If you really understand the physics of reality, the fact that every cell in our body is replaced every seven years, the fact that at the atomic level, there's no such thing as matter as much as there is waves of energy that matter is composed of, and of arranging the molecules in your brain to engage with the rest of the world, to be a part of the universe, to enjoy the experience that it is to be a spinning wave of energy, the spinning spiral of light that we are as humans...

Satan Enki Mesopotamian Era

Is the 12th Imam the Antichrist?

I thought it was Obama. But then, Satan uses avatars, like ventriloquist's dummies... https://eatingtoascend.com/2020/06/23/the-killing-joke-operating-system-control-alt-delete/ Part I - 12th imam is the antichrist https://rumble.com/embed/v272v9y/?pub=ks1rj Part II - 12th imam is currently on earth https://rumble.com/embed/v272vqw/?pub=ks1rj 12th imam is antichrist, interesting his coming…

Situation Update, Feb 14, 2023 – TOXIC GAS CLOUD unleashed over Ohio as “authorities” stage criminal cover-up

Massive cover-up under way: Journalists threatened, arrested by state troopers. Dead fish, chickens, foxes and other animals widely reported. Hydrochloric acid (HCL) the result of burning vinyl chloride, encountering water vapor. Massive toxic chemical weapon bomb effectively dropped on FARMS and irrigation water. Will impact the Mississippi River and its food production basin. The EPA is complicit in this and against all safety protocols is pushing total lies, telling residents to return. P.S. Collapsed buildings in Turkey had support columns removed by first floor retailers.


Egg Production and Purina Chicken Feed Layperson Investigation by KeeleyColadas 5Feb2023 (video)

NESTLE PURINA PETCARE AND LAND O’LAKES ANNOUNCE NEW SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVE FIRMS SAY IT WILL DRIVE SUSTAINABILITY ON 50,000 ACRES OF FARMLAND. Purina and Tractor Supply Chicken Feed Reportedly Causing Egglaying to Stop, Board has Ties to WEF, Jeffrey Epstein. Who Owns Purina Brand ? In 1894, William H. Danforth established Purina Mills, which later became Ralston Purina Company. In 1986, Ralston Purina merged with Nestle SA and became known as Nestle Purina PetCare Company. Nestle is the current owner of Purina. NESTLE STATES IT OWNS ALL THE WATER IN THE WORLD, TOO. The conglomerate also owns brands of bottled water, pet products, health-care products, and frozen foods. While these brands don't always include the Nestlé moniker on the packaging, they are still owned by the Swiss food and beverage giant. It's no wonder that Nestle is the largest food company in the world. NESTLE HAS BEEN PUTTING NANOTECHNOLOGY AND FETAL CELLS IN THE WATER AND FOODS FOR DECADES.

CME 17November2022 IMG_5759 1400p


Yesterday I was led by the Holy Spirit to photograph the CME that is Yeshua, Jesus Christ, coming with the clouds to call up His Bride... the morning started with a host of angels...

Chapter 14 Magnetism and the Metaverse from THE ASCENSION DIET EATING TO ASCEND book

CHAPTER 14 – Magnetism And The Metaverse

“Fortnite is a game. But please ask that question again in 12 months”.- Tim Sweeney, December 26, 2019 ”Agrobacterium cells were centrifuged at 2000 g for 3 min at 4 ◦C and re-suspended in MES buffer (10 mM 2-(N-morpholino)ethanesulphonic acid,…

Ba'al Diptych TADETA


A trailer for the show about to begin. Excellent commentary.

Number 9th of Av crystal ball in hand

Revolution 9 (th of Av)

If the 9th of Av represents the destruction of the temple, and the body is the temple, a third temple won't be physically built: it's already built in us.

Split apple black and white drawing

Dollar kill-switch (link)

From the linked article: "Near the center of the blast, the suffering and devastation most closely conform to the fictional apocalypse of our imaginations... Rockefeller Center would be an unrecognizable snarl of steel and concrete, its titanic statue of Prometheus - eight tons of bronze and plaster clad in gold - completely incinerated.

Charlie in Heaven, by Bill Helfrich, 1985


"Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace." - Psalms 37:37

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