The featured image is of Alexander the Great making a sacrifice to Nandi before going to war against the Persians, who were Annunaki, the aliens of serpent seed descent. Alexander is a son of the Most High God, who is now purifying the earth with this Kali Yuga believed to be the last detox earth receives in this prophecy-driven holy war each being plays a part in. Kingdom, come. Alleluia!

The link below is a worthy visit.

Nandi bull– one leg is raised depicting that Dharma is one ONE LEG during Kali Yuga

“In mythology, Shiva refuses to get married and be a householder.  In other words, he refuses to get domesticated.  But the Goddess appeals to him to marry her.  

Unless Shiva participates in worldly affairs, unless he serves her as a husband, children cannot be conceived and the world cannot be created.  

Shiva reluctantly agrees.  He becomes the groom of the Goddess, but he is never the head of her household.  He lives with her but is not the bread winner.  

He fathers children, but is not father to the children.  Shakti becomes the autonomous matriarch.  She becomes the cow, nourishing the world with her milk.  

He remains independent in spirit, refusing to be fettered by the ways of the world.  This aspect of Shiva is what Nandi portrays as he sits benignly at his master’s doorstep.”  –

How interesting the language, He becomes the groom of the Goddess, for the ancient scriptures in the Apocryphon of John say “And Eve, who was a horse…” Horses have a groom who cares for them, and those who are “horsepeople” like I am gnow that it is something that is innate in us. We are called whisperers.

The Archangel Michael is said to be a white horse, and is identified as such in the movie I decoded, WINTER’S TALE. In the Essene Gospels of Peace, the Christ tells humanity not to eat killed animals, as they are our brothers. We see the first aeons of animus/animal/animated beings as constellations in the sky, and are taught by the false education written by the darkness of this materialized error world of soul-refinement opportunity that the constellations were named the names they are because they look like animals, mythic heroes, etc., when actually those are the glorious light bodies of the beings that they are, created by the MOST HIGH, whose consciousness we are all off, and ONE with.

Do you feel the burn of Wormwood? As Moojibaba has said, we wrongly label opportunities as curses. It is truly our shine that will end time, a twist on the adage we’re taught, eh? TIs contact me describing the ways they think they are being lasered and beamed and DEWed and yes, we are, but also the Purifier is sorting the tares, and anything low in vibration is being rooted out in the sorting. So embrace the burning.



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  1. Oh, thank you very much for the post.

    “we wrongly label opportunities as curses. “<<< Exactly when we see opportunities, our mindset changes and we are ready to learn the lesson! Half of the battle won!

    "It is truly our shine that will end time, a twist on the adage we’re taught, eh?"<<< Yes, why not? Since, time is artificial construct and is only within the maya, when we start to shine, one by one, maya starts to tatter away and so, end of time! Thus, we the shining ones can perfectly end the time! But, the time remained for ending it, can't be determined as yet! lol but true!

    So, ultimately you have reached to Capt. Vadakayil and Devdutt Pattnaik. Well, after following Capt. for sometime, I realized something that is not gelling within me and I stopped visiting the page. Devdutt is a stooge! Nothing more to say than that!

    Someone says, Shiva is higher dimensional being and some says he has taken birth as human also! All in all, I think that unless I am clear about what Shiva is, I would not be able to understand all the myths!

    Thank you for all.


    1. You’re welcome, always.
      I am somehow unsurprised regarding your awarenesses of CaptV & Devdutt, and feel that you came into this sphere-overlapping journies for more efficient dynamic navigation of higher dimensional discernment as since availabl datasets inc. timeframes, place, historical & geo references, all are being changed inc. through the syntax & net architecture so like in the Matrix, as we are, we are actually traversing heart-ways-wise together, to get past the ignorance. Nutshell: WE ARE ONE.
      Back in the spring you and I comment-spoke about the dieties and my words then echo in yours now about Shiva. I thought of Shiva – or rather sensed him – meditating extended time with the lose yourself video on background. “Came to walk the earth…”
      The Maya…
      When we had the mythology unit in seventh grade, I experienced an OOB the first class, holding the textbook given. That reaction is still an indicator of the real truth. Always I dream of the “campfire” we shall gather around, in bliss, without words, just being. Earlier tonight I went there awhile and we are all perfectly happy, lacking want.

      1. Hmmm, yes! That is why we feel that the destiny brought us together! Also, we both are not the type who would accept what has been said. We would discern! So, what is exactly heart-ways-wise?

        meditating extended time with the lose yourself video on background! <<< Need to understand your thoughts in detail! Seems mind is impaired right now!

        That OOB- I can say that you know it, as if you have just experienced it now!

        Oh yes… campfire! Was it in Himalayas? 😉

        Yes, out of maya, there is no want… all would be happy!

        I am very happy to get your reply at this moment.

        Thank you for all.


      2. Oh, by h-w-w, hypercommunication of DNA and heart energy, the focused intention, the 4D, any of these terms…
        I look at the stars as the campground, too! The sky will roll back like a scroll and without time there even is no “what next”, we are not waiting as we are already here, yes? That place always there the illusion places static in way with noisesome things! Yet this experience we must have! Paradox! So graced to have had these awarenesses – even misunderstood as unwanted things that made me separate from others, not fit in, shunned even as child, now adult – all my life. This “place” saved me from despair from age two and on. How many therapists all said “It’s amazing what you have survived, anyone else would have killed themselves (etc)”! I always have had the gnowing of GOD inside me. That’s why I shared the SOUL OF WORK Retrospective, the story for my granddaughter WHY I KNOW WE ARE LIGHT, and why I write here for all. This is JUST LIGHT SHINING. I am just shedding the garments of Maya best I can. It is a process. Now I feel I am saying too many words lol!
        Eating the world, the taste, the perfume… I just hope to please the ALL.
        Thank you dear Chitta for BEING. Namasté.

      3. Oh thank you for the quick reply.

        Ok, I got it about h-w-w! Yes, why not stars!

        The place of timelessness, dancing flames of campfire and voiceless communications in pure awareness! Sounds like “lets do it now”!

        I can understand you being a misfit! When we have a higher perspective of things, people can’t digest, so it generates fear and that induces various reactions including mockery!

        Hmmm normally, for a child a period of 1.5 years to 2.5 years is very crucial; as in this age the child starts to realize the world and its differences from inner space. If traumatized deeply in this age, things goes bad to worst! So, I can say that somehow, you realized as soul, not to lose that connection!

        Well, keep doing as guided by inner plane!

        Thank you for all.


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