In the summer of 1977, the veils parted for me and I had a vision of ten black holes in our galaxy. In 2013 I read a news article in which NASA had found ten black holes in space.


I just came across this article about how telescopes all around the world “have been shut down because of the Covid-19 coronavirus” and am in never-ending astonishment at how lied-to humanity is by the depraved psychopaths orchestrating this false flag of all false flag events. To call the 5G rollout Covid-19 Coronavirus THE STRONG DELUSION almost seems even still NOT strong enough! How is it even possible to descend to such extraordinarily evil depths of deceit!

There is so much disinformation on just the splashpage of this article:

  1. Mysterious ‘disappearing’ exoplanet was just a big cloud of asteroid trash, study suggests” – Nibiru is only obscured by the lenses, mirrors, filters and environmental and human pharmakiea and mind control
  2. International Dark Sky Week: See how humanity’s connection with the night sky has evolved” – The skies are dark because for over fifty years they have polluted the earth’s atmosphere with all things designed to hide Nibiru (Nebro, as Christ called it/him, in the Gospel of Judas) and we’re not “making the universe into something heroic, just as our ancestors did”: our universe is MORE than ‘heroic’: these planets are COSMOLOGICAL BEINGS and science is crafted to hide facts and perpetuate the illusions maintained cymatically on all levels. “Space images” are CGI and Photoshop was invented by… NASA. I worked there , and there I learned that.
  3. April new moon 2020: Lyrid meteors take center stage in a ‘moonless’ night sky” – NeverAStraightAnswer NASA crafted the brainwashing deception of the “Lyrid Meteor Showers”, which are part of Orion’s Belt and Nibiru, which is now upon the earth, closer each day. This is why they crafted the lie called Covid-19 Coronavirus, to lock down the population which is dying because of the effects of the 5G they are turning on to trap soul inside the Spacefence in the atmosphere they ionized with their “climate change lie” geoengineering to hide the Event Horizon. Scriptures all prophecy that the moon will go away. In his March 31st address, Trump sold the world that in the next few weeks there would be a flash of light making everything better suddenly. I observe the police forces here as if we are in a military zone and that’s just India. I can’t imagine what Babylon America is like. This is Armageddon time. People are such zombies now.YOU ARE THE PRODUCT DON DRAPER

I just keep truthing. Fear is not in my vocabulary, and we cleanse the bloodlines for all of our generations (seed), and I heart communicate, so my family, I’ve got them, even if they have shunned me.  As star beings, free of the constructs of dimension and time, the power of love is illimitable. Our greatest weapon is LOVE.

Here’s the mindset we’re dealing with:  I’m talking with an early 30’s, bright, articulate Indian man who is “into ascension”, and instead of at least making a note on his phone or a voice memo, he pulled out his smartphone and told Siri to remind him to go to eatingtoascend.com at 2PM! And we were just talking about the dangers of cellphones, the soul trap and AI!


The government planned and developed placing WiFi microwave activated nanobot nanotechnology in the air, foods, and all products at least as early as 1995. 5G switches on the nanotechnology in human bodies, causing a cytokine storm and either a massive heart attack or pneumonia occurs very quickly. If the cabal’s victim is not directly targeted, it takes on the average six months to suffer the cellular damage weakening the individual to have such a deficient immune system that a negligible flu or virus or bacterial or parasitic infection/infestation will kill them. This is the delusion with which they have mounted the most massive disinformation campaign humanity will ever experience – and they are going after dogs too. 5G is the deadly force, not the viral material from their trash genetics people’s immune systems are trying to reject. They made it so, and that is the plan of every agenda and document one finds. The media has a special place in hell. This article will bring you up to speed very fast: Was The COVID-19 Test Meant To Detect A Virus?

Was Covid Test Meant To Detect A Virus

Download “Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?” in PDF form

“The virus is also a sweeping metaphor for the spread of “misinformation,” which means anything outside their religious doctrines, not recognizable by classical virology… The code, the potential scenarios, the mysticism and superstition about how the virus spreads, must not be questioned, If you wish to remain a person, as opposed to an un-person.  It’s a form of post-globalist environmental socialism gone malignant: Demand that all people submit to an equal chance to be killed by a virus. Act out the theatrics of worshiping the virus with fear as the measure of inverted faith… The reason the globalists are obsessed with “spread” and “viruses” is because they want to shut down all forms of communication and information exchange that threatens their New World Order.” Control Test Results COVID HIV LYMEThis is exactly what was done with the ELISA WESTERN BLOT test for LYME Disease, and United States test results for Lyme – if done at all, I was refused testing by the health system cabal – bars were removed from the sample.



Remember, EVENT 201 was the dress rehearsal for this. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that the corona crisis is used for the massive and permanent expansion of global surveillance. The renowned virologist Pablo Goldschmidt spoke of a “global media terror” and “totalitarian measures”. Leading British virologist Professor John Oxford spoke of a “media epidemic”.


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SPACE-BASED POWER SYSTEM WEATHER MANAGEMENT PATENT US20060201547A1 clearly explains how Direct Energy Weapons are powered, and includes all the diagrams and technical schematics of the mirrors, lens arrays, filters and membranes they are using to hide Nibiru from humanity. Please watch the video showing this appararatus which captured NASA’s atmospheric witchcraft in Alaska a few weeks ago. In concert with 5G being brought online all across the face of the earth, beginning in Guayaquil, Ecuador in September 2019 – look at this video to see the bodies washing up on beaches and lining streets, fields and cemeteries, it’s a little past the six month mark distinction Wuhan, China has, but 5G WAS TURNED ON THERE FIRST. 

Aluminum foil works best if in at least a dozen layers. Iodine is required to keep the thyroid clear. Tomorrow the 5G helps re-write is coming, meanwhile read this from last fall, and this (and everything else I have written lol).

Schwartz thumbnail The featured image is from SPACEBALLS, a parody of STAR WARS that I highly recommend! When my son Max was five years old I bought the video and he watched it and within a few viewings had it memorized! If I got angry with Emily or Max (my children, not my granddaughter Emily, I have never been angry with her, and she has the purest spirit I have ever known), they would say “Mom’s going plaid again!” Of course then we’d all laugh, and since I was a single parent, and we were pretty close compared to many single parent families, when we laughed together it was beautiful.

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  1. Thank you for the post.

    My god, you have covered so many things! I am sure many of reader would just read as a story and then not register anything!

    I have just completed reading about the virus, other links pending! All I can say is, people want to remain dumb and there are people who facilitates them remaining dumb, for the advantage of facilitators!

    Thank you for all.

    Namasté and Hari Om.

  2. Mia carissima sposa di Dio ,dopo questa arrogante invasione per l’acquisizione del pianeta , gia’ si intravedono le fasi.Dopo il virus e il programma pastilenza la luce sta impegnando l’umanita’ e cio’ che ne resta per scongiurare il vaccino nanitico che funzionera’ in tandem col 5g : e’ una griglia quadrica dove il vaso umano e’ full immersion nel gabbia ,e’ chiamato il bottino di guerra il raccolto delle signorie ..

    1. “My dearest bride of God, after this arrogant invasion for the acquisition of the planet, you can already see the stages. After the virus and the plague program the light is engaging the humanity and what is left to ward off the nanobot vaccine that will work in tandem with 5g: it is a quantum grid where the human vessel is full immersion in the cage, it is called the spoils of war the harvest of the lordships…”

      Heads UP, readers! The translator imtranslator.net’s AI substituted “mealic” for what should have read ‘plague’ (from pestilenza) and “dwarf” for what should have read ‘nano’ (from nantico), and “quantricose” for what should have read ‘quantum’! I had to rootle around and correct all three, and these three words have everything to do with the elements of the strong delusion they fabricated since time began and are pulling the curtains back from now. Syntax is being anunnakied and mandela’d more than ever. They are still only the man behind the curtain relying on fear as their tactic.
      The great culling… the division of the tares from the wheat…
      Since there will be no more elliptical 432,000 between each yug precessions of Nibiru, they are desperately frantic in their already lost long game, bluffing as they set up hell on earth. When all the negative implodes into the loss of nothingness even, and death dies… ahhhhhh……. <3 Their hell matrix on earth is the true theatre.


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