The hydrogel and the payload in the mRNA-changing injections being manufactured (four companies now, but it is Pfizer and Moderna injections which people are reporting this magnetic phenomenon from) are of course utilizing spike protein and magnetic assisted transfection shaped by the manipulation of frequencies and screen refresh rates. It is all designed to be so. People have been being pushed into becoming silica-based for years now, and they are doing away with carbon-based life forms. I talked about all of this years ago in the Morgellons and Lyme groups. We call this stuff the vaccinated people are experiencing magnets sticking to themselves to "The Black Specks" Our bodies rejected all of this as we were used as guinea pigs and told we were delusional, and marginalized and our lives were destroyed. We sat rubbing these nanotechnology particles, along with fibers, out of our skin and sores, or wiping them off in the exudate. They are magnetic, these black specks. So are the fiber balls. We spent hours doing nanobaths. I am in maintenance mode. Now the world has Morgellons and the masses aren't rejecting it like we did. THAT IS THEIR PLAN. IT'S CALLED TRANSHUMANISM AND IT'S THE HIGHWAY TO HELL. AC/DC, remember? #PredictiveProgramming IT'S AN ENERGY CIRCUIT. They use us as BATTERIES, just like we are shown in the Dendera Lightbulb. Or the Matrix. It's a soul trap because they steal our light.

Annunaki draconian overlord statues In Japan

Fast in SIGHT May 24, 2020 – battling DoS attacks and MS scripts

With the satanic end days lockdown and social distancing, people everywhere are using cellphones more than ever. They are feeding themselves into eternity of destruction and soul death as they do this. The telephones are called cellular because they activate the nanotechnology that has been placed in the human body and people are uploading their conciousness into the soul trap.

Cancel-Your-Cellphone-Account Day: WHY WAIT A MONTH?

"Once the fibre optic cables were connected it was like living in hell." <--- THAT'S THEIR PLAN.


Very few human beings have the strength of conviction and dedication to truth to become a martyr. Who can live without their device? People are addicted to it, they were made to become to. Very few have the ability to be alone in this world, girded in spiritual armor, reviled by all around them. I am one of these few.

The Beast Is In The Tech

This video of a screaming demon materializing from its digital, plastic quantum physics, human biometric-sensing home exposes exactly the resident evil of digital technology, which duplicates The Law of LIFE AKA the MOST HIGH