the top of church heirarchy are being guided by money, the people are being guided by ignorance, because they’re not preaching it, and you don’t read, so you are made to think it’s not important. So you’ve got someone preaching nonsense, and you don’t read anything, so you’re just in a church hearing the same messages – you know in your spirit. “Man, there’s gotta be something better than this!” (This is why so many fall away, because within their spirit they know that they are being deceived, but lack the discernment to identify how and why.) I used to say that when first got saved, because I would go in there and be shouting and falling about all over the place, and a guy would be (shaking and making all kinds of sounds and squirming supposedly ‘in the spirit’), and it was really just crazy people mislead in a box called a church!

The Word of God is actually every individual christian’s responsibility. We should have known what was going on (since 1948 when Israel was rebirthed and we became the last generation, but we were programmed, mind controlled and deceived). Amen.

(If this message were broken into two parts, the above would end part 1.)

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 2. Verse 22.
I’m gonna tell you why I’m waiting until the end of the 4th quarter, because the Lord told, me, was it last night? He said “Everything is so close; just hang in there. Everything is so close. And when it happens, they need to know that I didn’t do this by surprise: I love them and I tried to warn them.” So in the Tribulation, He wants people to know “No, I didn’t do this to bring you into Tribulation, I wasn’t trying to trick you, I was trying to let you know what day and hour you’re living in, so that when it happens you would be prepared and you wouldn’t be LEFT BEHIND.” Okay? So the Lord is telling me, like, tell them I care about them, I have compassion for them, I love them, and I DON’T want them to get Left Behind. Okay? But you’re gonna have to start thinking for yourself and start praying for yourself and start reading for yourself, and if you’re in sin, GET OUT OF IT! It’s not worth it, what you’re about to go through.

Okay, Genesis chapter 2 verse 22. And it says: “And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” Since we are Bible students, we all know that that’s another typology. Most people hear that in a church and that’s a sermon about tithing. What! But this scripture is in the second chapter and the 22nd verse – 22 – because in the year 2022 – which is what the Gregorian calendar equates to with the Hebrew until the spring – a marriage is going to happen. 2022 isn’t over until March 23rd, which is Nisan 1. God’s year is Spring to Spring and He has never started a new year in the dark of winter. Okay? So, when Nisan first is here, it’ll be 2023. Until it gets here, in God’s eyes it’s 2022.

In 22 the woman that was made from Adam’s rib is going to be brought TO him. Who’s the second Adam? JESUS. He was pierced in his side! He hadn’t sinned, just like the first Adam (yet). What comes out of his side produces what? Blood and water came out of his side. A covenant of blood, a water baptism: this came out of his side, blood and water. So now anyone who believes in Jesus gets what came out of his side. You get a new covenant, and you’re a new creature born out of the blood and the water.

So therefore God’s telling you that in the 22nd it’s going to happen.

Now let’s go to Matthew chapter 22 verse 2, and my question to people is this: why is it in chapter 22? Couldn’t it have been in chapter 18? Why is it in chapter 22? Because this is what it says; it says “And Jesus spoke to them in parable, saying “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who prepared a wedding banquet for his son, and he sent his servants to go to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused. Then he sent some of his servants and said “Tell those who I have invited that I have prepared my dinner, my ox and my fatted calf have been butchered, and everything is ready for them to come to the wedding banquet” , but they paid no attention and went off; one to his field, one to his business, the others seized his servant, mistreated him and killed him. The king was enraged. He sent his army out to destroy those murderers and burn their city.”
So He destroyed the murderers and burnt Jerusalem down in 70AD.

And He says tell them now that everything is still prepared. We’ve still got a wedding to attend. “The king said to his servants, the wedding banquet is ready, but those that I invited did not deserve to come. Go to the streets and invite to the banquet anyone you find. So the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people that they could find, both good and bad, and the wedding hall was filled with guests.”

So as born-again christians we’re here and we’re inviting people to the wedding. The wedding is still on. In Genesis it’s in chapter 2, and in this (Matthew) it’s in chapter 22 verse 2 and it tells you the whole of the scripture. It says “The Kingdom of Heaven is like the king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son.” So in 22, what happens? There’s a wedding banquet that’s been prepared. This is also 22, you understand? Everything concerning this year is pointing us to the rapture, to being taken away, to everything happening in 2022. Nothing’s changed! (Except that Satan crafted the Gregorian calendar to try to change the dates and times #fail) Everything that He’s shown us, nothing’s changed.

Midweek Bible Study He Is At The Door 22 11Feb23 God - 37 - Gen1_1

Let’s go to page 2 of your notes. That’s that chart that I showed you on Sunday (February 5th, 2023 message). “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”, and the numerical value of it, and see how God broke it down there? Let me tell you something: only God could break it down that the ending of it would be 37. You know why? Because 37, throughout the whole Bible means “The Trinity is God”. So, this is God, but His numerical value, God’s numerical value is 37. So everything – listen to me, you guys, we tried to do a study, but I put people to sleep; numbers do that to people.
Every scripture, throughout the whole Bible, is all about the number 37. 37, 37, 37 plus this, 37 and that. I was reading in a book and it said Joseph was 37 his ministry started. But everything in the scriptures is a value of 37, because the Trinity is God. Genesis chapter 1 is what? 37 times 73: 271. See that? The Trinity is God. So it was God who set up Genesis to make sure that when you got to the end and you divided the numbers the way we do here, with 2022, you get 37. Okay?

5+7+0+8 = 20 1+9+4+8 = 22

Midweek Bible Study He Is At The Door 22 11Feb23 37 Trinity is GOD chart

Now. If you have 66 books in the Bible, that means you have three 22 Bibles. The book number 22. Because when you get to the first 22 book, what book is it? Song of Solomon. So in Song of Solomon, this is what it says, now this is the last verse of Song of Solomon, and the lst verse of Song of Solomon has 117 verses. Eight chapters, 117 verses. What does 117 mean? My close intimate friend. Okay? So this is a marriage going on here. In the 22nd book, the 8th chapter, the 14th verse: “Come away, my love, be like a gazelle, or a young deer on the mountains of spice.” Now the word gazelle really means beauty, glory and honor. So it says “be like beauty, glory and honor. Like a young deer, come away on the mountains of spice”. Chapter 8 plus verse 14 is 22.

We go to the next 22 book, Acts. And what happens in Acts? Who gets married in Acts? This is the birth of the church! This is when you got your ring! You got engaged on this day, because in Acts chapter 22 verse 2 it says “And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind”, and the Holy Spirit fell upon each of them, and now the Holy Spirit has been given to the church and then you go to the Epistles (Paul) and it’s been given to you as having a down payment until you get to the marriage, until you get to the rest of this. You understand? So the whole marriage of the church beginning to be married to God happens in the next 22 books, which is Acts.

The we get to Revelation chapter 4 verse 1. And remember: Revelation chapter 4 verse 1 is after the last church. “After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.” John says “immediately I was in the spirit”, and what happens? He got there and someone was sitting on a throne there were beautiful colors around it like the rainbow. And he said “while I was there I saw a sea of glass and seven lamps on the sea of glass in perfect peace”. And so here you have a marriage in Song of Solomon, you have a marriage in Acts, you have a marriage (in Revelation), so all three 22 books say you have a marriage take place.

So you are in the year of 2022, and you will be until Nisan 1, but I want you to know why I can’t abandon this because you don’t feel like it. “I just don’t feel like there’s really going to be a rapture.” I don’t care that you don’t feel like it; that’s what I’m saying. In 1948 they signed that Israel would be rebirthed back into the land, and, okay, but it doesn’t really feel like we’re gonna get it (raptured) – who cares what you feel like! The Bible is what is controlling everything, don’t you understand? The Bible is prophecying to you, letting you know what is about to happen.

Midweek Bible Study He Is At The Door 22 11Feb23 37 Chittah 422

Chittah – wheat
8+9+5 = 22, 22 letter of the Hebrew is Tav 400 = Tav
Harvest 400 + 22 = “Your salvation”

Okay, chittah, which means wheat. The church is the wheat harvest. Quattar in Hebrew, the numerical value is 22. I didn’t even want to really do the harvest, but harvest is 400, and that’s the 22nd book, and the 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and that added with wheat is the word in Hebrew “your salvation”. Now look at this: the word “Tribulation” is in the Bible 22 times? Is that by accident? Now God said “I want you to show them this as well”. Do you see these letters in the Hebrew alphabet? One, two, counting the one, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 letters before you get to the “L”, the L is “levato”, which means “going up”. Do you know the chaf is? It is the crowning accomplishment, the first of the ending which is going down. Suffice to say, before there is a going up there must be a coming down, and then Revelation chapter 4 – I’m gonna make sure – because I read that it had eleven verses because it’s for the numerical value of chaf. What is chaf (the 20th letter of the alephbet)? It’s the crowning accomplishment, it’s when the king comes down, to take up (checks the Bible)… Yeah, that’s the last verse. Yeah, so it seems like that coming down and going up happens at the exact letter of sequence of eleven. Because there are how many chapters in the Book of Revelation? Twenty-two. Why is the whole thing about the marriage and the rest is what happens after the marriage?

Then we do this crazy study on the Pii system and in Pii, 2220, which is the voice of God, is immediately followed after 888. But 2022 is followed by 153, which is the church (“Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken.” – John 21:11), a hundred and fifty-three fish. So am I supposed to say “Well I know this is a lot of 22’s, and a lot of things pointing to the same year, but let’s abandon this. Or should we wait, and say “It’s a lot of evidence. maybe we should wait.” Qavah: to wait with great hope and expectation. There’s a war for you brewing in the world, did you know that? There’s 7.8 earthquakes going on, killing 7,000 people. So when did you think God’s going to decide that it’s time to begin the change? Because you, my dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, YOU are the BEGINNING OF CHANGE. When the trumpet blows and you leave, it is time for change. He will make sure that all see it (our rapture) in hopes that when they see it they will change their mind and repent. So you will see me disappear. But God wants you to see me disappear! He wants you to hear the trumpet, and He wants you to see me disappear; you know why? So it will change the way you think about sin. But there’s a delusion coming. They’re gonna tell you little green men from Mars came down and took all the people that weren’t ready for the “christ” of the world. And a lot of people are going to believe it.

Midweek Bible Study He Is At The Door 22 11Feb23 37 earthquake

So these are the pictures. I was watching on the news that these people went to bed at night at peace. And in the morning, I’m watching them pull little babies from underneath rocks. Some of them are okay; some of them are not. People are pulling them from underneath rocks, from underneath buildings. So you have got to know and understand something: this is not God’s plan. This is not God’s ultimate world. You understand? This is not what God planned, God didn’t plan for young people to listen to music with profanity in it, and satanic symbols – God didn’t plan that. Okay? God didn’t plan pedophilia rings throughout the world, God didn’t plan that. But it’s going on. We don’t want to know about it, God didn’t plan all this stuff, but God does have a plan of how He is going to erase it and start it over. And it begins with the church. And so since you are part of God’s plan – and I wish that christians understood that, when you come INTO Christ you are part of a plan. You are not – I have never asked anybody to become a christian so they can be a church member! Because nobody cares what church you go to. If I lead someone to Christ, I am leading them to Christ to begin a personal relationship with God, with the Son of God. Tp pray, and to read His word, and to get to know Him, and to readjust your life, and to purge out the sin in your life. I want you to do that, whether you do that in my church or not, I don’t care! I just want you to be in Christ! You understand? I’m trying to get you saved. And this is what God was telling me this morning: they have no idea how much I love them. They have no idea! And how much terror – not, see, the Lord told me on Sunday, they think the Tribulation’s going to be like 2020. That was easy. Do you hear what I’m saying? That was easy. There was really no real famine. You could still go to the store, you just had to wear masks. When the Tribulation starts there’s going to be famine. They are going to see there is no food in the store. And Barack (Obama – name means “Lightning from heaven”) already put in a law that in a time of emergency people are not going to be allowed to grow vegetables or plants in their own yards (the WEF has already declared nitrogen and fertilizers are dangerous to the “climate”), so they’re going to check your yard, they’re going to cut down all fruit trees, any vegetation is going to be illegal, it’s already written in the bill Obama put in when he was in office. Okay?

So this is my thing: Satan is plotting Tribulation. He’s plotting Tribulation. Does it matter that you are able to start a new business and you’ve got 25,000 people working for you, and you’ve got a new car? Will it really MATTER during the Tribulation? I don’t think they’re gonna respect you that much. That all of your money is in crypto? Yeah, but now that you’re money’s in crypto you need the chip to be able to pay for anything. So now you need to take the mark, or all your money that’s in crypto can’t be spent.

So you have no understanding of what’s being set up, where God is telling you everything that’s happening, you understand? He’s telling you everything that’s happening.

In 1947, in Psalms 47, it tells you that all of the leaders of the world are going to meet to make a decision about the people of Abraham. It’s in the 19th book of the Bible and in the 47th chapter of Psalms (and this happened in 1947). And what happened in 1947? All the leaders met in the United Nations to make a decision about the people of Abraham. Then the 48th chapter happened and they moved back into Israel. Then in verse 13 it says that when you see this happen, tell the rest of the world we’re in the last generation (“Mark ye well her bulwarks, consider her palaces; that ye may tell it to the ageneration following.”) And what about the church? They’re like “I’ll sing a song with a satanic artist even though I’m a gospel artist because it’s going to pay well and I’m going to elevate my status as a singer (selling one’s soul to the devil), and I’m like “he’s lost his mind. It can’t be the same person, not saying that Jesus is going to bow down to satan! It can’t be the same person! Something’s wrong with him!” (It’s called demonic possession: CERN and the vaccines have opened portals for demons to enter.)

(And now the Pope has called for allowing gay marriages.)

And that’s what’s going on. The message the churches are sending are not the messages people need to hear (and haven’t been for a very, very long time). Because there’s no Seven Mountains theory going on, you understand? The church is not going to take over the finances of the world (there WILL be no #GAB parallel economy). Because you know hat they are teaching them that Jesus can’t come back until then, in order to make them tithe. They are telling them Jesus CAN’T COME BACK until the church has full financial control over all business, entertainment and finances in the world, and until then he can’t come back. This is the Seven Mountains theory of the Apostolic movement that they have going. And people are eating it up! We’ve had at least a couple of poeople that have jumped ship and said “Pastor Sandy, I just think that the rapture’s not going to happen and I think that the Lord wants me to get rich.” Well okay, go for it.

If somebody doesn’t preach the truth, the truth will not be heard. So prepare yourself: the answer to all of your finances is in the scriptures. The answer to ALL of your finances is in the scriptures. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His way of doing things and all of the other things will be added to you. Okay? And you’ll be like the children of Israel; you’ll be like “How did we walk all this way and our shoes haven’t worn out?” You know? You’ve gotta realize, you’re not in financial stress, Jesus fed 5,000 people with two fish and five loaves of bread. He fed 5,000 people! That’s crazy! So that means as they were giving food out the baskets were filling up! You understand that? Someone was trying to fish and couldn’t catch anything and Jesus said “Throw it (the net) on the other side” and it’s filled with fish. Who are we dealing with?! Someone’s having a funeral and they’re marching through the city – now listen to this, you guys, this is very profound – if there’s a funeral and you’re driving, don’t you have to stop your car and let the funeral go through? What would stop the funeral from moving? If the president was coming through, the funeral would have to stop, right? So when Jesus was coming through, the funeral stopped. They recognized the King. You understand? They recognized it was the King, and since they stopped, and recognized His royalty, He resurrected the person that was dead and then He allowed them to move on with the funeral without the dead body. This is what Jesus does!

But those are Bible studies! What about the girl who went to the drug dealer and he said “I’m not giving you any drugs because you don’t have any money. But my sister goes to church, go talk to her, maybe she can help you.” The drug dealer gives the drug addict his sister’s card to go talk to her about Jesus. She goes there and gets delivered from drugs and accepts Jesus! She came HERE and gave her testimony! She walked in, I was like, what is this Mayberry-lookin’ white girl, she looked like she ain’t never been through nothin’ in her life. Looked like she grew up in Mayberry (referring to the Sixties television show Mayberry RFD) with rich parents, and she walked in here just as victorious as ever, and yet as you talked to her, she said “when I was on the street, I was doing bad, and you know I got started with crack cocaine, and after crack cocaine I ran out of things to steal from people, and I went to my drug dealer just to see if he would loan me a little drugs for the day, and he said “no, here’s a card, go talk to my sister, maybe she’ll pray for you and she can help you”. She went straight there. She went straight there and got saved.

This is what God does. So we’re not dealing with ANY religion here. THIS IS NOT RELIGION. This is Jesus Christ; this is His plan. He WANTS to save you, IF you want to be saved. He can’t make you get saved. He can’t make you. He has to honor your free will. He HAS to. You can walk out of here today and say “You know what? I’m gonna go and get high, and hang out, and do what I want”, and God will not send an angel to come in front of you and say “Don’t do this”. He will let you go, because it’s your free will to live your life whatever way. But God will also say this: “I have given them enough instruction to tell them how to avoid torment and how to gain life. I’ve given them enough instructions to tell them how to gain life and avoid torment, okay? Choose you today whom ye will serve.”

Praise God.

Message from Pastor Sandy Armstrong, “He is at the door”, February 11, 2023

“Because you don’t feel like it” – the manipulation of our perceptions, emotions, moods, body sensations, the effects of symbols, words and cymatics, the 5G, pulsing LEDs, the airwaves and programming are working to blunt and remove our ability to know what is hapopoening in ways we cannot even begin to fully explain and understand, let alone protect ourselves from fully, since we are immersed in this mesh the Devil has installed beneath the firmament in a world based upon artificial science, medicine and psychology designed to separate humans from their innate divinity. We must pay no attention to the naysaying and deniers. The spirit of God IS Prophecy, and that’s what Satan’s elite craft all their agendas against, to make us fear. They are only, after all, the SHADOW of death.

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EXCERPT: THIS IS NOT RELIGION. Like in the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE, how different all of our lives would be if we had not been lied to by those who call themselves shepherds (pastors caring for God’s flock). Every element of life has been weaponized, but Truth endures, illuminated by the Bible code of the inerrant word of The Creator.

Note from Laura: I dedicated nearly 20 hours to hand-transcribing this because there are people who are still unsaved and it is the duty of all christians to lead as many as possible to Christ so they will not be Left Behind after the rapture to have to suffer the Great Tribulation. THIS IS THE ONLY EFFORT CHRISTIANS MUST BE WORKING AT NOW.

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The blockchain is human biometric datamining, and an integral part of the Soultrap.

“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.” – Luke 12:2

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