Century Plant Bloom in sunrays


Is it possible that the Century Plant is a type for our faith and relationship with God? For certainly it bloomed out of adversity, established within perseverance, like the cymatic label I keep on the pitcher I filter my already-distilled water through, to be sure that the water in my cells are fueled as purely as can be.

Attention New Agers Extractions and Evacuations are the Rapture

Attention Michelle, trueblood, new agers, Sophia S.. Mike S, so so so very amny I hae persoanlly come in contact with. Not to mention my GROWN CHILDREN who are into WITCHCRAFT, ROME, Dungeons and Dragons and believe all the lying narratives... STOP SACRIFICING OUR FDAMILY MEMBERS TO MOLECH! YES! I was once decieved! Yes, I sinned! WE HAVE ALL SINNED! THIS IS WHY OUR PRICE WAS PAID WITH SINLESS PURE BLOOD LACKING Satan's mRNA!

2022 Feasts and New Moon Dates

We need to remain in prayer and obedience to the ONE TRUE GOD, JEHOVAH, who as Jesus Christ broke the genetic gain of function sin contract for all His Elect believers with His supernatural blood. We need to know not only what year it is, but the season, the month and the day - we can now.

Fentanyl use setup image

Bill introduced to designate fentanyl as weapon of mass destruction

Fentanyl is a drug so deadly poisonous that the Russian military has reportedly weaponized it. Our country uses it in their war against its own citizens.

THE KALI YUGA POST: Consciousness, addiction and HOME

Live and Be the Truth You Have Discovered!

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