... you receive what is best described within explosions of an imprint that seems an epiphany of pure emotion or purpose that you know intuitively what you have received us understanding without exchanging words...

OPERATION LOCKSTEP – The agenda made visible (repost)

"... and everyone would need ID… later on, some sort of device would be developed to be implanted under the skin that would be coded specifically to identify the individual.”
Updated from Nov 12, 2010
By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Is there a difference? NO!

What do Falun Gong, the Crusades, MK Ultra, Satanic ritual abuse and total world dominion have in common? Everything: they are all aspects of one person who goes by many different names, faces and bodies.

Who will be the antichrist? Macron?

Article written by Anita Untersee. [My additions in LEAF GREEN.] Groomed by Rothschild bankers and a 2014 attendee of the Bilderberg meeting, Socialist Emmanuel Macron won the French election beating out Nationalist Liberty loving Marine Le Pen in 2017. Declaring…

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