What would your assessment be?


Update on Nurse Shawn Skelton, from Indianapolis, USA, following the effects of Moderna mRNA ‘DNA Altering’ gene therapy Jab, 4.5 months later May 2021, (injected January 2021).

She’s Not doing well!!!!

Or do you think this is OK, which is why you are getting vaccinated yourself?

I am curious.  How does anyone agree to be vaccinated when the internet is flooded with similar stories and videos.

Is the ridiculously tiny threat of flu, now called COVID, worth destroying your life over?

If you still think it is worth it, please write in here and explain why – now.

I genuinely cannot understand why anyone would agree to run the risk of these horrific injuries, and endless torture.

Longer term you run a much higher risk of Alzheimers and all the other horrific neurodegenerative illnesses.

Surely a short bout of flu would be preferable – dying from flu is not all that bad compared to living like this.


“I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak, but the sleek and the strong I will destroy. I will shepherd the flock with justice.” – Ezekiel 34:16

“I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak, but the sleek and the strong I will destroy. I will shepherd the flock with justice.” -Ezekiel 34:16

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  1. I watched the Del Bigtree interview with Shawn and 2 other nurses who had been similarly injured. This is heartbreaking to watch but…my dear brave truth telling voice in the wilderness…THIS IS WHAT YOU WARNED US OF, playing out. The strong delusion, the fowler’s snare, the bio infection. It’s not subject to reason, common sense or logic. It’s a death cult program in full deployment. Astonishing really. Eyes to see and ears to hear are not present.
    Even Shawn and her newfound partners in neurodegeneration are not aware or not acknowledging what prizes they have won in this sick game. They only know that they’re not getting the help they need and think it is an awareness issue. That surely, the reason they’re unacknowledged and inadequately treated is just because their side effects are so rare and unknown. Sadly, it is not the case. I mean, it’s true that doctors have no idea how to treat this stuff but they should be studying and learning like crazy about how to handle it. Plenty of docs are speaking out and doing their research…well maybe not plenty because the ones who do are canceled. So yeah most have no courage. And due to their ignorance and lack of courage many suffer and die needlessly.
    The truth can’t be canceled forever.
    But how many will be lost in the meantime?

  2. Hi, this is Shawn Vidiella (Skelton) thank you for following my journey through this disaster of a life the moderna jab left me with! It truly is disheartening to be gaslighted by our doctors that we have trusted for so long. To be called liars or that we are crazy! There are hundreds of thousands of us out there! I personally have a group of several hundred people all suffering from adverse reactions to every of the vaccines. Our group has lost suicide as some can’t take the toll it has taken on our bodies and minds! Much love to each of you!

    1. Thank you, Shawn, for your words. I am overjoyed to hear from you! Truly the hand of the Most High is holding you and cradling you, and using you to encourage and strengthen others who were deceived and coerced into this biowarfare nightmare holocaust of human beings. Your light shines so brightly.
      Yes, being gaslit and sabotaged and told it is “all in our heads”, that we are delusional, is the modus operandi of the enemy of all humanity. I totally understand, having been targeted with Lyme and Morgellons they said was DoP – delisional parasitosis.
      Now the world is learning what is truly in the injections they are forcing, and it is the Morgellons synthetic biology and nanotechnology and parasites we were told we didn’t have but were used as guinea pig lab rats, lives destroyed.
      We know the truth and we will never stop standing up for it.
      GOD BLESS YOU, Shawn. You are a light to all. Thank you for all you are doing for others. Many will be saved through the door of your heart to the Kingdom of Heaven.

    2. Shawn! So glad you came here to post. Keep fighting, do not believe the gaslighters – in fact whatever they say, flip it in your mind and assume the opposite.
      Prayers up for healing for you, your group and everyone else who is suffering due to this mass experiment.
      Our bodies are amazing and do have the capacity to heal, given the right support. There are doctors out there looking for answers and ways to help patients even against the incredible tide of propaganda and misinformation.
      Check out Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Stella Immanuel, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr. Fleming if you haven’t already. Help is out there 🙂
      Much love to you.

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