This is the delusion with which they have mounted the most massive disinformation campaign humanity will ever experience. 5G is the deadly force, not the viral material from their trash genetics people's immune systems are trying to reject. They made it so, and that is the plan of every agenda and document one finds. The media has a special place in hell.

Stop the re-capture

Denial is the longest river of shit in the world, and as we keep executing the "No, I'm not a robot" reCATPTCHA to use the internet and to live life (for it has come to that now, ~UNdeNIably), we are giving ourselves to the captors. When we we cease to exist, unless WE JUST STOP?

The Beast Is In The Tech

This video of a screaming demon materializing from its digital, plastic quantum physics, human biometric-sensing home exposes exactly the resident evil of digital technology, which duplicates The Law of LIFE AKA the MOST HIGH

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