Then this morning after contemplating the dream, the sky showed me the day was beginning. I saw the massive geoengineered cloudcover they had set in place to hide the two suns. Still dark outside, one sun was already well up behind clouds, the other approaching the horizon line to rise. Through the manipulated satanic clouds I caught occasional brief glimpses of the sun that they don't want us to see, but they have had over sixty years of practice to perfect their occulting of the Signs and Wonders, but I saw it with my eyes, and anyone looking at these images can see that there are two illuminating lights in the sky to the east, of differing strength of luminosity and color value, both distorted and transformed visually by the nanotechnology particulates that we are all also forced to breath, drink and eat. You see, the fallen angels devised nanotechnology thousands of years ago to change the way light shines through glass. So I continued documenting the eastern sky until they literally began spraying directly over my house, and they made a whiteout haze and the local radio station says it will rain this afternoon.


If you really understand the physics of reality, the fact that every cell in our body is replaced every seven years, the fact that at the atomic level, there's no such thing as matter as much as there is waves of energy that matter is composed of, and of arranging the molecules in your brain to engage with the rest of the world, to be a part of the universe, to enjoy the experience that it is to be a spinning wave of energy, the spinning spiral of light that we are as humans...

BINARY SONRISE August 23, 2021

I woke this morning to see that - even before parting the window curtains - the light in the yard and shadows cast were completely different, and since the previous two nights of full moon which 'rose and set' (ahem) only about 30 degrees apart, as if coming in and going out on a parabolic trajectory, I realized the sun had to have risen in a different place...

Elephants fleeing the earth falling away Spring 2021


As you all know (my long-time readers and friends/family), I LOVE ELEPHANTS. I read this article a few days ago about the elephant tribe in China heading to higher ground to survive - and they have harmed NO ONE, they are not "rogue" or dangerous, and now my fellow Wormwood System Watcher Viscardi366 has posted about their flight to safty today. Truly we must watch the SIGNS AND WONDERS. I have included a song from my life: HIGHER GROUND by The Feelies (friends of Kristin Hersh, who has artwork in her house that I made for her). As I wrote in my Patreon post this morning (exclusive to Patreon supporters https://www.patreon.com/posts/52137939 ): "They have the Chronovisor and our DNA. They know who are God's people and what we would do in these last days." I look at the music I listened to and the art I made and see how I knew the days we are in now were coming.


It's not about faster internet. Satan has always been the prince of the airwaves. This is a 5G soul trap to stop humans from translating into the LIGHT in the singularity event that is the return of Jesus Christ.

Objects in the mirror are closer than you think

The evolving narratives too are a distraction. Babel. From my geographic as well as detoxed vantage point, I see how close the Purifier, Wormwood, is. This is prophecy and evangelism. Please heed these words and manually share this blog and the DNA rescue mission Christ died for. They hid the fact of the third strand of Satan in our miscegenated DNA. AI is all over my attempts to communicate.

The Most High Destroys A SpaceForce Satellite

They are calling this a satellite hit by a missile, an exploded rocket, even a meteor, a failed SpaceX. They'll say anything but THE TRUTH. That "meteor" is the enacted wrath of The Creator. The military is fighting GOD.


Evidently notice was taken that I'd shared the images of the winged disk we know as Nibiru here...

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