“For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.” – Mark 4:22



  1. Thank you again for your steadfast stand against evil.
    Your ability to navigate this nefarious agenda assists us to understand the many layers, cover-ups and hidden symbols.
    I am very grateful for you.

    1. Like you, Lorraine, I am living true to the nature I was created with by God who gave me my spirit and His Breath of Life. I am only sharing what I learn and helping my soul family to see what lays all around them in sabotaging perils, and to return home to be ONE as the PERFECTION WE ARE once freed from this mortal corruption we were forced to descend to, deceived by the father of lies, and his offspring, all the fallen angels. What matters most is how well we walk through the fire as our dross is burnt away. WE ARE LIGHT BEINGS, and they have no light at all, which is why they parasitize us. Thank you for your words. It means everything to me that we can connect. Stay strong, stay in touch. <3

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