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Seeing the graphs as modelled by the cabal governing consortiums and hidden in plain sight as they lock down humanity into their Spacefence soul prison, it is my hope that the visuals in the above slideshow will decode what is hidden by the geoengineering, pharmakeia and sorcery on all levels of information people get. I pray this helps you all wake up.

ATLAS LAST ALERT SYSTEM_hidden from humanity with geoengineering


(It was 11:11AM when my screen froze as I made the last image, of why they renamed Nibiru/Wormwood/Planet X/The Destroyer/The Purifier/The Red and Blue Kachina ATLAS.


I am working to release updated diet and protocol file and hope to accomplish this later today. It was necessary to release the above data because there seems to be a dearth of accurate disclosure.


RESPONSE TO WSO’s latest video 30April-1May2020

RESPONSE TO WSO’s latest video Blogpost 30April-1May2020

Please check back in a day or so. I am sure I will be
adding more to this one. This computer can barely run now,
See end of article for detailed description. I NEED
unable to use PayPal so long as AI runs it

It makes me smile to recall that Aug once shared one of my
posts and called it ETA 411. I know you will read this.


It makes me smile to recall that Aug once shared one of my posts and called it ETA 411. I know you will read this.


I wanted to post Steve Olson’s video called Verner, Rosin and a Comet Called Atlas even though I have had concerns that he’s a pop-up, like the figures in a shooter or action game, to distract from the mission. He’s been doing his WSO Wormwood System Observation for a LONG TIME. He has a voice and manner that invite trust. Our initial dialogue was in August 2018 when I sent him footage of the Ezekiel’s Wheel I’d photographed, and he made a video about it. Of course YouTube took it down, because they don’t want us to see what’s really in the heavens (skies), so all I can show you here is my images and screenshots from the video when it posted almost two years ago. (I did not have a computer to download the video to at the time, they have been sabotaging and suppressing my online presence and digital capacities for a long time. I first noticed this in 1997 at UMBC in the computer graphics lab I ran while working on my senior project, a non-representational photographic autobiography, and a presence changed the heading to suggest that I was A COW – a VACCA, the root word of VACCINE, and they HERD US.

And since I have the images here, this is a slideshow of Ezekiel’s Wheels throughout REAL TRUE HISTORY – what they don’t want you to know.

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Here’s that autobiography done for my BA in Visual Arts in 1997; all I have left digitally. I was once a classically trained film photographer, and assistant instructor at U.M.B.C.  This was shot either in black and white infrared or Tri-X, and I developed and printed it myself. The tone and grain are intentional. When my son Max was in 10th grade at the same high school I graduated from, Catonsville, I was offered a full time position teaching photography there, but stayed with Aerotek (I was working full time at NASA Goddard, and part time evenings at Home Depot to save for my two children’s upcoming college education), who later blacklisted me for walking off an evil job at a law firm. Go figure. “First kill all the lawyers.” – William Shakespeare.

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Last fall Steve Olson and I connected about my anti-parasite extreme detox Ascension Diet, talking over the course of two weeks for about six hours in preparation for being featured on THE TRUTH UNDERGROUND radio show on WGSO. It had 138 views before YouTube removed it. As if as punishment, his son suffered another critical setback, and there was an attempted break-in at my apartment while I was volunteering at the local food bank, where a demon came through a man I volunteered with.

Steve and I discovered in our pre-show conversations that he lived and worked in Richmond, Virginia in 2007, the same city during the same period of time that I was building my HOME Our Home Farm produce and egg farmer’s market and home preserving business and was targeted, attacked, shot at and run out by cabal who used the black Fulton Hill gang as their instrument. The police did nothing, the mayor did nothing: I fled Richmond for my life. Fulton Hill (and I have left MANY details out for sake of brevity I only refer to this, but as this is their method of operation, and it happened everywhere I lived after that, including previous to living in Fulton Hill, I had been profiled and targeted via – ALL OF THIS IS DETAILED ELSEWHERE, but targeted individuals reading this will benefit from applying this insight to their own experiences as they unravel the terrain of their lives). Steve revealed to me he was ex-Marines, and working on a high-level project development in that same city. He didn’t say what, but I know that it’s ALL MILITARY THERE in that east coast NY/PA/MD/DC/VA/WVA/NC/SC region, the military portion of the cabal: Babylon. It seemed like a synchronicity in our convo, but there are no coincidences.

So Steve hadn’t made many videos lately, and also hasn’t responded to my emails the last few months inquiring how he’s doing. When I found Steve’s video yesterday evening, able to use the net like a bird swooping down to the water to grab a fish, I watched it, posted it for my readers, am now framing my responses.

~~~ And now it’s almost an hour and a half since I typed the word “responses”, above, as I worked to recover my computer from the trojan again. I am offline writing in notepad, and have not been online since last night for less than an hour … And NOW it’s the NEXT day. ~~~ Now another three hours have passed, and this machine keeps rebooting with the same errors, no boot drive found. I think that the AI is activated when I write in text file and certain words trigger it to “drop” my workflow. It’s just a matter of time until they take the measures Google tracks our location for. I’M NOT TAKING THE MARK OF THE BEAST AND WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER PHONE, TABLET OR SMART DEVICE.


1. THE CONCEPT HE HAS BEEN TALKING WITH HIS SMALL STABLE OF “EXPERTS” WITH TO BRING TO HIS AUDIENCE IS NOT “NEW”. Steve limits his field of vision to the same cast of characters, and spins a lot of people’s spiritual wheels. While it is good to examine data seeking truth, the evidence exists and not everyone still has amnesia. Nibiru, or whatever you want to call it, and it’s apron of smaller asteroids, is making its Grand Crossing, and this is the final one. Geoengineering was created to hide this event from human perception, create a space fence, and they want to trap souls inthe matrix of this 3D hell. This is all I have been writing about here since June 15, 1985. This is not NEW NEWS and Steve Olson knows that. The pharmakeia sorcery they use in the aerosols they spray, the particulates, the lenses, filters and arrays, the foods, drugs, water, cymatics, frequencies, HAARP, mind control, media, the narratives they invent, the lies, the fake news and fake education and fake science and on and on as NAUSEUM for I have typed this out SO MANY TIMES both hides from human being’s (most, not mine) very limited senses of perception what is happening, and poisons them, turns their pineal glands into useless calcified rocks, and they are feeding their souls and the souls of all whom they love and associate with into the 666 MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM.

Now that system is already rolled out, and far more powerful trojan than the little demon in this operating system made by the ENKI walk-in calling himself BILL GATES, with his “wife” Melinda (or is it Melissa? because I remember her Anunnaki name now!) NINHURSAG GATES having their soul-less orgy of miscegenation and next-generation soul transhumanism uploading consciousnesses into their borg cube hive mind quantum simulacrum matrix.

That’s what MONSANTO is for.
Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, which controls food supply with AI, is grandson to MONSANTO FOUNDER.
They created and patented

ECDYSONE: US PATENT 6245531 ECDYSONE MYIASIS RHEOGEN MORGELLONS (sorry, they’re not letting me upload PDFs right now, since so many have been coming here to download what I have been disclosing BECAUSE TRUTH IS TRUTH AND HUMANS DESERVE TRUTH, NOT LIES) and AGROBABTERIUM, enabling the cross-kingdom reproduction responsible for Morgellons Syndrome and Myiasis – US PATENT 6245531 MORGELLONS ECDYSONE 12June2001 when insects grow in the body, as has happened to me since 2015 when I “got’ Lyme Disease and subsequently developed Morgellons Syndrome, and the cabal-controlled medical system refused to diagnose and treat, and tried to collapse my life because it’s in my high VMAT2 genes to STAND FOR TRUTH IN THE LAST DAYS.
They created the community bacteria mycoplasma biofilms causing superbug infections.
They created Lyme Disease.
They created AIDS and all viruses, Tuberculosis, cancers.

People are self-immolating and sacrificing their childrens’ souls and calling themselves enlightened while they do it, with their social media ascension groups and memes, worshipping yoga itself as a god. I see this all around me. The samsara is great in India, moreso than America in some ways. Serious errors.

The manufactured geoengineering somnambulent morning mists are here, too. Today is particularly bad. At times, I can see through to the red planet over us, and the multiple light sources are obvious. I have shared those images elsewhere in my writings, and recently even. Why do I see what others cannot? THE VEILS ARE REMOVED AND I DO NOT USE THEIR CYMATIC SOULTRAP TOOLS.

Now it is 24 hours or so since I wrote the above three sentences beginning with “And” and ending with “TOOLS”. The power has already been off once. The skies are foreboding with the geoengineered clouds to hide the red oxide presence above. A man is plowing with two emaciated oxen as his son perches on a wall cellphone in hand. They both have the ropeworm cough which is the set-up for early death by 5G.

JUST CUT THE BULLSHIT. Stop obfuscating factsand shortselling souls. People don’t need to “just get past broken”, like Relentless Maverick says. How insulting. We are far more than that innately. WE ARE THE ALL.
I can’t even bear to listen to RM’s ~voice, he sounds so “street”! We’re either light beings or demons. Angels, demons, or dopplegangers, fencesitters and pop-ups. CHOOSE YOUR SIDE BECAUSE IT’S HAPPENING. Stop misleading people while you have time. What happens to our loved ones is their puppet strings making the marrionettes we love dance and manipulate our actions. DO NOT PERPETUATE THE GAME.



2. WERNER VON BRAUN HAD NO BENEVOLENCE OR HONESTY IN HIM. Werner Von Braun is not a “good guy”. The Germans ARE ONE WITH THE VRIL, seeking to make it possible to usher in the Aryan race Anunnaki bloodline. World War II was, like ALL WARS, a Hegelian dialectic exercise. The reason wars exist is because we are their commodity. That’s why they landed here and began to harvest us. If you read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth you read, in satan’s (who used Thoth’s body, Hermes Trimestigus, Mercery, Poseidon, Thor, Lucifer, etc etc – all same being of NO LIGHT, an INTERDIMENSIONAL PARASITE, Ophecius the Feathered Dragon), that he was flying over, looked down and saw hairy, peaceful strong ape-like creatures. We call them YETI, or Bigfoots, now. He flew back to their Zeta Reticuli system, and brought back his brother Enlil and thei half-sister Ninhursag and began to genetically modify the bloodlines. Classified military documents (Bob Lazar, Area 51) state that the human genome was genetically mutated 63-65 times. and the fact that Lazar provided during his interview that could not recall which, 63 or 65, in the interview I saw, revealing how absolutely honest he is.

The eyewitness accounts, photographs, film footage and battles US Navy Admiral Byrd brought forth to the public, the letter that Einstein and Oppenheimer wrote to President Eisenhower on the extraterrestrial presence and threat, the EBE document, Karen Hudes World Bank executive whistleblower’s Nibiru emails, Majestic 12, high military Phil Schneider’s whistleblowing for which he was murdered, exposing the DUMBS, ex-Navy William Thompson (BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, this is my copy), and more… ALL OF THESE REVEAL THE FACT THAT THIS WORLD IS RUN BY THESE LIZARDS.


They created the Spacefence to trap souls IN and keep them from ascending, using the digital technology based on quantum physics hexadecimal code, nanotechnology and the cloud. The failed miserably with Mars, as evidenced in this government document you can download. I believe it’s page 4, hurrying to get this posted for now, somewhere I have the screenshot of it.


All of these beings are fallen angels, if you want to use that term. No matter how benevolent they seem, they rebelled and are performing their final soul trap operation.

This coming vesica piscis singularity event has ALWAYS, if you read ALL THE ANCIENT TEXTS and pay attention to what the occult and kaballah perform magic for the reverse of, been the final reset of this realm of third dimension earth. The thirteenth constellation, the feathered dragon Ophecius, has come in, heralding the 5th dimesnion age of Aquarius. The Hopi Prophecies, the mayan Calendar… they changed the calendar in the medeival times to Gregorian, but right now it’s 2012 according to the correct Ethiopian calendar, and this explains why THE SINGULARITY EVENT DID NOT HAPPEN IN DECEMBER 2012.

As an aside, my DC-ex and capital newsman, same last name, wrote on (he has since “whitewashed” everything he wrote almost, the way MSM reptiles do, but I have printed screenshots and digital archived proof) wrote about my belief that we were about to have a reset in December 2012 according to the Mayan calendar “and she actually believes that shit!” he wrote. His spirit will be one that will burn and disappear when death and all negative energy itself, all darkness and the concept thereof, cease to exist, the final fire foretold.

So Werner Von Braun is being a disinformationist. No good comes from this founding father of NASA. I just wrote about him last week. NASA EXISTS TO HIDE THE EVENT. War will stop, yes. But souls will be lost as people take the mark of the beast in the RealID2020 Covid-19 scheme they have created. These are the facts and no one listens. It;s easy to see why it is written that only 144,000 souls are of the light and will translate to the new earth which will have not one aspect of anything we can describe: no time, no distance, no beginning or end.

They can’t mine earth anymore and they lost the ability to mine Mars and were annihilated by FIRE – a nuclear holocaust, it looks like. The sands of the middle east are to this day full of sulfurous brimstone and are radioactive! The war in the Middle East is TO HIDE THE EVIDENCE AND APPROPRIATE IT FOR CONTROL.

This time they can’t escape during this SIRIUS LINEUP and THEY KNOW IT. So they are putting everyone’s consciousnesses into the matrix.

And every single soul counts, so they want every single person to take the mark of the beast, the patent Bill Gates AKA Enki and his wife Ninhursag/Melinda did for biometric datamining. This entire 5G activated virus lockdown, isolate people and stop-the-world depopulations IS THIS.

When they will roll out the ETs and make it look like a savior is with them will probably be soon. This is all so beyond-diabolical I can’t strategistally guess, but I;ve remote-viewed/precognitively see/had waking dream visions of the ships materializing over crowds of people and schoolyards, streets, and I see them in clouds and have posted many of the photographs in the course of the last two years here on this blog.

So be advised: put down your smart devices, stop using phones completely. NO CELLPHONES AND NO TABLETS. NO SOCIAL MEDIA. NO APPS. The coming digital ID is the end of YOU.

In this post I shared Tavares’ video from the Alaska weather camera daily footage which anyone can view (until “they” realize that there’s footage of something they don’t want us to se and remove it, but she’s very diligent and a blessed watchman for humanity) which shows the very same thing Steve points out in the electromagnetic GOES footage he shows. It’s the curved shield so earth can’t see what above in the heavens at any given time. THIS IS WHAT NASA AND ALL THE SPACE PROGRAMS USE YOUR TAX DOLLARS FOR.

I just wrote about the founding of NASA here, including the occult ritual called THE BABALON WORKING that they did, in which Jack Parson’s sperm was put into the Manhattan Project’s atomic bomb that was used to annihilate Hiroshima! An atomic gollum occult ceremony to begin their spacefence program we are under now! NASA was founded by… WERNER VON BRAUN, JACK PARSONS, WALT DISNEY AND ALEISTER CROWLEY. Add CERN to this and 9-11 and the other dominoes and voila you have COVID-19 theatre of NWO hello on earth depopulation rollout, THE STRONG DELUSION.


Just after I finished writing the word “NEPHILIM” above, again the control was taken from my system, it bluescreened with a Windows failure message with a smiley face that said: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, and restarted first to finding no boot drive and then is limping along again. It’s obvious to me this sys is shadowed and trojaned with a boot record virus. See the photos I took with the old digital camera, AND A BLACK HAWK HELICOPTER FLEW DIRECTLY OVER THIS BUILDING PERHAPS EXACTLY TWO SECONDS AFTER IT RESTARTED. To all who think computers are not evil, I pity your souls.

So I lost some sentences here since the last saves. (I mirror.)

Jack Parsons is behind the JHH APL where my ex-brother-in-law Jon got his start before joining the NSA dark brotherhood. Another cabal family member responsible for the evil perpetuated in the family lineage on my children’s father’s side, and affecting my life – and therefore theirs.

I can’t get write at all without sharing reality up close and personal. I am told that I help wake sleeps up this way, and GOD DIRECTS MY EVERY WORD, THOUGHT AND ACTION.

4. I think (ah, a boom of thunder for this manufactured somnambulent morning mists begun day, plasma arcs coming) that the model Steve showed of the precession in our galaxy, if you want to call it that, is correct. Since we know that until there is the ONE SINGULARITY EVENT WHEN THE ABSOLUTE VESICA PISCIS COLLISION OCCURS AT THE HIGHEST MAGNITUDE, the continued passes of Nibiru and his apron asteroid belt (this is why the Freemasons wear the apron and Freemasonry is Anunnaki “Maille Mail Male Chains Gcomm” , begun by Nebro the rebel, the fallen angel we know as Lucifer, listen to THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS – THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS – JESUS TOLD US NIBIRU WAS COMING – text and audio – ) will purify the earth and call select positive polarity star light beings to translate from this third dimension. In the ancient texts it IS called THE PURIFIER. I just the other day AGAIN shared the portion from Handel’s MESSIAH in which that is sung.

Sirius was in past passes of Nibiru their jump portal, but they can’t escape this time, and that is why all that is happening and disclosed here is being done. They are stuck and want to trap as many human spirits – their energy source, since they’re vampyric interdimensional demonic parasites in flesh bodies behind all media, corporations, religions, services, governments and military.

I want to emphasize that THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND REGARDING USE OF DIGITAL DEVICES AND ACCEPTING THE REAL ID 2020 biiometric data tracking RFID Covid-19 Coronavirus 666 Mark of the Beast.

This is why in the United States of America, which is Babylon, has over 140,000 guillotines and countless black plastic FEMA coffins.


I saw them with my own eyes in June 2019 in a parking lot of the rail system the AMTRAK and freight trains use on Route 194 in Frederick County, Maryland. I wrote already of that here (EXPOSING HUMENT: US PATENT 4203674A HUMAN BLOOD CEMENT) and people have used Google search for information about FEMA coffins and my blogpost came up and I saw in my stats that they found my post on that. Perhaps Google, which is what is used to pinpoint the people who will resist the Mark of the Beast and hunt them down and kill them, has removed this from the search results. Do you know that Zack Vorhees who worked at Google was as brave as Edward Snowden? HEROES, like RFB Richie From Boston, Deborah Tavares, Joe Imbriano, J.J. Hurtak. Dr. Bill H. Weld who exposed Operation Nano Quell in 2013, Max Spiers, William Cooper, Jim Marrs, more… my contemporary fellow writers/bloggers who have not sold out to become a commercialized, monetized product and stifle truth to get rich.



Note: still trying to process images documenting the malware trojan virus. Power cycled off in entire area, and back on with a flash of light from outside that illuminated the room – with blackout curtains closed – and I heard people outside from different places and directions explaining and saying WOW in their Hindi. This happened a few days ago as well. There was no thunder. Simply the flash from the heavens. Now the thunder is rolling, though. But those flashes…

“For I come with the clouds, a flash of light from the east to the west across all the sky. All shall see me; every knee shall bow.” – THE CHRIST, WHO IS NOT AN AVATARA OR ASCENDED MASTER, BUT THE ONE CREATOR SPIRIT ITSELF WHO TOOK HUMAN FORM.

THE MESSIAH FACE And funny, how the supposedly awake people around me getting their ascension hard-ons jacked off with their cellphones and instagram! Accusing me of being “Christian” – a term invented over a hundred years after Yeshua’s death, by what became the dualism-creating controllers from Romulus AKA Rome. I have something coming here soon to splash soiled garments with! Written by an Indian scholar, blasting through ALL THE FALLEN ANGEL DIETIES AND RITUALS.

Thank you. I love you. Please get back onto a computer and smash your smart devices.


My computer has a trojan and boot record virus, taking control of resources, operating system, RAM allocation; processes. Odd things happen with folders. I save files and they don’t overwrite or save, and my writing and time is lost. There are no resource conflicts, and hogs which run in BG are turned off: the start menu is clean. I spend 3-4 hours daily AT LEAST just trying to get this thing to run. Yesterday it was closer to eight hours, and I went to sleep. It is the third day that I have attempted to complete this article. I can’t remove the virus with the software I purchased and downloaded. The boot order / MBR is horqued. Just as when a cell has a virus and is hacked, and the battery drains even if not in use, overnight this system does the same, even in airplane mode with the WiFi disabled and starting with a full battery, nothing running, clean. I do not have a system repair disk. It has a boot virus and massive trojan. At startup, which I go into because when it takes control and stops all I am doing, it says I have no boot drives. I get past that with force starts and go in and set optimals and restart and same. Cycles. Evil. The virus in this computer is so insidiously intelligent that last week it sought out and hid files I was – and am – working on regarding Cofidnineteen disclosure, after I had shared the Gill Fates biodata patent! Like that Apple Powerbook, the ghost is in the machine. This is why for the last few months I have been struggling to do the work I need to. The anti-malware and antivirus software I was finally able to purchase and install – for whatever back door this virus (so like THEM) has, as I watch (and I do not mean mouse control per se, but process threads, RAM allocation and LAN WAN all protocols access to everything IP and system related local OR remote) the power to prohibited the removal of what is identified. It took almost two months to even get past the virus to buy it. I need another computer. I am asking for help through my Patreon page, (I cannot access PayPal although I have used it since 2001, since it is run by AI now and I am blacklisted for what I do here for you and for all.


Verner, Rosin and a Comet Called Atlas


Reply to debramd

November 8, 2019
‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
On Friday, November 8, 2019 10:49 AM, debra <> wrote:
Name: debra
Comment: Ya know, relationship with Jesus is not this complicated, if it’s Him you want to know. After all HE is all that really matters here. He’s the beginning and the end, the first not the last and so are we in this world, being granted HIS authority!! Authority over what? The very real, ever present continuous onslaught of distractions from HIM! He’s simple but you are taking it WAY away from from His basic teachings. I understand the bible as being THE most sacred source of truth. He speaks of how we should eat as well, being careful of what we put in our bodies is very important, I will grant you that. Being responsible about our bodies is essential to healthy mindedness. However, those others ‘writings’ you’ve mentioned are information only not breathed upon by Holy Spirit! That being said, you may have elevated experiences, but I don’t feel clogging my mind with those applications will bring me to this higher spiritual euphoria more so than simply Jesus. I feed my spirit with HIM only. (safety in Him alone) He came so we can have life and life more abundant in this world (knowing full well of all the mambo jumbo we are facing even now!) A simple, peaceful, inclusive existence with mankind in love, period. All this other complicated information is just a distraction cloaked in false righteousness, If He wanted us to dial in all this stuff in this way, it would be told in the HOLY scriptures. (which you are discounting as such) So, the bottom line here is you have veered away from truth, THE truth (not just MY uneducated, low realm minded spiritual applications) and may be in serious error. While you may believe all this is working for you to bring you to ascension, I believe there is danger there. You are directing many to falsehoods. Some of this information is entertain-able (at best) much of it error. Take whats been taught here as a grain of salt. It is not compared to the glory of the Godhead. Holy Spirit speaks from one book only as I know He values simplicity.. Be warned…
Thank you for writing to me, Debra, and expressing your perspectives.
Please bear in mind that it was Christ Jesus who is the voice of the Essene Gospels, in which humanity is instructed in how to eat, and detox. This before nanotechnology, mold, yeasts, vaccines and 5G and other EMF waves! In Genesis, God instructed Adam and Eve to eat seeds as their meat, not animals.
The concept of religion as created by the Roman Empire, whose guardian angel is Lucifer (the Vatican dedicates fealty to Lucifer in their services), is entirely political. All politics and legalized, observed religion is nephilim. They are hiding the fact that we are in the last reset with the climate change lie. This is a fact. This was schemed long ago, and begun by Caesar when he looted the Library of Alexandria before burning it, and history began to be systematically re-written. Now humanity lives in a Lie Theater.
I pray that the scales are removed from your eyes, Debra. The first step is detoxing from the Ropeworm. Ceasing to eat dead flesh and DNA from other living creatures, and to drink distilled, reall water. Then you can begin to understand the scale (again, that word, like the clothing of the serpent’s skin) of the lies perpetrated against humanity and earth, which they are using up in desperation, as they know they lost long ago, and prophecy is foretold. The church is Babylon, the whore in red, red of blood of innocents, in the natural flavors in your food.
The church who edited out and occulted the truth removing it from what you call the holy scripture – that bible of diluted truths, omitted facts – those with eyes to see and ears to hear will get this.
I pray you do.
EATING TO ASCEND – THE ASCENSION DIET raises frequency, intention, mind, body & spirit. Visit the book’s blog for news & updates!


October 28, 2019 – Added to this article, call I just made to town water works:
I just called the town Water Works office, and spoke with a gruff man with little-to-no social skills, asking about what changes have been made in the water treatment program. I was informed that the manager and assistant manager were both away, out of the office on vacation (that seems irresponsible, BOTH supervisors out of town at once???) and when I explained the observations of changes and that it was consistent with Bromine replacing Chlorine, the worker told me that the water main construction crew (going on in this town, and 5G lines are added simultaneously, I reported about this in Snacktown PA earlier this year) was adding chemicals to disinfect the lines they were working on. As I was explaining the effects of the addition of Bromine, and why it was a concern for all residents, how it disrupted the thyroid and endocrine system, the call was disconnected by my cell carrier. You know, DARPA.
Further proof that this is being done with intent is unneccessary.

Earlier this year I wrote about the municipal tap water, how it had changed quickly, and smelled like an anaesthetic or operation room.

On May 24, 2019, I wrote:

(I began this post this morning, after two days of feeling faint just standing over the faucet for a few seconds/breaths as I tended filling my water distiller).

The municipal water is poisoned, and smells like anesthetic used for surgeries, operating pre-op and post-op recovery rooms COMPLETELY. Or like the numbing lidocaine, novacaine or procaine injections for dental procedures, sutures and bone-setting. I smell bromine in it as well. This is water saturated with active covalent carbon ring chemicals. I should know, I have an associate of science in chemistry and ran the chemistry lab at the local college back in the eighties when going to school still meant something (such as education was and is, coming from the controllers).

DO NOT BREATHE NEAR A FAUCET WHEN USING IT. Use as little as possible. THEY ARE ANESTHETIZING EVERYONE AGAINST THEIR WILL THROUGH THE WATER. Keep your showers and baths as short as possible, and use the coolest temperature you can. Add detox helps like Borax, Epsom salt crystals, Hydrogen Peroxode, Pink Himalayan or Natural sea salt, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, essential oils, calcium hypochlorite pool shock, mustard (dry or a jar of cheap yellow), essential oils, diatomaceous earthbentonite clay, milk… BUT GET IN, SOAK UNTIL THE WATER IS COLD AND THEN RINSE QUICKLY WITH COLD WATER AND GET OUT.

Why would they switch from the Chlorine that they have used since the 1940’s, when the Fluoridation program was set into place to calcify the pineal glands of the American populace?
Because Bromine takes up in the thyroid more effectively than Iodine, thus preventing people from maintaining the Iodine needed in the system to (optimally) survive (with the least complications) the effects from a nuclear event.

“In an ideal situation you will have been taking adequate amounts of iodine from safe sources which will not only protect you from radioactive iodine but from environmental toxins that can poison your thyroid gland like fluoride, bromine and chlorine.” – Dr. Mercola

In 2010, when the East Coast Earthquake in Mineral, Virginia happened, less than 15 miles from my Spotsylvania farm, I – being a life-long PREPPER – was already taking Iodine. The person who interviewed me for the Social Security falsely declaring me dead article  (which ran on Yahoo, AOL, CNN (and picked up by many other sites) was going to interview me again ON THE FACT THAT THE GOVERNMENT WAS STOCKPILING POTASSIUM IODIDE, this time for the fact that I had seen local newspaper articles PRIOR TO THE EARTHQUAKE that the local Virginia County Health Departments were giving away FREE SUPPLIES OF POSTASSIUM IODIDE. As soon as we began discussing the article, it must have been LEAKED, as suddenly the local CVS pHARMacy stopped carrying it even by prescription from a doctor. (Once the Spotsylvania VA health department cancelled the program – within 24 hours of the reporter beginning to investigate based on what I had related – I went to my GP, she wrote a scrip, and the CVS could not fill it. When I asked why, the pHARMassist came to the window and said, verbatim: THE GOVERNMENT HAS SEIZED ALL LOCAL SUPPLIES IN THE CASE OF A NATIONAL EVENT.
I was married to a newsman for in DC, THE capital’s news and weather station, owned by GANNETT, the publisher’s of the newspaper of lies par excellence,  USA Today.
Then the earthquake happened.

They have been doing this since they instituted the bromated flour program, supposedly to reduce flour weevils, increase shelf life, and make it more nutritious. ALL LIES.

As a Morgellons Syndrome / Lyme Bioweapon survivor well versed in over a dozen pharmaceutical (human, livestock, pet, fish) anthelmintics (wormers) as well as plant and mineral based helps and methods, with a body that has been shedding the evils they create since I began self-treating for the “disease” they gave me – like they give us all, the psychopathic murderers and spawn of Baphomet vril disguised as nation states, Vatican and government, controlled by Masonic cabal, all hailing from Zeta Reticuli – I can tell you this: my body is cleasing from the indwelling sin BIG-time. (Note to Morgellons and Lyme sufferers: if you feel things are getting worse, remember you are targeted canaries in the coal mine and take this as a wake-up call that you have GOD GENES and they did this to you to try to keep you from ascending.)
(The posts I make on this are constantly hacked, removing the embedded video, so download it. I have the copy from a few years ago, and more recent ones. The link below appears unchanged by AI. I don’t have storage space to host it here. Please share this post. And know that your loved ones, like mine, if they shun you, THEY ARE VACCINATED, PROGRAMMED AND CONDITIONED MIND CONTROL SLAVES.)

Link to download the Pentagon FunVax report as a 13 page PDF

Bromine is more active and prevents the body – in this case the thyroid and thymus – from allowing uptake of Iodine, which protects against the effects of radiation. Iodine does not cause negative mood changes. It improves health, prevents disease, and in high enough concentrations, unless within a blast radius, can allow the individual to survive radiation posioning and not get cancers and blood/organ disorders associated with it. So the cabal is doing at least two things by changing from Chlorine to Bromine in municipal drinking water: it is setting the population up for suffering the harmful effects of a coming nuclear event, and it is causing the population to become more depressed, aggressive, letharigic and apathetic, incapable of making decisions – e.g. EASILY CONTROLLED“In an ideal situation you will have been taking adequate amounts of iodine from safe sources which will not only protect you from radioactive iodine but from environmental toxins that can poison your thyroid gland like fluoride, bromine and chlorine.”

Why would they do that?
Because the domino effect of events is coming in which Martial Law will be instituted. #HilinaSlump #CascadianSubductionZone #earthquake #tsunami #Fukushima #nuclearpowerplantdisasters #depopulation #CatastrophicEvent #FoodInsufficiency 
#NavyMap #NibiruTheDestroyer #reset


Yesterday while driving, the police in this inland port town home to the catholic church, a USAF prep academy, freemasons, Hell’s Angels enforcers and open witches there was another traffic control training drill operation with police is full flack uniform, no accident to route cars around, no excuse other than disaster preparedness!

I recommend each of these products, I use them, and I encourage every follower to make these a part of your daily routine if you have not yet. This water distiller is your first defense against further poisoning. Taking Icelandic Kelp tablets is a daily practice as well, and they are fairly free of radiation half-lifes and other biotoxic contaminates. Adding Lugols nascent iodine to your daily protocols serves the same purpose as well, and you can actually deactivate many Lyme AKA Morgellons synthetic biology life forms with it. When you do Iodine therapy, what are called co-factors is needed: Selenium, Boron, Copper – the best way to ingest is by putting your distilled water in a copper vessel each day, and I drink a liter of copper-infused water daily, and the miracle salt known as *Pink Himalayan Salt. It’s miraculous in that it contains at least 84 minerals the human (that US, not THEM!) body benefits greatly/requires the antideluvian, pure and non-toxic elements mined from the high mountain ranges from the still-non-ruined earth, Tiamat, our mother who repented after creating Yaldabaoth, AKA Lucifer, and this is the reset we’ve been waiting for, why they hide the skies and created the LIE CALLED CLIMATE CHANGE and made the FunVax, created 5G – to keep us from ascending – BUT THEY CAN’T, THEY CAN ONLY INSTILL FEAR, LIE AND CHEAT AND STEAL AND DECEIVE.) (Oops I digressed =)
This is the Potassium Iodide supplement that I not only used in 2016 into 2017 to conquer the worst of the Lyme and Morgellons, but I keep on hand for when SHTF happens, which of course will coincide with nuclear power plant compromises (a polite term).
(I actually had many preps, including radiation masks, and a lifelong seedstock I had amassed over the decades of organic and non-GMO gardening and seed-saving since 1978, but my DC newsman ex-husband, a loyal cabal pawn, stole these from me. I have all the Amazon receipts downloaded, and paid off all I had bought which now are in the hands of very mislead and malicious people. However, I replace as I can, which is challenging as I had to restart after losing everything, then being infected with Lyme and Morgellons, mold exposure, medical and behavioral health toxins… it is expensive to self-heal, and they make sure of that. #EVILNEPHILIMRULERS)
So as an Amazon Associate, I earn pennies on the dollar from qualifying purchases; above are affiliate program links. All earnings go toward defraying the costs of creating, operating and maintaining of this blog, and your purchase through these links helps bring light to others.  I don’t use googhoul adsense and have all googhoul databases turned off – at least what I can access as a premium WordPress blogger and domain owner with a paid VPN and ISP, because with CROWDSIGNAL and JETPACK, users are forced to the rid or lose functionality.

As I was writing this, there was a full power reset at 10:40AM EST here in Virginia.

I’ll stop here, said enough. Here’s the Iodine Vertical Drop Dosage Chart.

*And a thank you to Chitta for suggesting I brush with Himalayan Salt. What a pleasant change from the baking soda I have used all these years! I’m alternating that now. Another tip from Chitta is to use sesame oil for oil pulling. I have been using a good olive oil, or coconut ( a natural dewormer), but the sesame, YUM!
And PLEASE use distilled water to rinse, people! NEVER anything BUT that. <3




October 20, 2019

Sound and silence are not juxtaposed, for when one gets past the narratives, thoughts, distractions, to their place of being, the creation sound, that frequency of joy and love for nothing identified is the nirvana bliss of The All.

Cymatics is used to control us, is why language was weaponized, so as speech occurs the planned agendas were carried out. The same with symbols, colors, names.

Music, the 440Hertz scale, embedded imagery in broadcast signals and recorded media, refresh rates which entrain the brain and control thoughts, moods, the endocrine system, turning on and off switches for disease, 5G to drop us all and prevent souls from translating beyond the veil

Was this why The Christ taught the Essenes – and instructed his disciples to carry on this message – to eat living food with intact biophotonic light energy, and to remove the parasites, thus removing the fallen angel alien DNA from their systems? Is that the programmable DNA, not humans? Is that it?

Because the reptilians, the vril, they are the spawn of Yaldabaoth, Lucifer, the serpent seed.

Could it be this simple, that all their efforts to imprison us in a world of sound, the weaponized food, water, biological systems of insects, molds, yeasts, the air laden with adhesives, heavy metals, dried blood products, vaccines including the FunVax to shut off pineal glands, because WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE GENETICALLY?


They tell us there is “too much space junk” and yet satellites are assigned to surveillance human beings, and an entire industry exists in which people sell rights of use, coordinating with intelligence agencies, military branches and maintaining orbit patterns. The very last barn my horse Devon was at before I had to put him down (a Morgellons victim, a victim of the crime against humanity as we all are, I had to lease him out to be be able to afford the holistic healing remedies I needed, since the medical establishment condoned my cabal-planned murder with Lyme Disease they refused to diagnose and treat, so Devon was fatally lamed – NEVER LEASE A HORSE YOU LOVE, IS MY ADVICE), that last barn was managed by – I can not make this up – a very obese (parasite-ridden) ex-Army veteran (25 year tour, she said) who reported to Tysons Corner and Quantico weekly, and carried with her a laptop in which she sold the contracts for targeting people, and I pretty much said to myself this is crazier than Morgellons. That was the moment I realized that they had even made my own horse a target.

At home I put aluminum foil on all of my tower-facing, non-treed windows. After a month of hearing pops and taps, to the eye they looked fine, but on a moonless night I put lights outside to illuminate them and took photographs: they were full of pinholes in arrays like the pattern from a shotgun shell.

So I began to sleep behind a wall of stacked water bottles. That’s when I began making organite. I’d been teaching people how to do the nanobaths since 2016 on Facebook already. Fasting, becoming vegetarian, and the fermented cabbage all began that same month, June 2017. I’d been deworming and detoxing since December 2015 for the Morgellons and Lyme already. Now this was war. My name means Victory. My own mother who used me in MK Ultra experiments named me that, and I am certain that that was her own inner light, however dimmed, who chose that name. That light is my light. You gnow that.

Tomorrow is the TARGETED INDIVIDUALS PROTEST MARCH in Washington, D.C. If you plan to go, meet in the morning at 1600 Constitution Avenue, NW (I do not have the time, the previous day’s schedule started with a 10AM meeting, check HERE for last minute changes).

This is rather a rambling post. I was inspired by the listening I finished earlier of this Mooji satsang The Power of Silence and having gotten around to looking at these two short videos on Russian experiments changing DNA with frequency. I might have not chosen to get back online – or do anything electricity-dependent at ALL, as it is well after midnight – but a new building resident came in noisily, and he truly is making my heart sad. He’s an addict, but trying to survive the struggle as best he can, that is clear. He works; he’s typical of the assault on humanity the Sackler family and entire cabal have underway with “the opiate epidemic”. So I thought, after a few hours of observing thoughts/not thinking, that I’d write.

I’m really no one. No one wants to hear my voice, listen to my stories, hear me sing lullabies or say good night to them. Because of the MK Ultra targeting and gangstalking, and the effect my secretly cross-dressing ex-husband (of one day less than two years marriage, I was his “I’m not really ___” trophy wife) DC newsman had on my family – he is a consummate liar, a perfect skeleton-in-closet-keeping narcissicist who delights in the actually-illegal insurance policy he keeps on me which he wrote into the divorce I had no ability to defend myself against, and he himself is a tool to make my family hate me. Because of this perp and louche I don’t get called “Mom” or “Gramma” anymore. It’s going on five years now, with my son and granddaughter, and eight for my daughter. I’ve decoded the ‘whos and the hows’ of it, and why I was put in the program at birth. Why my life was derailed, who derailed it, and the significance of mine and my my children’s lineage as well. And my granddaughter Emily’s. Extra teeth, red hair and all.

I write about it here because that IS-ness within me is my LIGHT, THE LIGHT the same as YOUR LIGHT.

Three videos: The Power of Silence, Russians Change DNA with Frequency Experiments (1/2) and Russians Change DNA with Frequency Experiments (2/2) (set to open in new tabs).

The hard, proven science behind heart intention they don’t want you to know
Secrets of Cymatics, DNA, and Egyptians

It’s a gift that Master Mooji was graced to humanity at this time, and others too. I am only one person, I can’t “stay on top of” all the things (as my granddaughter would say, I can hear it in her ten year old voice – see? THE MEMORY TRAP). So much pitted against us. Look at the skies, what is being hidden, the effects upon the earth, the psychopaths in power. Imagining the resources they are using to literally aerosolize spray and HAARP every foot of skies under the dome of our earth, and as I looked this evening at their so-obvious spraying over the area the black sun is “setting”, which is south/south west, and then looked toward one of the other two luminaries they were also still heavily spraying in the southeasterly direction, well, I just shook my head and chose non-thought.

I believe that this silence we seek is exactly what is needed, and the space they cannot invade.

Namasté.  Thank you. LOVE. <3


(Afterthought [sic])


2-Minute Video Explaining Weather Manipulation, Bahama 25′ Flood Video


Made by @DanPeacock12

The below clip is today’s footage of 25′ above sea level floodwaters taking over the house is filmed and distributed by Bahama’s prime minister of agriculture.


Here is the US Patent for weather manipulation warfare against humanity and the earth, with heartfelt thanks to Luca G. Many hearts make LIGHT work <3

USPatent20060201547A1 Weather Management Screenshot


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Hurricane Dorian upgraded to Category 5

September 1, 2019

HURRICANE DORIAN upgraded to Category 5

Look at the reptilian news weather “woman” in that blood-red dress.
“A Perfect Circle”…
Four corners… The Four Pillars of the earth… H A A R P E D…
This is a perfect beast, the VRIL says.
They are doing all they can to monetize the coverup of Nibiru the Destroyer with the HAARPed weather and their lies of climate change.
This is satanic ritual human sacrifice, televised.



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July 17, 2019 (My brother Charlie’s birthday is today, he would be 55. This blog was begun on June 15, 2018, the day he died, all Lucifer’s doing.)

The powers-that-be that do not want you to know that The Destroyer is here have mad eit necessary for me to repost this article I originally posted last August. It’s a straightforward exposé of what’s happening RIGHT NOW, actually. That’s why it’s been censored. (And also why I have had to combat so many evil attempts at my life recently).

Here it is, again:

As some of this blog’s followers may realize, I reference the YouTube channel WSO occasionally, as he has been investigating, to the best of his ability, the incoming Wormwood planetary system we call Nibiru. Between WSO and other Nibiru researchers, a non-conventional alliance, or “team”, as WSO founder Steve Olson calls it, has formed to observe, document, comprehend and disseminate to the world the evidence collected that not only they discover but is sent to them from people all over the world, myself included.

I’ve had a few brief exchanges with Steve, and watched many of his videos, and find him to be dedicated, sincere and, well, good. He even featured one of my photographs in this video looking into Ezekiel’s Wheel, called Clear Image of Anomaly – From Ground NW Sky – IMPORTANT. (If you want to watch it, click the title, otherwise, please continue reading!)

My Ezekiel’s Wheel Photograph On WSO

So here’s the video with the Eye of Horus as seen in the Earth’s magnetosphere as of August 3rd…

(It’s now unavailable)

July 17, 2019 UPDATE! Either WSO is gone (horrors! NOOOO!) or the video was banned. Clicking the title yields YT’s infamous VIDEO UNAVAILABLE – but it’s mirrored here
WOW is the bad brother getting big.

And THIS, my friends, is how we know – and YOU can know – that we are saying the forbidden truth they do not want you to know.

When I say that this Nibiru investigation is unconventional, by that I mean that is not recognized by anything that is mainstream: government, media, accredited and tenured (funded by grants e.g. “bought”, sold out) academics and historians, organized and bureaucratically correct 501c3 tax-paying recognized churches of any denomination, to the man on the street, who never looks up, too busy with their smart watch, phone or tablet to look and see the chemtrails – and that the sky has changed! The ruling class of powers-that-be, which exert total dominance over everything that is put forth as to be known in this world: all supposed facts, have had their mouthpiece organizations declare that “twelve new clouds have been discovered for the first time in thirty years of observation”, according to the Weather Channel’s article, just one of the hundreds of search engine results for instances of this fraud. So far, and I have not spent hours looking (but it should not be that difficult to locate a timeline of dates, if the [sic] ‘discovery of new clouds’ is supposedly a fact), I cannot find the name of the cloud that the United Nations’ run World Meteorological Organization claims to have “discovered” thirty years ago, which incidentally follows the advent of the Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Program, and more, in what we know as global geoengineering that was begun in the 1950’s, and began to be noticed by an observant public few in the early 1970’s.


By the ’90’s, people all over the world began posting pictures with comments and questions on the internet, asking for answers as to what was happening, only to be met with the fabricated “climate change” ruse being hatched by those who really rule this planet. And going into this millennium, the CIA-coined terms “conspiracy theorist” and “chemtrails” entered mainstream media programming including television, radio, printed newspapers, magazines and government agency as well as academic journals, these deliberately misleading and utterly pejorative labels were – and are still – used to discredit good, honest, ethical and caring people – good stewards of the earth (unlike the “elite”) and manipulate the mass population into the growing deception, which is not only to control and use weather as a weapon, but to hide the approaching planetary system of Nibiru, which WSO and others investigate.

This occulted (the word means hidden) celestial event of the crossing of Nibiru’s orbit with Earth’s occurs every 3,600 years, causes cataclysmic upheavals and a re-set for the planet and its species – including us. The few who survive and repopulate are left with no knowledge of their own history, and must begin again the human journey which always asks: who are we, and where did we come from? And most importantly, where are we going? For although humanity’s knowledge of itself based on accumulated facts of true history can be taken away, there are always traces of the past left to be found, not only in physical things through archeological and cultural physical evidence, including tablets, manuscripts, and carvings on rocks, but knowledge remains in our DNA, which is capable of storing more information than a quantum computer. The intelligence community site Nextgov reports: “Researchers estimate DNA and similar polymers can store information more than 100,000 times more efficiently than traditional data storage technology, and polymers’ stable molecular structure allows them to last hundreds of years without losing or corrupting information. More efficient data storage technology could also help researchers gain increased insights from today’s state-of-the-art supercomputers.” Which is why they want to change it with Transhumanism, to alter our genetic code and make us forget we are of The Most High God. Yehushua’s words as He prayed to our Father before his crucifixion bear out the pantheistic truth that Jehovah is the Most High God: “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” John 17:3

Pre-dynastic mural of Horus and Nut

What the team we are listening to in this video are misinterpreting is who and what the two eyes mean, and who, shall we say, the “players” are here, as depicted in this ancient mural below. The Eye of Horus, or more specifically the left eye, was said to be the moon. The right eye was identified the Eye of Ra, and was said to be the sun.

Horus – Hor Merti, or “Horus of the two eyes” is in reality the Anunnaki nephilim/fallen angel, has been electromagnetically detected, seen and recorded as approaching Earth, and according to measurement is, at the time of the EM signature which was August 3, 2018, is approximately 60% as far away from us as our sun is, we must be careful not to ascribe incorrect identification of which god this Eye of Horus is attributed to as we share and discuss this truly significant cosmological event.

Early pre-dynastic period depiction of Horus the nephilim small-g god

The fate of humans souls hinges on understanding this.


For sadly, the researchers that WSO has allowed to speak in this video, although each is openly proclaiming faith in God, YHVH (Jayweh) and Jesus Christ, are referring to this incoming Eye Of Horus (they mistakenly call Ra) as Jesus, and state that the sun as depicted in the painting in between the two eyes is our sun – and our God. In reality, these gods form the basis of the Sumerian culture, which led to Babylon, and are the reason for the flood of Noah, according to careful examination of the extra-biblical texts to fill out the information given in the canonical bible, which was edited – and many books, manuscripts and letters that should have been in the spiritual record of our world prohibited – by the Roman Empire, which became the Roman Catholic Church. It was the culture we commonly call Egyptian which instituted the paradigm of monarchy: kingships and the ruling class. We have very little conception of human history here on earth before the pre-dynastic period (and it is called Egyptian based on geography, make no mistake, these were what came to be known as Sumerians), and knowledge from such texts (hieroglyphs and cunieforms) such as the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Enuma Elish, the Thracian Chronicles, manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls including the Book of Enoch and the Apocrypha, as well as antediluvian cave paintings, rock carvings and archeological finds on every continent. Who knows what has been secreted in the Vatican, or other monarchies worldwide.

In fact, Thoth is considered by the Egyptians to have “invented the arts and sciences, and giving names to things”, when in actuality, this was done by the fallen angels who landed on Mount Hermon, land now held in high security and 24 hour defense watch by the United Nations. The lies know no bounds…

The god Re, or Ra, was not deified by the state of Egypt until the 5th dynasty; much later in time than the time of Horus when immortalized in the first mural, above. By this time, the culture worshiped and slaved under pharaohs known as either Osiris or the sun god Annu, and these were two distinctly separate entities. Re’s (or Ra’s) name is understood to translate as “creative power”, and the mythos developed that he was “the creator”.

However, his cultural entrance did not occur until the 5th dynasty, many years after the appearance of Horus. Therefore, Ra – the sun – is not God. So here is is where the researchers in this video by WSO are so way off that it’s dangerous for those who rely on learning from the information provided to prepare for the end of days and their judgement and entrance to the kingdom of our One True God and Almighty Father, whose son is Jesus Christ. Making matters evening more occluded, the Eye of Horus is not Jesus. With all respect to their sincere efforts, and I believe that they are trying to help others, Catfish Glass and Relentless Maverik are in far deeper than they understand in terms of theological cosmology and the pantheon of gods. I suggest to everyone who watches this video that they utilize the scientific electromagnetic and photographic documentation provided, but to understand the meaning of exactly which GOD and gods were are talking about in these eternally pivotal times, go to sources with actual understanding of who our Father God Source is, based on decades of study. I suggest (name/YT channel) Zen Garcia (Endeavor Freedom), Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Gary Wayne and Timothy Alberino, to start with. These men have been researching and publishing on the truth of who we are for almost thirty years each (Tim Alberino less, he’s younger), and Zen Garcia’s seminal works, over 25 books published, release and reunite the meaning of all the sacred knowledge that was – and still is, but is quickly being revealed – hidden by the works of darkness who run this world.

What you see is indeed the Eye of Horus. We are not able to understand completely how the icon so well known is “written” in the G.O.E.S. magnetic recorded signature, but it is HUGE. It is Anunnaki, as the Sumerians called it. It is nephilim, a fallen angel. Is it Lucifer? Marduk? For these names could be interchangeable. The pantheon of gods shows that all cultures religions are actually the same. (If you want to understand this quickly, read The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Mankind, by Gary Wayne). It’s a huge nut to crack, as we have to unlearn all we have been taught.

One thing for sure, that eye’s not Jesus, and that sun in our sky’s not our heavenly Father.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – or questions – in the comments. LOVE.

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