The Beast Is In The Tech

August 19, 2019

Demon comes out of a microwaved cellphone.

Last year I posted THE REAL REASON FOR 5G IS TO KEEP OUR FREQUENCY LOW AND STOP US FROM ASCENDING and I just found this video. Now think about why 5G has been installed as the Spacefence. Not only does it interfere with all body processes, but it releases demons, which unless one is detoxed, i.e. is *VEGAN, has cleansed of heavy metals, GMO DNA including human from natural flavorings , molds, yeasts, and parasites, the lie of Religion, Inc will keep you in the #soultrap because only faith won’t get you past the electromagnetic frequency barrier. They know that the location of Atom/Adam’s origin-all home is Jerusalem. This is why Israel (and MiraLago) are the only places in the world w/o the #5G #SpaceFence

This video of a screaming demon materializing from its digital, plastic quantum physics, human biometric-sensing home exposes exactly the resident evil of digital technology, which duplicates The Law of LIFE AKA the MOST HIGH, and is what CERN has increased in number by opening the portals for Black Goo to enter and replicate, and this iswhat is in humans everywhere. As people get more poisoned and obese with parasites, they’re zombiefying and cannibalizing. Nanotechnology within our cells; humanity is being replaced, and paying for it (I do not mean just monetarily, either).


*One MUST become vegan because all life has been tainted by alien fallen angel archon genetics: their DNA. The Federal Food and Drug Administration allows threadworms and lungworms in all dairy products. They cross the placenta and are in breastmilk as well. Incidentally, this is part of the answer why there is a caste system…


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  1. Thank you very much for the post, dear friend.

    “because only faith won’t get you past the electromagnetic frequency barrier” it rang the familiar bell… Knowledge gives us needed tools to understand how they act and create illusions, diversions, obstacles, traps & spread misinformation; thereby enabling us to deal and advance spiritually!

    Your last line “Incidentally, this is part of the answer why there is a caste system…” made me read it again! Please share your thoughts behind the line.

    Take care.


    1. (24Aug19 5:26-ishPM EST) Hi Chitta! I thought I had approved this comment already, sorry. Apparently the ghouls are in my WP admin panels again. Dagon them.
      I definitely have thoughts on the caste system, and you are the perfect person to discuss this with, living in venerable India. I would be there if I could, India. Sure I have been.
      So ASAP I will expound a little, but until then, please forgive my reply delay. It has been a week of heavy downloads and processing <3
      Namasté to you, and stay care full, I know you do!

      1. Hi dear friend,

        Hope all is well at your end. It seems even though I am just reading and commenting, I face minor issues in writing comments and liking your post and replies!

        Sometimes, I just don’t know if the post is altered or digital demon is at play!

        I am patiently waiting for you to get free.

        Take care, dear friend.


      2. Hello! Isn’t that ~interesting… the same happened regarding the comments on another site re HK-V, for ~that thread, the site owner told me yest’y. No altering going on on ~my end, only sometimes delay, as I am most often not online in any way. It is good for the soul to live without devices, for days at a time. We are naturally much high level intelligence than these quantum physics physical aids!
        We’re free 🙂

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