Open your eyes to the fallacies we have been entrained to call food!

THE ASCENSION DIET EATING PLAN is a revolutionary plant-based, vegan lifestyle, because WE’VE BEEN EATING ALL WRONG ALL ALONG

(Book description) Jump right into The Ascension Diet – Eating To Ascend and begin to apply these methods and
changes as you read the book. It begins with the Quick Start Food and Dietary Guide, and each progressive chapter opens your eyes to the fallacies we have been entrained to call food. We are therefore redefining all presupposed elements of eating, including the meaning of what food is, mealtime and frequency, literally Eating LIGHT, as our cells are each the equivalent of an atomic coronal mass ejection, waiting for the day our Messiah returns with the clouds (Revelation 1:7).
In most cultures, three meals a day is considered “normal”. Taught to believe “we need the fuel” (I am repeatedly asked – especially by men – ‘where do you get your protein?’ – that’s the parasites talking), ages spent working as slaves for interdimensional parasites ingrained this within us. The Ascension Diet is a plant-based vegan ketogenic, moderate protein nutrition plan valuable for its profound ability to make the human host body’s sustenance (daily diet) less inviting to parasites while simultaneously eliminating toxins and metabolizing and excreting their die-off. It has the power to provide a great deal of support nutritionally so that the body can, over time, rebuild its organs and restore as optimally close to the original DNA blueprint of the Most High. When this is accomplished, the body is a temple fit for YHVH. The existence of parasitic archons and their attachments can prevent a person from reaching their spiritual potential, and in this End Times Tribulation, time is of the essence.
Why will detoxification help you reach your spiritual potential? Because demonic archons reside in the body as parasites the child inherits from one or both parents. The Y-chromosome of the father’s sperm and the contribution of the mother’s ovum, placental blood supply and breast milk all pass on the archons in her being, often going back three and four generations: scripture calls them “consequences” (Exodus 34:7). (Researchers of PTSD call them inherited as well, but with terms including ‘methylated’, low cortisol, et cetera.)
All and more is explained in the book: this is why Mary, the mother of Jesus, was raised in the temple, and separated from others, living a life so pure that her feet never had to touch the dirt others walked on. It’s all about parasites, folks! She was kept as genetically pure as possible, to be the mother of GOD IN THE FLESH.
As you refine your intake, cleanse and renew, and take in the truths awaiting you within these pages, you will come to understand just how severely the human species has been deceived and set on the path of perdition from within. No wonder pain, disease and death became such big business! You will begin detoxing and stripping away the veils, and when they drop that means the archons have left your body, which is God’s Holy Temple. It doesn’t mean that they can’t come back, though: this is the most serious, ongoing commitment of your life.
“Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” – Luke 11:26
How is it possible, whether in benign forgetfulness or in full-blown, rebelliousness, can backsliding be worse off than before, by a factor of seven? Because of demonic intelligence, that’s why. Real life example: all dieters know that if they return to bad eating habits, they gain back even more weight than they had lost! Demons have utterly ruthless memory and know what made them leave in the first place. They come back prepared to make even more impenetrable strongholds (strongholds are biofilm, veinous plaques, fat, keloid structures, skin conditions – common name = leprousy – and more) wreaking physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual torture. It’s a soul contract. Make your choices wisely: it is for you that I have written this book.
If you incorporate The Ascension Diet, you will have eliminated sugars, alcohol, processed foods, grains, gluten, meat, fish dairy and animal products (including live abortion harvested human fetal cell natural flavorings), jump-start organ-cleansing processes, and see meaningful changes in your input, output and energy levels. The Ascension Diet makes this possible, and as you do the Ropeworm Protocol, the scales which have been blinding you will fall from your eyes. So let’s get your temple prepared for Singularity and that plasma arc we want to find ourselves in snow white garments in!

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