Another email reply posted here: Please accept that this reply to your beautiful email is somewhat non-traditional, and read carefully throughout, as the structure is not a relicated pattern or type per se line-by-line or paragraph-wise, based on what you wrote. Some, yes, but not all. There was so much to address that it became ubniversal, too! So it is an article for the world, with heartfelt thanks to you, you angel of light in human form!

Hercules wrestling with Ophiuchus - analogy of human struggle with satan and the sin within us from the mRNA gain of function the serpent seed put within our genetics at the fall

THE ASCENSION DIET Patreon Community Launch

I am so happy to be able to launch this Patreon community and be able to bring more healing of the most-needed spiritual and body-as-temple soul detox to ALL. I hope you will consider joining! ACORN Tier members receive the THE ASCENSION DIET - Eating To Ascend Ropeworm Protocol Chapter via email. Thank you for your Being, for your LOVE and FOR YOUR LIGHT WITHIN.

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