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  1. Delmore Schwartz, the son of jewish Romanian immigrants to Brooklyn, lived from 1913-1966. In a sense he reminds me of Peter in the WINTER’S TALE movie. His poem The Heavy Bear Who Goes With Me describes what we must transcend. He calls it descriptively “the withness of the body”.
    It is of particular note that he is described (example article url as having mental illness and substance issues and died anonymously, with no material gain. Those who are not of this world see past the labels these words make a prison of.

    The heavy bear who goes with me,
    A manifold honey to smear his face,
    Clumsy and lumbering here and there,
    The central ton of every place,
    The hungry beating brutish one
    In love with candy, anger, and sleep,
    Crazy factotum, disheveling all,
    Climbs the building, kicks the football,
    Boxes his brother in the hate-ridden city.

    Breathing at my side, that heavy animal,
    That heavy bear who sleeps with me,
    Howls in his sleep for a world of sugar,
    A sweetness intimate as the water’s clasp,
    Howls in his sleep because the tight-rope
    Trembles and shows the darkness beneath.
    —The strutting show-off is terrified,
    Dressed in his dress-suit, bulging his pants,
    Trembles to think that his quivering meat
    Must finally wince to nothing at all.

    That inescapable animal walks with me,
    Has followed me since the black womb held,
    Moves where I move, distorting my gesture,
    A caricature, a swollen shadow,
    A stupid clown of the spirit’s motive,
    Perplexes and affronts with his own darkness,
    The secret life of belly and bone,
    Opaque, too near, my private, yet unknown,
    Stretches to embrace the very dear
    With whom I would walk without him near,
    Touches her grossly, although a word
    Would bare my heart and make me clear,
    Stumbles, flounders, and strives to be fed
    Dragging me with him in his mouthing care,
    Amid the hundred million of his kind,
    The scrimmage of appetite everywhere.

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