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  1. I tell kids who have lost a pet that if they want that pet when they get to heaven they will have it because we will have anything we want in heaven. BUT just as a baby WANTS a bottle but as a 1o year old they do NOT WANT a bottle. When we get to heaven our wants will change. It helps to comfort them in the loss of their pet.

    1. Hi Carolyn, and thank you for taking the time to comment.
      I can see how that is said to children (I call them children, as ‘kids’ are baby goats, Satan’s corrupted what we all call children, who are little lambs, see ) and was told the same myself as a little girl, and repeated it to my own children when our pets died or were lost.
      But really, I respectfully disagree about what we shall have in Heaven, as what we may think is our desire here on earth may be unlike what the Most High sees for us, since we are at this time trapped in this veiled 3/4D dimension. I do think it’s so true regarding wants changing with age…
      I am working on a project regarding the actual nature of animals as beings, and stars, too, and will be presenting these articles soon, God willing. For surely we are closer to the Pre-Tribulation Rapture than ever, day by day, and all the scheduled events the ‘globalists’ are doing align with YHVH’s moeds, and the stars, the Daniel 12 sign…
      I write as well on patreon and substack, and encourage you to join and or follow, sister!
      Thank you and God bless you,

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