Pay attention! Like the Carrington Event. WATCH.

"Like the Carrington Event." Jesus is at the door for those watching, and the children. WATCH. Revelation 3:3 and 16:5. Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I…

HOLLYWOOD HUMAN SACRIFICE: AN EYE OPENING HISTORY WITH RARE FOOTAGE "Pharmaceutical companies use stem cells from aborted fetuses to make vaccines. This [human ritual sacrifice] is just a primitive version of that concept." 5:12 mark PARASITIC REPTILIAN FEEDING OFF OUR LIGHT ENERGY

Jesus is the lightning east to west

Checklist of World News Pretribulation Rapture Events Now Happening

We do not know the day or hour, but are in the last seconds!



THE DIOXIN PROTOCOL, because "A monetary value is assigned to disease, impairments and shortened lives and weighed against the benefits of keeping a chemical in use." - E.P.A. spokesperson. The Ascension Diet already incorporates The Dioxin Protocol!

End Times Deception & Apostasy – Distracted From Jesus, Our First Love – JD Farag

Pastor JD talks about how the distractions of these last days are drawing us away from Jesus, our first love by explaining the significance prophetically, identifying them specifically, and what we’re to do practically.

Satan Enki Mesopotamian Era

Is the 12th Imam the Antichrist?

I thought it was Obama. But then, Satan uses avatars, like ventriloquist's dummies... Part I - 12th imam is the antichrist Part II - 12th imam is currently on earth 12th imam is antichrist, interesting his coming…

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