Note made 27November: so far no replies or acknowledgment of my email with this blog have come through (from the specified-below recipients). I see that my website has been viewed twice today from within Pakistan and the People’s Republic of China, and Australia too, which is where Meltwater is, the firm that is hired by “entities” to get behind the paywall, the so-called anonymity of protection a paid blog plan offers, but with enough money paid the Meltwater firm mines behind that “paywall”, which is called corporate spying. No, I am not “being paranoid”. There is a reason I described what I did in my bio and other places (posts), turning down working for alphabet. I am absolutely sincere and am praying that some assistance is forthcoming, and soon. Thank you, Laura.


I moved here on November 1, 2019 because the apartment I rented in July in Front Royal, VA quickly proved a dangerous place to be. A first floor apartment with a back door ground level access from street and an inner locked (ofter left unlocked) door as well, each with two separately keyed locksets, a lower simple locking knob and an upper keyed deadboth. Someone tried to break in via the back door, destroying the doorknob lockset, and the deadbolt stopped them. It was done while I was at the food bank, volunteering, so my vehicle was not parked where it usually was. The landlord, a parasite-ridden greedy slumlord who refused to set my (HOT WATER UTILITY AND ELECTRIC BILL PAID FOR BY ME IN MY OWN ACCOUNT AND NAME WITH THE FRONT ROYAL UTILITY COMPANY!) hot water heater above 115 degrees fahrenheit because, in his words, “it makes the plastic washers need to be replaced sooner”. When I asked him why he was putting a 25 cent washer above my reasonable need to take a hot bath, and that I was heating pots of water in the stove because of him, he shrugged. He laughed at me when I told him someone tried to break in after I did the THE TRUTH UNDERGROUND radio interview. The 80 year old career handyman-cum-slumlord with all his decrepit apartments, in cahoots with the local munipal system, being a lifelong resident. All his old cars and his disgusting, football-loving, fat, blinded vacinnated children and grandchildren, all graduates of Randolph Macon USAF yes-sir annunaki training academy…

I found this place on Craigslist, which has proven itself to be a surveillanced military database that has blacklisted me, and in the last 2-3 years has disallowed me from selling anything or connecting with real advertisers meaningfully.


This ad was placed by the supposed property manager and offered a roommate rental on a 50 acre farm with a run-in shed for horses, room for goats, chickens and garden, in a quiet rural location for $450.00 a month. I replied at about 10PM at night and was called on my cell before 8AM the next morning, by a “Tina” with a continental accent who said she was in NYC and that I sounded like a perfect fit and coordinated my visiting the upcoming Sunday with the current tenant, a 62YO Czechoslavakian man. I visited, stayed about 5 hours, liked it, and accepted.

She had wanted me to pay rent on a set up ACH starting December 5th, and asked for $450.00 month rent for November, and agreed to let me pay one-half the total $450.00 security deposit she required, and $10.00 to be paid to “Lubo” – Lubomir S_____k

– for the electric which was in his name, that I would be expected to pay half of.

I handed him $775.00 cash and he signed the receipt I had written, detailing this.

Monies I paid to move into 6719 Sumerduck Road, Remington VA 27344. This is sufficient as a lease agreement, as I was given keys at this time: one to the front door, and one for each of the two rooms I rent (bedroom, study).

This actually replaces the receipt he texted me from his smartphone and my flip dumbphone does not accept.

So within a few days this agreement changes because he is very dirty, the house was filty, I spent five hours cleaning the stove and sinks (double), about three hours cleaning the bathroom (shared), and Lubo heats the house to about 85 degrees fahrenheit upstairs to compensate for there being zero weatherstripping or insulation downstairs, and he is very skinny and infested with parasites and dresses as if he is on a tropical island! So I asked to exchange cleaning for the electric bill, as he also leaves all lights on 24/7! “Tina” agreed, Lubo agreed, and I clean the place in exchange for ignoring the non-frugal electric and heat situation. Absurd! Who lives like this! But I supposedly am “just a roommate”.

It worsens. When I spoke with my bank and they agreed an ACH for the rent was not ony unsafe but unwarranted as I ALWAYS pay my rent on time, “Tina” was very resistant to allowing this. She made the excuse that it prevented late rent problems. She refused to acccept that I would withdraw the cash and either pay rent of $450.00 monthly on the 3rd of the month (or before if the 3rd fell on a holiday, I get electronic SSDI deposit), or a money order, OR if “Tina” had a bank account with MY bank, I could do a teller check transfer to her account.

She continued to resist this and I took a closer look at the “lease” she sent me, and opened it for editing in WORD, which I had to contract with MICROSOFT at $99.99 annually beginning December 12th, 2019 for an OFFICE subscription.



“Tina”, who is a previous Remington resident and Lubo thought was a teacher, is Foria Younis from Pakistan, an ex-FBI operative trained at Quantico, now an ISIS terrorist cell fomenter. She has a business named SAMEC and is @SAMEC on twitter. She developes and brings in ISLAM terrorists. The owners of the property who Lubo thought were Egyptian the day I visited in October, and he knew little, are not a couple who live in DC and visit a few times a year with their kids who are now in college.

The owners are Tariq Al-Sheddi and Mona I. Alsoqaih of Saudi Arabia.

Tariq Al-Sheddi, head of the National Data Management Office

Tariq Alsheddi (alternate spelling) appears in so many search results it is astounding, and is listed in Wikileaks.

He helped provide funds for efforts after 9-11 that are documented. What he did beofre 9-11, I have not researched yet.

Mona I. Alsoqaih is his partner; they are homosexual Islamists who live in Vienna, VA. Mona is a tenured professor of Psychology at the Jesuit George Mason University.

Tariq has his hand in so many pots it is insane. He is:

  • Head of data management for Saudia Arabia – THE COUNTRY
  • A genetic researcher working with human genome adaptation Annunaki-style and the US patents prove this (partner Anna Baronkova (sp? see patent)
  • An attorney
  • A language syntax developer – LANGUAGE IS A WEAPON AND TOOL OF LUCIFER
  • a FEMA consultant and board member
  • a US Department of Homeland Security member
  • A United States and United Arab Emirates high-level operator
  • His name even shows up in the FORTNITE game, which is soft disclosure of Wormwood/PlanetX/Nibiru/THE RESET, and I wrote about that HERE

Look at the images below and this list just gets longer. Click each one to enlarge. I did not save URLs – this is all very time-consuming. If they knew I was doing this, I would likely be killed.


The property here was shell-gamed to amass over a million dollars which coordinates with the timing revealed in the leaked emails on Wikileaks naming Tariq Alsheddi in the first emails which are about getting finds together to transport Islamist operatives into the US and out to Saudi Arabia, paying for passports, Visas and flight, travel accomodation, hotels, etc. After image 2 on the email exchange, apparently Tariq had asked to be BCCd, as his name drops off.

This times perfectly with the 6719 Sumerduck Road, Remington VA 27344 property (where I sit typing right now, 8:14AM EST 26Nov2019) being sold for 1.3 million dollars in 2010, then relisted and resold at least three more times, the land being reorganized from one tract of <50 acres to 5 tracts to now .5  acres – A HALF AN ACRE – and the rest is now not only not in land trust but is untraceable even on Fauquier County Virginia Property and Land Tax records.


Now the lot is a half an acres, and names are scrubbed. Oh, Virginia is a very evil stronghold of nephilim government military witchcraft. (I am reminded of the fact that the Fulton Hill gang was mind controlled to shoot at me and I fled Richmond in September 2007. That house too was a rental found on Craigslist.)

The monies from this real estate transfer shell game are funding ISIS and the overthrow of the United States of America, which is Babylon


First, I am a truther. I have been a Child of the Most High GOD all my life, and the latest efforts, this blog begin June 15, 2018, reveal the decoding and discernment of my palce in the HOLY WAR as a CHILD OF LIGHT. No more needs to be added in words, images, sentences, paragraphs or explanation. It’s all here, and there is more, I have just limited time and resources. We’ll sit around the cosmological DMT spirit campfire and share all gnowledge than.

I have been surpassing obstacles to arrive as a participant in these last days of the Kali Yuga last earthly reset since my soul was created by GOD. This being at this address is the final obstacle before going to live in the Holy Lands. My passport arrived in ten days – including weekend days. That is unheard of. I am about to get the visa. My bank is being extremely helpful as I endeavor to have what the Indian Ambassy needs to grant me the travel visa for entrance.

“Tina” is actually FORIA YOUNIS, and she creates Islamist terror cells, recruiting world-wide and importing people. She has a number of times spoken to me from a bank, self-admitting location to apologize for background noise and call drops (calls do drop when one is in a vault accessing a security deposit box cash is kept in, and gold, eh?) She has said she had “jobs” and could not cisit here until December. Now after looking at her online, I see what jobs she does.

Foria Younis on YouTube
Foria Younis on Twitter
Foria Younis’s SAMEC website
Foria Younis in the news
Foria Younis training LEOs
Foria Younis: An Invisble Agent In An Invisible War – Telegraph UK Article
Foria Younis, ex-FBI agent trained at Quantico
She is even involved in the disappearance of Flight 370!

She specializes in training HOME GROWN TERRORISM!

“Ms. Foria Younis is the CEO and founder of South Asia-Middle East Consultants. This New York City based consultancy provides training to thousands of law enforcement and security professionals across the United States and around the world. South Asia-Middle East Consultants specializes in providing training and consultation relating to Muslim Culture, Suicide Bombers, and Home-grown Terrorism.

From the SAMEC website:

Foria Younis is the founder and CEO of SAMEC Inc. Prior to launching SAMEC,  Ms.Younis was a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on the joint terrorism task force (JTTF), in the New York Office.
Adjunct faculty at the University of Virginia (U.S.) .  Member of the Illinois bar since 1993
Operational and managerial knowledge of U.S. Embassy operations and foreign diplomacy issues
Significant overseas’ experience in complex international terrorism and criminal  investigations. Ms. Younis worked with numerous international agencies including MI-5 (U.K.), ISI (Pakistani Intelligence) PSO (Yemeni Police) to accomplish common national security goals
During her ten year career with the FBI, Ms.Younis contributed to several high profile investigations to include, the 1998 bombings of the American Embassies in East Africa, the crash of TWA flight 800, the 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, the kidnapping and subsequent murder of The Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and the 9/11 attacks in the United States. These investigations have taken her through out the Middle East, South Asia and the  rest  of the world.
In 2003, Ms.Younis was the recipient of FBI Director’s Annual Award for “Outstanding Counter Terrorism Investigation”.
In the post 9/11 climate Ms.Younis developed a course of instruction titled “Muslim Culture for Law Enforcement”. The course has been taught to thousands of law enforcement officers and military personnel in the United States and abroad. Ms.Younis has successfully assisted many United States and foreign law enforcement organizations with regional and cultural specific investigations. Ms. Younis is considered an expert on the region and culture.
Before Joining the FBI Ms.Younis was an Assistant State’s Attorney in Joliet Illinois.

Illinois is the seeding ground Obama came from. Tariq Al-sheddi is a part of ELM, and Obama is a part of ACORN.

Do you see the dots connecting?

Read this again, and carefully: “In the post 9/11 climate Ms.Younis developed a course of instruction titled “Muslim Culture for Law Enforcement”. The course has been taught to thousands of law enforcement officers and military personnel in the United States and abroad.” Foria Younis is a part of the Luciferian Agenda which is carrying out the New World Order’s domination of the world. The FBI is part of it. Look at what we understand about the truth of 9-11.

I am sending this for now to Terral Black Star, Rex Bear of Leak Project, and Steve Olson of WSO. I do not know who else to begin to trust. Anyone else you think can help me survive this situation, PLEASE RESPOND! It is password protected, and the password will be in the email sent to each address from my paid account.

At the very least I need about $250.00 to get to Washington DC and get my VISA, and another couple of hundred get my things out of here and me into a safe location. (I have a month’s free U-Haul storage reserved on stand-by, but without funds, I am a sitting SUMERDUCK. PLEASE HELP! (This was written in 2019 and I no longer live there, haviong left for India in December 2019.)

I need to be out of here before I disappear. I mean it. These people may not even have immediately known the Lucifer, who orchestrates all of this, all the plans in this fallen world, has conspired to place me here at this location with these people and cause me to make one fatal error or stumble. Already I have been left baits of alcohol: whisky and red wine on the kitchen counter to tempt appeared the week I moved in. I used to drink, and the cabal knows I had a DUI in 2016. I am vegan and do not drink or smoke at all. I do not even take aspirin.


The land all around is hunted by the ex-police chief of Catlett VA, a man named Reggie. his two sons, his wife, and their guests. I met Reggie the day I was unpacking the truck, early Saturday morning the 2nd of November. As a matter of fact, it was Reggie who said the name “Foria”, and I silently deduced he meant Tina. Then I saw mail in the house, and in the mailbox when I checked it. They have access to shoot deer and they walk right by my windows with loaded high-powered rifles. I already have experienced the captain of the Spotsylvania County police interfere with me landline and cellphone calling ability and stop me from calling the state police when I was shot at with a shotgun on December 15th, arranged by my ex-husband who bragged he was having lunch with the captain, after K. secretly took out a life insurance policy on me by forging my signature electronically and manually. That is another story and you can search keywords for that in the blog searchbox. What he has done is criminal. My ex-husband I was married to for one day less than two years is a secretly gay newsman for in Washington DC, and that station is owned by Gannett Corporation who publishes the major propaganda rag USA TODAY. They refuse to end the life insurance policy saying that speaking with me is a HIPPA violation. K. and I owned no property together, had no children, he took from me the one thing we had in both our names, my 2004 F350 Diesel Pickup truck ~I had bought~ with the downpayment in cash of $3,000.00 from selling my MAZDA B3000 truck and I MADE PAYMENTS FOR. The divorce was uncontested in effect because I had no attorney and he uses Joseph, Greenwald and Laake. His parents, total deepstate tools, a retired gay Baltimore County school principal and his wife who immediately did my geneology TO SEE WHAT BLOODLINE I CAME FROM – NOT ILLUMINATI! …

Sorry for digressing, but in a nutshell, I am truly a Targeted Individual and since my own mother used me in MK ULTRA Research and I grew up a CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD  and this is how it began and then I was targeted with Lyme and Morgellons (which Tariq Al-sheddai helps develop), I am documenting all of this, and I am asking for help. I get paid on December 3, 2019 and can get myself squared away out of here but I MUST get the visa process started! I need $200.00 immediately. I have 31 cents in the bank right now, all the moving expenses exhausted my November disability check (I get disability for… CPTSD! Go figure! Lucifer uses trauma to soul trap!!!)

I have not told Lubo the roommate the things I am sharing here with you. This <strike>is</strike was a password-protected blogpost (made public on March 19, 2021). If I am “outed” by anyone reading this while I am still here in the house owned by these Islamist terrorists who are Luciferian agents working to destroy the country and usher in the New World Order, either I will be shot by a hunter (accidentally dropping their gun, etc), poisoned, die in a house fire, get in a car accident, be raped and murdered, or simply disappear. The river is a great place to dispose of a body and I think that has already been done, judging by the number of fire pits there, and in the field they used to raise HALAL meat goats in.

By the way, Foria Younis never once intended to have anyone keep horses here. That was a ruse to bring me, an equestrian from birth who lost her last horse due to this Annunaki-invented Lyme-Morgellons bioweapon.

These “people” are not human. They are Zeta Reticuli serpent seed annunaki beings who are pedovores.

Why are there so many big pots in the kitchen? Why did Lubo cook duck that looked and smelled like large pieves of pink human flesh? And when I questioned him about it, looked shocked, amused and guilty as charged, but denied???

Really! I asked him this! The dirty pan is still in the sink! I will not touch it!

I lived in Hawaii and I know that cannibalism is real. I was around the cannibals. Another story, searcgh keywords in the blog and my twitter account @EatingToAscend for my comments about Hawaii, cannibalism, pirates, etc.

I also saved PDFs of Tariq Al-sheddi’s patents and research articles in scientific, medical and government journals, not uploaded here. These do appear in the screenshots I shared above.

Here is the very suspect “roommate agreement” I refuse to sign. It is so full of discrepancies and errors that I do not know where to begin. Even the street address is wrong. And Lubo is not a “leaseholder”. I showed him this document! He lives here for free as a caretaker, and pays the electric, television and cable TV. Foria (who he calls “Tina”) reimburses him for some household expenses for upkeep. He never paid a security deposit. He pointed out to me that it reads “we” where the security deposit is listed. I so far have paid $225.00 of that $450.00, to be honest. And the $100.00 deposit directly to Lubo for the electricity was returned to me. So in effect, I paid $450.00 for one month’s rent with a $225.00 toward security deposit, and the agreement from an email with Foria (, email in my email history and available if needed) that I coul pay the remaining $225.00 in December.

I need to be out NOW.

If these Luciferian Islamic terrorists who helped orchestrate 9-11 look at the wifi record history here, they will see all I know.


I have been public about all I know, and a simple internet search shows that I AM THEIR ENEMY IN THE HOLY WAR OF GOOD VERSUS EVIL!


I am a watcher and a persecuted believer in these last days

Please so not make this public until I am in a safe location and permit you to. This is quickly now escalated to the Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, level, and I want to keep it from proceeding to the GREY STATE LEVEL of William Cooper and Phil Schneider!

My cellphone is good for calls and tects only. It is not a smart phone. I use a laptop for email and internet. It is 410-816-5497.

Thank you,

Laura Rohrer Little Brooks

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