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Reader email and reply: Re: Alien technology vaccines??

October 20, 2021

ok, i’m pretty freaked out…wondering what you think the “vaccines” ARE???????????????????????????

I’m starting to believe they or the contents are BEYOND human science
yes i’m gonna say it
could they be ALIEN??
these doctors and researchers seem credentialed and honest…they are baffled
is america being totally dismantled??
My reply:
Orwell City does good work and I have referred to them in a few articles. Yes, it is technology not of this world. They want us to call them aliens, but they are fallen angels and demons and all work for the devil. This is the whole truth, Mike. This world is not what we think it is. We are in a Holy War.
Finally people (doctors, researchers, etc) are realizing what we who had Lyme and Morgellons discovered. We were the guinea pigs. This is why I write and it is amazing that I not only survived but healed. Apparently I have a purpose in this spiritual battle. And anyone alive in this time does, which means you. No accident we met through your ad, regardless of rooming or not. You are awake to the realities the cabal is doing, and now need to be corrected of/swept clean from the lies about Truth you were taught called religion. Great example is the three women you just described! As I have written, ALL the churches are in on it. VERY FEW are freed from the narratives that confuse via religions and the crap like you described.
Aliens are fallen angels. They have developed the vaccines to GMO humanity combining different platforms of life: mammalian, animal, insect, plant, mold, yeast, and use nanotechnology, heavy metals and Black Goo – graphene. Black goo is from a meteor, that meteor is Nibiru, Nibiru is on an elliptical orbit and has caused all the resets on earth. It is here now and this is the final reset. The study of weather is called METEOROLOGY because of Nibiru. Ultimately, the MOST HIGH CREATOR, some call SOURCE, is in control. Like the Egyptian pharaohs’ time, He uses plagues and catastrophic events SUPERNATURALLY IN CONTROL to shape what HE wills for humans and earth.
They have been hiding the skies and people seeing the coming of Nibiru with the geoengineering, also poisoning us and spraying FunVax to make brains antagonistic to God, look at the Fluoridation program to calcifythe pineal gland, the seat of the soul. And weaponized weather to destroy nations crops etc. ALL FOOD AND MEDICINE AND PRODUCTS ARE WEAPONIZED. SCENTS AND ADDITIVES AND FETAL CELLS AND WORSE.
We are in a Holy War.
All who take the vaccine become internally injected with the viral code of Lucifer.
Some have taken it and are fighting this still, the mRNA damage, the damage to their bodies. I was written to yesterday by Shawn Skelton, who was one of the first to go public with a video of what happened. You can search for her name on my blog. On the UPDATE post I posted her comment with my reply.
FEAR is what the devil wants us all to have. He operates on fear. We must trust the God we cannot see, because all of what we see is NOT REAL. I mean, none of what we see is real: IT IS ALL MANIPULATED CYMATICS AND ALCHEMICAL SORCERY.
I was medically kidnapped in February for saying this publically, and was imprisoned for four days. They had to release me after 96 hours of constant surveillance: basically I was leading the therapy sessions, more authentic and knowledgable about mental, emotional, physical – and spiritual – health than the so-called clinicians running the ward.
I tell you the truth: DO NOT FEAR. Investigate for yourself the fact that the Shroud of Turin provided proof that one human supernaturally returned form the dead in a light body that was not limited to 3D constraints. His blood, reconstituted in double blind genetic studies, had 24 chromosomes, not 46. It had 23 from the mother and ONE CHROMOSOME FROM THE FATHER. The Catholic church, always the cabal rulers of the world really, not only HID THE TESTIMONIES OF WITNESSES WHO SAW THE EMPTY TOMB, THE RISEN CHRIST AND ALL THE BODIES THAT ALSO ROSE WITH HIM, AND ATE AND LIVED AGAIN, WORSHIPPING IN PUBLIC (!) INCLUDING FROM THEIR OWN SANHEDRIN AND ROMAN SOLDIERS, but they hid the Essene Gospels in which Christ taught people how to fast and do enemas and get rid of the mRNA serpent seed satanic viral code! I teach this – look how targeted I am for it. They play whack-a-mole with me.
Do not fear. The devil instills doubt and fear and lying narratives to prevent you from trusting in and waiting on what the Most High is doing. When you detox it is far easier to trust and be clear of the effect the lies – veils to your perception and the reality you perceive and react to – have.
I was in  a nearly three hour conference with others last night explaining all of this.
DO NOT FEAR. They are trying to trap all the souls that they can because they are sore losers. The war was won before it began. It must all play out. Really, we are here because our souls must choose the Creator. We are here to pick our sides.
I know this all is hard to accept – to even conceive of.
Even the moon is not what you think. The marks on it we see are the effect of the event that wiped out Atlantis. Like a scar, or negative plate impression, but positive just as Jesus Christ’s is on the Shroud of Turin. Back then, at that reset, the earth’s continents were still joined: they fit together again like puzzle pieces. Look at the pictures of the full moon and compare to the UN map of nations now they show right on their own logo:.
Read my articles (posts, blogs – I like to think of them as articles of FAITH) and learn.
Okay, I will end here. Please take your thoughts to the comments. I will email you this but post it publicly so others can benefit. Respond there (minus any personally identifying information – the email address you log in to comment with is kept anonymous). Thank you for understanding, in advance. We are all in this together.
HERE IS HOW WE FIGHT THE WAR, Mike. We testify and speak the truth openly.
If we are martyred, so be it. There is no glory higher. We know we know the truth and we speak it STRONG AND OPENLY.
If more did so, the enemy would not have accomplished what he has.
But it was really all foretold, Bill Cooper tried to warn people, yet he missed a few points I now expose, like aliens being fallen angels and demons, transhumanism, Morgellons, flat earth truth, and the ropeworm.
We are all a part of one body.
We have light factories in our cells equivalent to nuclear power plants and the extraterrestrial/interdimensional parasites called reptilians, serpent seed, aliens have no internal light at all.
They do not manufature ATP – adenosine triphosphate – they are vampires and use our energy and are pure evil.
Holy war, Mike.
Read. And read Ephesians 6:10-19.
Look up Derek Prince THE ENEMIES WE FACE Series on YT.
Or on my blog here
Okay, I’m going to get back to writing.

Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.  I will be found by you, declares the LORD, and I will restore you from captivity and gather you from all the nations and places to which I have banished you, declares the LORD.” – Jeremiah 29:12-14

With confidence that you will get the knowledge you seek, and not be ensnared by the impediments the enemy puts before you and us all.
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  1. Thank God for this website, prayed hard for knowledge and wisdom. The next day I came across this page. Tell me there is no God! I had no idea it was this bad. May God bless you and us all.

    1. Your prayers were heard by our heavenly Father YHVH!
      It is even worse than I am willing or able to publish. As it is, the WordPress AI filters all comments with the in-context name of God into the spam folder, so I had to retrieve yours.
      This world is fallen, but Jesus is coming soon – we are the Pentecost wheat harvest rapture! So be watchful and ready and remain in prayer!

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