Hercules wrestling with Ophiuchus - analogy of human struggle with satan and the sin within us from the mRNA gain of function the serpent seed put within our genetics at the fall

THE ASCENSION DIET Patreon Community Launch

March 2, 2020

Why should anyone make this Herculean effort to live a clean, living cellfood lifestyle? BECAUSE EACH AND EVERY HUMAN BEING IS WRESTLING WITH THE SERPENT IN THE GUT.

“Our bodies require LIGHT as sustenance to finish the human RACE and return to SOURCE.” – from THE BODY KILLS THE SOUL

This is what the Most High God incarnated as the Christ and came to earth and taught. This is how one can ascend, becoming free from the flesh and becoming an angelic light being once more, finally free from the soul trap.

The fact of the matter is, the body desires the soul. The soul and the spirit are not one and the same. Our human being spirit will become the result of what we have chosen with our own will and how we lived, our choices, whether we became healed of sickness, in Jesus’ words, as he taught in the Essene Gospels. He defined sickness as having satans within, and these are parasites. Christ taught his disciples and followers how to fast, cleanse and do enemas, and for how long. He was very specific about it.

Yet we live in a world where food is a sport, a pasttime, an identity and a way of life. People are eating themselves to death in a world of illusory consumerism. The Children of LIGHT were only to sojourn here, passing through this dimension, purifying.

Unless we deny the body its material pleasures of sin and excess, our soul will become a dwelling place of the disembodied spirits of demons. The bodyless interdimensional parasites which GMOs and CERN have increased in numbers uncountable, the prophecied plagues upon humanity.

I am so happy to be able to launch this Patreon community and be able to bring more healing of the most-needed spiritual and body-as-temple soul detox to ALL. I hope you will consider joining! ACORN Tier members receive the THE ASCENSION DIET – Eating To Ascend Ropeworm Protocol Chapter via email.

Thank you for your Being, for your LOVE and FOR YOUR LIGHT WITHIN.


Laura Rohrer Brooks

@EatingToAscend http://eatingtoascend.com

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  1. Hi Laura, Not seeing an area where I can join.  Can you give me some direction ?  Thank you and congrats on the Launch! Best always,Charlene

    1. Namaste Charlene! I’m sorry if it’s not very clear; this is my first time with Patreon, so I guess I have a sharp learning curve!
      The way to join is by selecting a tier, by clicking the red BECOME A PATRON button on the main page of http://patreon.com/theascensiondiet and the lowest tier is the ACORN tier, which includes the ropeworm protocol chapter in PDF form (and other benefits). A being can always cancel before the next monthly billing cycle begins – or stay month to be a part of the growing community! As this developes, it will have many member-only files and resources. That’s why I suggest a being (person, but we ARE beings – DIVINE LIGHT BEINGS) allow a second month as this gets traction.
      I really appreciate your well-wishes and am sorry for the troubles with PayPal. Because you had to dispute in order to redact payment of funds I am prohibited from accessing, but I already emailed you the ropeworm chapter anyway, do as you wish. I just hope to be able to help guide you and every being toward a decalcified, un-veiled pineal gland and parasite-free life inthis body as we ready for the new earth and our light bodies free from this 3D soultrap realm!
      Much, much love,

  2. Thank you very much for the post.

    Yes, gluttony is terrible thing for soul. We the children of LIGHT are here to realize what we are and gluttony keeps us away from that realization by entangling in the dense web of matrix. The mental process of all the parasites within us affect our soul badly by distorting our thoughts, behavior and actions.

    Thank you for all.


    1. You’re welcome, Chitta ji. It is the root cause struggle we Light Body Beings have, isn’t it? Just yesterday I was talking with two well-educated and seemingly very spiritually genuine brothers (Hindu) and they – in their 30’s! – were not aware of the tale of the five sheaths. Here I was, an ex-pat American, explaining this very old Hindu scripture on how the body kills the soul, basically. It was odd. Every day I have to examine myself. We are under such spellcraft! This is why it’s good to be away and alone, remote, unencumbered. hard for someone with family and responsibilities. I really value your input. Namaste <3

      1. Thank you very much Durga ji for the reply.

        Yes, it is root cause of struggle. With personal experience, I can share that once we start telling our mind that all the indulgences are not really satisfying and we force ourselves to behave that way, slowly the level of satisfaction from indulgences diminishes greatly. Starting with the food is best way, generally. The self conditioning of the mind about indulgences and forced practice works on both end. Mind is more in control and also the parasites are (due to food change); as parasites prompt us for taking variety of food for them to feed on while we bear the side effects of such food plus keeping parasites in our body. Taking regular anthelmintics helps for mind and body both and indirectly to soul.

        The general problem with present gurujis is all the concentration is on mind and soul without expounding in detail about all types of bodies and how we can improve in all areas!

        Spell-craft… oh yes! I fully understand what you say about to be away and alone, remote, unencumbered! It helps a lot. Recently, I have realized that we all suffer from the accepted idea that if all are doing the same, it must be good, as at least someone is wiser! This does not take into consideration that peer comparison work only when all are not misinformed! This bias is greatly removed when living alone. Also, we have all time as me time to seriously think about each and everything! The only drawback of living alone is that we are not exposed to the indulgences and so we can’t test our control over indulgences!

        Thank you for all.


  3. Thank you very much Durga ji for the reply.

    I have written and sent a reply, however, somehow I ended up with no reply! So, writing again.

    Yes, it is root cause! from personal experiences, I can share that continuously priming our mind about not so much satisfaction from indulgences as perceived coupled with indulging less or only in certain way, helps in curbing indulgences. Starting with food is the best. Since, the parasites in our body affects our mind and body and induces us to think about eating a lot and unhealthy food, the mental exercise and physical restraints convey a strong message to parasites. Basically, mental war is tougher and if we start to win over parasites in mental game, it is easier for us to get out of gluttony and thus side effects of gluttony on body can be reduced. Telling our mind that such and such food is good for health, actually allows us to easily eat that food, for example bitter gourds! Taking anthelmentics helps better mind control and thus control over gluttony.

    Regarding five sheaths, I can say that presently there is more emphasis on praying, yogasanas and meditation and almost no guriji in public talks about types of body, difference between soul and spirit and other such subtle things! There is a lack of comprehensive teachings!

    Yes, spell craft! When I talk share about English spell-craft with example of spelling and casting a spell, people react as if they have seen a ghost and just move on! And of course, not actually working on how to thoughtfully change their use of English language. I understand why it’s good to be away and alone, remote, unencumbered. It gives all time as me time and when we have very few thoughts induced by living with family and in society, we actually start serious thinking about us. The only problem I recently came across about such living is that we are not exposed to various indulgences and peer pressure for many things, so we are not able to test ourselves regarding our increased capabilities.

    Thank you for all.


    1. Thank you, Chitta ji, for reposting this comment. I have not yet been able to catch up with my readers to explain that my system was attacked remotely by what seems to have been a Trojan Horse malware. This is the first chance I have been able to be up-and-running again since I put this sys to sleep after launching the patreon page two days ago. It seems to be a boot record malicious code affecting the OS. Night before last I was literally up all night doing all the tech stuff I could manage. Remedies and methods continued until a few hours ago. And how I get online itself is a miracle, really. So the flying monkeys evidently are swarming thickly here.
      Now on to your question, as it is not showing below this version of it in the pending comment list. Sorry for my lateness. I am playng hardball with the devil.

      I like the way you have summarized the mind/appetite connection in regard to rewiring our own appetite triggers and attitudes. I agree that humans are FAR more influenced by what their parasites want to eat, not what they need. The removal of strongholds of molds, yeasts, toxins, nanotechnology and heavy metals afforded by the fermented cabbage juice is a critical factor setting this combined protocol apart, I must say! These parasites encyst in strongholds and stay for life, even though the allopathic and also ayurvedic health systems say they eventually die off. They don’t! They reside and pass down in utero and breastmilk. So that needs to be considered.

      You are right, all of us need to practice mental control and mastery of our own mind and it’s programmed, conditioned sabotage on our SELF. And I have yet to meet a “guruji” who makes this link – a link CHRIST MADE. They killed him for that.

      This is all so complex!

      Basically, everyone should read THE FIVE SHEATHS: here it is again https://www.swami-krishnananda.org/moksha/moksh_09.html and more info on wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kosha because BECAUSE WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.

      Hmm… testing oneself about increased capabilities… is this necessary? To test onesself? We sure are tested constantly regardless!

      Even before I “wrote myself into the truth (non-dualism), I realized removing the parasites gave me extra-ordinary spiritual sight – A RISHI, shaman, seer, remote knowledge. Others – like you – report increased vision and awareness as the veils these parasitic demons in the body obscuring the mind cause.

      I am really happy you gave me the opportunity to write you this reply. Hari OM.

  4. Thank you Durga ji for the quick reply.

    It seems that we all now need to acquire a new skill of defending ourselves online! I guess we need to design develop, and set up own firewalls that is both software and hardware.

    Regarding flying monkeys, I am very much intrigued! Thinking do those handling monkeys are aware what exactly they are doing? It brought me a smile too!

    Oh yes! Someone just told me about his family having pain in knuckles and I told him to have fermented cabbage juice! Let’s see if family adopts it! About parasites in body for life, I just thought how many long they live and how many off-springs they produce to destroy us. Do you think when we are near to ceasing of all bodily functions (death of body and not ours), do parasites realize that and start deserting the sinking ship?

    Well, one part of me says, without test we fail to keep ego in check for what slowly we achieve spiritually! Also, testing brings awareness of further work need to be done!

    Yes, I am fully aware that parasites restrict us from connecting to divinity! Problem is how people will be able to understand it without practical experience? And for practical experience, they need to do all you suggest! So, they might be back to square one, why should their parasite controlled mind agree for a complete detox?

    Thank you very much for the post and discussions, inspiring me to come out about what I think and have experienced.


    PS: The board is deserted by admin and waiting!

    1. Chitta ji, I am thinking that hypercommunication is still the method Light Beings will utilize to overcome the constructs, programs, scripts of blockades of every other type and form, and, like John, who walked on the water after Jesus, only to sink down when he became self-conscious in disbelief, until we are forced to do it – or force ourSELVES in defiance of evil, like cellphone sign-ins ONE REFUSES TO COMPLY WITH – until we put ourselves in the position to use supernatural means, we won’t. So we must. It’s ike the doppler effect heard under nitrous oxide, applied to dimensional consciousness shifts, in action. WE ARE THE CHANGE. How? FAITH UNDER DURESS.

      That flying monkey reference goes back to The Wizard of OZ! In that post I did (keyword search Wizard of OZ and NPR) you can see images of them I pulled from the movie… the first humans who defected to the dark side, miscegenated by Enki, Enlil and their half-sister Niharpshut (I always get her name wrong, mostly to irk her, I think!).

      The lady of the house here, not even 40, has terrible pain and swelling of her right hand, up to shoulder, from making roti 3 times a day. My suggestions fall on ears unable to hear? The quart jar of fermented cabbage juice I gave her sits in her fridge, her husband is still the totally constipated he complains to be, and the children have zero body fat and are hungry all the time because the parasites in them serve themselves first… meanwhile the parents have visible ropeworm gut and joint problems. (I see adults here all struggle with impacted stool.) SO I WAS THINKING, IT REALLY is GENETIC, WHETHER A PERSON WILL “GET THE MESSAGE” AND MAKE CHANGES.
      Not everyone will wake up. Realizing that is changing my approach to making what I share available to others differently than a generic campaign, BECAUSE PEOPLE’S GENE’S ARE BEING SWITCHED ON FOR THIS BY GRACE EVEN IF THEIR PINEAL IS CALCIFIED.

      I was told that when a person dies, the worms begin exiting the body, and that this is visible, and horrific to witness.

      From what I saw exit during my years of treating my own Lyme/Morgellons, I believe it.

      Yes, our egos. check. In myself I see that I ask myself “AM I BEING KIND?” “AM I LOVING?” “WAS IT NECESSARY FOR GOOD TO HAPPEN?” Sometimes I really struggle with this ego thing, since I operate one-on-one yet publicly as well. I would be more genrally liked by the world-at-large if I was status quo… so for ego questions, I guess finishing a task and then continuing dharma and meditation. The ancient scriptures offer so much on this. If an ego is in the way, it must be overcome.

      In my case, after realizing I had Lyme/Morgellons and being told it was delusional by the medical industry and losing my family and home., all I owned, my health, my animals, reaching rock bottom, that made me – thanks to my SELF / SOUL / GODHOOD CORE – dive 100% to detox and my background with livestock and everything else in my life led to where we are here talking now. As cliche as it sounds, that is what it takes, to be up against the wall, sometimes.

      Okay, after I finish next task I will pop onto the forum. I am doing all i can. I need a team. Like Sayer Ji, Health Ranger, and others working to heal.

      Namaste and thank you too. <3

  5. Durga ji, I fully agree with you on hyper communication. Only thing is that I need to work on it – techniques and on mental level to believe in it. I need your help in doing it. So, I have tried to send you a message telepathically, I want you to confirm its receipt!

    I am all smiling by your way of irking her! Tell me why you chose to irk only her and not her EnBros?! It is so amusing to me that you do it that way.

    “SO I WAS THINKING, IT REALLY is GENETIC, WHETHER A PERSON WILL “GET THE MESSAGE” AND MAKE CHANGES.” <<< For me this is where the caste system comes into picture. It is not a rule by default, but it is a general thing that people are governed by their genes… until Grace of God!

    When I read this: "Not everyone will wake up. Realizing that is changing my approach to making what I share available to others differently than a generic campaign, BECAUSE PEOPLE’S GENE’S ARE BEING SWITCHED ON FOR THIS BY GRACE EVEN IF THEIR PINEAL IS CALCIFIED." I said automatically to my self "of course"! That is the proof for me how true it is!

    When I asked the question to you, I had already that hunch that parasites leave our body in advance because they knew instinctively all, whereas we humans are still not able to use such instincts… just because of them – the parasites! It is really horrific and yet people would ask for the physical proof!

    Good that you are actively checking your ego and work on it. I was also meaning it for checking for other indulgences! For example, if we eat simple and healthy food and when we go to someone's place and see that some unhealthy but favorite food, our desire to eat that food can only be checked when we go to someone's place or a hotel!

    Based on your life, I concluded that allowing Him to lead us to a direction, ultimately leads us to the greater good of soul; which may not be necessarily seen as good from materialistic point of view! So, with my new assignment, I have decided and allowed to be led by Him, rather than actively choosing something materialistically or choosing based on limited understanding.

    Waiting for you to finish next task!

    Thank you for all.


  6. I have already replied to above, but I am not able to see anything. I hope it is not shown as not approved.

    Also, the link sent by auto email from wordpress, I am not able to open somehow.

    Thank you and namasté.

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