The Most High Destroys A SpaceForce Satellite

and of course the truth is immediately covered up. I’m surprised they don’t call it a weather balloon.

As this filtrates through the foul and murky web of disinformation and propaganda, keep in mind that all “news” narrative delivered is lies. The geoengineering is used to hide the system, shaped like a cross, four lights illuminating the sky. Any observant witness can discern this on a daily basis, simply by seeing reality.
They are calling this a satellite hit by a missile, an exploded rocket, even a meteor, a failed SpaceX. They’ll say anything but THE TRUTH. That “meteor” is the enacted wrath of The Creator. The military is fighting GOD.
Look at these videos carefully: this won’t be the first time this will happen. The Holy War has already been won. *We are here to endure the test.

Luciferian lackey’s really believe in SpaceX! 

And then, of course, China is blamed the same way they blamed “Covid” as a virus from Wuhan, when we know SARS-CovAIDS is a bioweapon made by the one world government here in Babylon at Fort Detrick, and they arranged a faux-theft shell game to make China the fall guy, when it is all the same top of the pyramid of Mystery Babylon of the Devil. Walk into any Walmart and see the proof: everything is from China, made by slaves, in a country that built its “Great Wall” with HUMENT – human bodies in the cement. I think the comment is pretty funny, so will add it after the screenshot of this article called  “U.S. military believed to have destroyed a Chinese satellite”

Pete says, on March 25, 2021 at 2:03PM: “This is an American dirty work, revenge, revenge and revenge. Otherwise, there will be more sabotage from this white devil.”

You’re right, Pete.

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  1. Dear Sis,

    I came across this statement: “The Chinese took the blockage of the Suez Canal to be an act of war and responded by shooting down two U.S. military satellites, Asian secret society sources say. The short video clips below show their destruction, the sources say.

    This is from

    What is the true news? Is it that China destroyed US Satellite? Or as Pete says “This is an American dirty work, revenge, revenge and revenge. Otherwise, there will be more sabotage from this white devil.”???

    1. The *true news*? It’s all smoke and mirrors, which is the original nanotechnology anyway! We know politics is theater. This world is The Imperial Cult of Mystery Babylon, politics, religions and nation boundary lines and rhetoric are only narratives.
      Then we have plants like “Dr.” Michael Salla and his “Exopolitics” extolling the virtues of the SpaceForce. Please. Shut. Up. You. Are. Misleading. Humans.
      (Forgot to say) I do not trust Fulford, either. He’s also a disinformation plant.

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