Magnetic Superstorm article 12June2022

The Magnetic Superstorm They Are Warning Of

... the surface of the earth covered in a WiFi mesh made by mast towers, the IoT and satellites, to trap souls. They very well understand how to trap souls leaving the body husks: they studied it... #SOUL TRAP - and the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM IS THE RAPTURE

The Most High Destroys A SpaceForce Satellite

They are calling this a satellite hit by a missile, an exploded rocket, even a meteor, a failed SpaceX. They'll say anything but THE TRUTH. That "meteor" is the enacted wrath of The Creator. The military is fighting GOD.


As admitted in the Event 201 dress rehearsal for the planned pandemic of Covaids, THEY RINGFENCED ECUADOR. The reason "Covid" is so bad there is because Huawei has polluted South America with unregulated 5G, the population is polluted with parasites, nanotechnology, toxins, and it is a festering cesspool of synthetic biology and human waste.
It's all that old serpent, and Babylon is pretending with her flute and audiences.

How they do it


Fullerton Informer. This is all I will write for now, no need to add a word. Please listen. #iran #hormuz #wwiii #theatre [time of the] #nibiru #crossing