July 10, 2023
Dear Brave and Strong woman,
Please accept my truest support and appreciation for your unrelenting drive to help the Good Forces prevail against the, apparently much stronger in their numbers, Dark Forces.
Please tell me, are there any Real Heroes in our midst?
*Save for the Heroes, who, like yourself, have been chosen to inform any who will listen; yet, for self-preservation must remain subdued.
Do any True Heroes exist in our present timeline in space?
Much thanks to you, my blessings and positive energies I send out to you and to those you love.

My response: Wendy, supreme thanks! The hero is Jesus, the Most High Living GOD YHVH incarnated, who, on a DNA rescue mission, shed His Supernatural 24-chromosome blood and broke the mRNA gain of function sin contract mankind had been miscegenated with by the fallen angels, who are the aliens the New Age / New Thought movement pushed by the United Nations as the world’s new religion, responsible for the alien deception, the Strong Delusion of the End Times.I speak out so relentlessly because it’s the truth, and this is what I am called to do, as a watcher, and sometimes I think, a prophet, but titles are not what I seek. I just want, when I face Christ, to have pleased Him, and His Father who He is at once, Jehovah. This drives me every moment, day and night. It must be noted that the reduced levels of parasites, the archon and toxin detoxing, basically eating the Daniel Fast, my shunned isolation, all these factor into the sight I am given. Not winning any secular popularity contests, but my eye is on the prize of going HOME as a Child of the Light, who is Christ.
“Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” – John 8:12

June 11, 2023

From a Rumble conversation on EMF, Synthetic Biology, Parasites and the neccessity of becoming Vegan to detox from non-human genetics in order to become optimally healthy not only physically but to achieve our greatest spiritual potential as Children of the Light, Jesus the Christ who is the Door, the Most High God.

“Wow I’m super impressed with your web site, as a 35 year vegan I’d wish I had your skills and knowledge with food and I consider myself well mentored. I want a signed copy of your book if possible.” – Setros Spotlight

January 24, 2023
Dear Laura,
I am blown away by your Ropeworm Protocol Bible and am now rereading it for the second time and have made
my cabbage jars. You have connected so many loose dots for me!
I am what should be a healthy active 61 year old (and I am) – except… I am full of heavy metals, nanoparticles (though not ‘vaccinated’ with the ‘C’), and am 1000% for MOLDS AND ROPEWORMS!
I have been enema-dependent (and for a few periods gotten myself enema-free by being product-dependent) for over the last 10 years. Now that your book has concurred what I could have guessed – but wouldn’t have without your validation – I am more than ever ready to tackle this gargantuan in the gut. I feel the space is very narrow for anything to pass and even passing a colonic size enema bag worth of water is difficult.
I have ordered and just received your Eating To Ascend book and have been thumbing through it. It looks amazing also and I could go on…
I have a couple of questions:
1. I and a great chiropractor I see both think REAL salt from Utah is a better choice for purity. Do you think there is a reason to stick with Himalayan Salt?
2. Are you saying that the cabbage drink will elicit an urgent evacuation of the bowels early on in the protocol? Like maybe even the first day?
I have been constipated my whole life and now this. To think even 15 years ago I could tolerate so many more foods then. I could move my bowels on a simple high vit C and Magnesium combo a.m. and p.m. and would birth an enormous healthy stool every morning, like clock work. (This was with the help of a Naturopath and using *Nourishing Traditions (by Sally Fallon) as my BIBLE.
Oh, I have fallen so far from there.
Thank you for answering my 2 short questions and for being available to your readers.
With deep gratitude for what you have given us and telling your story,
Shelly E.
P.S. I also want you to know that reading your book triggered my “come to Jesus” moment and need I say, has changed my life. All this occuring in the last 6 weeks when I first received your book in the mail, The Ropeworm Protocol Bible.

My reply:
Sally Fallon is the founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation (www.westonaprice.org), who teaches that the ingestion of animal products is acceptable, when in truth, animal flesh adds non-human mRNA, DNA, parasites and toxins, and form putrid synthetic biology monsters in the gut, visible when removed by the ropeworm cleanse, which she and her organization have never acknowledged or addressed.
In the last 8 years I have learned that even naturopaths, homeopaths, osteopaths and Ayurvedic healers are in active denial of the magnitude and reality that ALL DISEASE IS PARASITES and it starts with the mRNA of Lucifer’s 3rd strand entwined between our DNA and its ‘viral’ emanation, the ropeworm, (1) the original gain of function now medically industrialized and (2) the Trojan Horse for The Mark of the Beast. THIS IS WHY GOD CAME AS CHRIST TO SAVE US WITH (3) THE SUPERNATURAL POWER OF HIS BLOOD, and the entire world theater revolves around this drama, the Holy War nearing its last act.
1. https://eatingtoascend.com/2022/03/31/deliver-us-from-gain-of-function/
2. https://eatingtoascend.com/the-great-reset-rapture-cover-up/
3. https://eatingtoascend.com/2022/12/27/gods-atomic-weapon-the-blood-of-jesus-2/

1. “Real Salt” versus Pink Himalayan Salt: Redmond Company salt (red monde, meaning “blood world”) that they paid for a trademark symbol for the words “Real salt”, and that’s literally a patented lie, is from Utah, and has only 60 minerals as opposed to Pink Himalayan salt’s 84-86. Both are antediluvian (of or relating to the period before the flood described in the Bible), but the Pakistan and surrounding mines are actually older, therefore the ocean water deposited has much less mRNA and toxic contaminates than the salt deposited from later earth epochs. Redmond company touts its low carbon footprint, environmental sustainability and ‘ethical work practices’, but the climate crisis is a myth the Devil has concocted to bring about transhumanism and replace carbon life with silicon life and hide the Rapture with the ‘Great Reset’. It’s probable that Redmond Salt is owned by Mormons, who ultimately control all business in Utah, and are Freemasons. Additionally, the Egyptians were in America before the flood, and Freemasonry began in Egypt and is the religion of Satan known as Mystery Babylon.
When I was in India (where I photographed a Masonic Temple!) I was able to purchase wonderful large chunks of locally mined Pink, Gold and Black Himalayan salt, and India being close neighbors, I asked the merchants about the quality and purity. Despite the lack of love between India and Pakistan as nations, the Hindus had not one negative thing to say regarding the salt and its production. Lastly, I stayed with a (now former) Patreon member for two months last year who had decided to use Redmond salt instead of Himalayan for the ropeworm protocol. I was able to experiment with it and found that the fermented cabbage was less intense and slower to start, had less minerals, a larger amount was needed to get the flush and detox effect, and in the bath had less purifying power. If it is all you have, use it up as a bath salt, but please rely on Pink Himalayan salt rather than any other salt, including sea salt, as I have for the last five and a half years is my recommendation and my reply unequivically. More minerals, less myth, older and cleaner deposit: closer to light food, the food for light bodies, and what our cells were designed for before The Fall, which Hercules fights against and we fight as the ropeworm and parasites, the mRNA miscegenation of our host body, the Holy War one human life at a time.

2. Will the fermented cabbage juice cause immediate bowel evacuation? The quart of  (two for the more experienced) fermented cabbage prepared as The Ropeworm Protocol Bible instructs and consumed as a smoothie will cause a forceful bowel movement within 30-60 minutes; usually around 45. Called ‘waterfalls’, you will see nests of parasites and worms of all kinds, flukes (snails of all types), masses of yeasts, molds,fibers, nanotechnology and intestinal plaques and biofilms resembling leather and even stones. Combining the probiotic cabbage protocol with the herbals Mimosa Pudica, Cascara Sagrada, Hing Jeera (asafetida or Devil’s Dung) and use of binders and other ‘helps’ including Red Reishi or other cordyceps mushroom powders for liver support and cellular regeneration because of their adaptogenic properties, along with the switch to distilled water and the other dietary and lifestyle changes made during this period will change the body and one’s life. The accumulated parasite strongholds and toxins a lifetime of all of these parasites (the serpent in the gut being the most tenacious of them all) removes what YHVH calls impediments in the Bible. Jesus called it the serpent in the gut.

Constipation not only results from dehydration, but from parasites blocking and deforming the bowel and anus, and many people have been constipated since childhood: it’s almost the norm in Western culture! Here’s what happens: the ropeworm attaches its sucker mouths up and down the entire GI tract, and some of these mouths span over an inch. Smaller parasites bite into and also attach, all the way down to the opening of the rectum and even outside it, appearing as redness and sores. Hemorrhoids result from parasites, and eventually the bowel forms scar tissue and biofilms, is covered with cysts and dens and strongholds, and becomes non-functional and can’t pass stools, lacking motility to the point of total constiopation. Some people becomes completely unable to move their bowels. One such person is Anna G., who was in my Facebook group, and her pleas for help are scattered all over the internet. Tragically, many poeople develop what the medical industry calls diverticulitis, Crohn’s, H Pylori, fibromyalgia and lupus, pancreatitis, chronic infections, thrush, ear and sinus problems, recurring infections, have bowel resections, develop endometriosis, have hernias, cancers… ALL OF THESE AND MORE ARE FROM THE PRESENCE OF PARASITES, THE WORST OF WHICH IS THE ROPEWORM (and do not forget those caused by spirochetes, synthetic biology genetically modified foods and organisms, Lyme and Morgellons, and all that they have been raingi down on humanity from the skies in the chemtrails of  the climate operations’ stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, now called ‘the dimming of the sun’.

Hydration preloading: Beginners to the Ropeworm Protocol should drink an extra liter of distilled water a half an hour before consuming the quart of fermented probiotic cabbage smoothie, to pre-load hydration restricted by years of constipation and diminished gastrointestinal functions. Further concerns are discussed in the two books. Remember! The Ropeworm Protocol Bible is merely one chapter from THE ASCENSION DIET EATING TO ASCEND book.

“Oh, I have fallen so far from there.” Because ALL DISEASE IS PARASITES and we have all been under a veil of deceit regarding what disease – and its cure – really is, addressing it all in one or two books or websites is impossible in the time we have left.
We have all fallen. Actually, we were set up to FAIL by this inverted world Satan rules.

Your “come to Jesus moment”! Prayerfully this means that you have been born again in Jesus Christ, who taught us how to remove the ropeworm 2,000 years ago. We can detox and cleanse all we want, but Yeshua is The Door and our only hope from this soul trap wheel. He, as God incarnate, came on a DNA rescue mission. He explained it in the Essene Gospels https://eatingtoascend.com/essene-gospels-of-peace/  I’m praying for you! Please consider joining the Patreon group, sister, where others are also on this path.
With love, in Christ who is the Light, the Door, and all Truth,
Laura Handwritten signature

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January 5, 2023
I became privy to these things of the darkness and knew it was only a matter of time before it was bought to light by someone like you. Whenever something resonated in this article, https://eatingtoascend.com/the-great-reset-rapture-cover-up, I would get ‘chills’. Numerous unexplainable events are occurring all around me that bring me immediately to prayer.
Around the time of our meeting, the scripture that came to me was Revelation 2:10: “Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and for ten days you will have tribulation. Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.”
And I will not fear!
Keep fighting the good fight, my dear friend.
With love,
Amber M.

January 23, 2023
I’m loving The Ropeworm Protocol Bible Human Ascension Manual, and am dispersing your book to friends and clients.
Will spare you a novel but … now I see the ropeworm everywhere! After getting more strict with the cabbage, the things I’ve seen come out of me!
I guess you can say, your writing and the space between your writings has allowed me to see.
The Ascension Diet Eating To Ascend book – I’m only on page 700 first time through, can’t wait to read it again and again!
Thank God for somehow attuning me, all the way from here, to you, and your getting this information out.
Much love to you, a trillion blessings,
Betsy Von, LMT
I cannot believe they sent you to me, and I can’t even remember how it happened! But I’m so glad it did, Angel.

Betsy, as a Licensed Massage Therapist, what you are doing for those who come to you to improve their health by empowering them with the knowledge of – and treatment for – the human ropeworm and other parasites is, whether or not you know it, advancing the Kingdom of God. You thank God for bringing you to me, but in truth, it is GOD bringing you to His Truth: I am just a messenger, and you called me “Angel”. From one angel to another, we are in human form working to unite our fellow humans with the reason they are really here, as we work to dispel these archons in the body.

One of the earliest followers of my work is also an LMT, “Jashula”, and her she wrote:
I am a massage therapist and I can feel the parasites in a person’s muscle tissue. Sorry to freak you out, but those knots you feel are actually usually parasties rather than being inflamed tissue (which is what most doctors and therapists tell you). (She directed her ‘freaked out’ apology to blog readers.)

Since you have read the Ropeworm Protocol book and increased its power by strict adherence and attention to the instructions given, you are now fully aware of the fact that what Jashula wrote above is correct, and that all of us are exposed to the parasites (resident evils) of others, by family, friends, workplace contact, touch, association, by drinking, eating, medications, animals, the outdoors… THE WORLD IS A CESSPOOL OF MRNA AND THESE ARE THE DAYS OF NOAH.
It was Eden before The Fall.

How to help others… I have been criticized for ‘catering to the new age movement and millenials’, and find far too many who call themselves Christians blinded to the fact that they could be so much more, and do so much more for God, if they would get off their laurels of comfort foods and detox the serpent from their guts and clean up their temple act. It came as a shock, but I see these men and women in their very conventionally safe Christian walks as modern day pharisees who cling to the lies we have all been taught and wait for a new body at Rapture while ignoring the tools to make the best of the one they have. These tools are detoxing the ropeworm and removing the parasites. This is what Jesus taught but it was hidden. There is very little time left to save souls before the digital currency net snares mankind. Jesus ministered to the sinners, not those who already believed who need their bibles dusted off with 5th grade reading level mini-sermons they can’t really receive because they are polluted and therefore deaf and blind. But you are leading others from the paths of destruction, Betsy, while you yourself are being cleansed. Like the disciples, your eyes are opening as you do this work. Thomas doubted but still followed Christ. Peter denied him three times before the cock crowed. Betsy, you were led to help in this DNA rescue mission of God’s. Elected. Praise God!

“…your writing and the space between your writings has allowed me to see.
Think of the space between my writings as the period in between the breaths.
[   ]
[   ]
The breath comes from God, not me.
The inspiration – the indrawn breath of life-giving energies…
The expiration which expels what’s used, or what should not be.
I was led to write, led to these truths, because through being denied diagnosis and threatment of Lyme disease, I developed Morgellons, this after a lifetime as a targeted individual who made the tragic mistake at age 50 of marrying a secretly cross-dressing Washington, D.C. career newsman who did all he could to destroy then kill me after I asked for a divorce. Yet…
The Hand of God was in all of this, and in my trials I was refined.
In turn I am trying to help others by sharing what I am shown.
I could not see this clearly if I had not detoxed, but God choose those who serve Him.
But for His Grace, we would not be here.
Even Paul of Tarsus, a “Hebrew of Hebrews”, needed to be reborn in Jesus Christ.
It’s so much easier when the scales are removed from the eyes!
With Paul, Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus and as Paul recorded, scales fell from his eyes after he saw Jesus’ light.
The Rockefeller medical conspiracy mainstreamed parasites. But remember what I shared in the books: (1) in the 19th century after the train system was set up, the elite contaminated the Chicago livestock yards with Trichinosis to give parasites to the pigs shipped all over America. The biggest pork processor is named SMITHFIELD, which in England is the place where more Christians were murdered by the Catholic Church than any other killing field. And pork is the other white meat, a hybrid of wild boars and humans crafted by the Egyptians. That’s why God – YHVW, Jehovah – THE ONE TRUE GOD and the only Living God – told the Israelites DO NOT EAT PORK in the Torah.
(1) https://eatingtoascend.com/2020/03/26/they-invented-trichinosis/
(2) https://eatingtoascend.com/2022/12/27/testify-this/
(3) https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Leviticus-11-7/

“I cannot believe they sent you to me, and I can’t even remember how it happened! But I’m so glad it did, Angel.”
I am too, dear sister! It is such a joy to me when the light that shines is passed on like the torch that it is, to help others. O how sad it is to me when self-professed Christians and deniers alike reject these truths. All I can say is how thankful I am, how grateful I am that you are here and are helping others, and that soon we will be together in eternity if you accept Jesus Christ as your saviour, and Lord, for all of this freedom is His gift to us.

For, like you, I am just a messenger too.

In Christ, who IS LIGHT, and the Door, eternally, our peace,

Laura Handwritten signature


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From a Patreon group member, December 9, 2022
I’m not online much these days, however I do enjoy receiving your well-considered and written words.
I’ve been doing a lot of quiet prayer, fasting, deworming, cleansing and music and creative things away from computers and phones.
It’s amazing how my dreams both awake and asleep have become.
I’ve still not seen a rope worm although I have been finding nests of  other flukes and parasites lurking within and it is great to now be free of so many. Morgellons counts have also decreased (using the electromagnetic foot bath which draws them out).
The albendazole and fenbendazole suggested in your protocols,  my homemade ferments and homegrown mimosa pudica, plus piles of diatomaceous earth, zeolite and clay are all helpful.
It’s quite a battle and takes discipline to continually vanquish the demons they send at us, wave after wave.
Thank you for all you do, for keeping each other in prayers and your untiring faith and trust in Christ and our Father Creator.
God bless you.
Love, Chris

August 20, 2020
In response to THE TERRIFIED TERRAFORMERS VS. THE WINGED DISK, August 12, 2022 (sequel to THEY ARE TERRIFIED, September 26, 2021)
You have opened my eyes more clearly to this. I have been praying against the chemtrails for 18 months because it is a spiritual battle, but you have revealed to me that there is a bigger battle going on. Thank you.
Creation Pen and Brush.Wordpress.com

From https://www.patreon.com/posts/what-most-high-42266209, published October 1, 2020, a comment…

“I absolutely love this. Four years ago, the catholic health system I worked for, who posted daily psalms or prayers, posted psalm 46:10. I am raised catholic and am not familiar with the majority of the Bible. This struck a cord in me and since then Be Still has been, I don’t know how to explain, but it hit my heart, it calms me, grounds me. This is amazing to see this being the words He spoke to Enoch! I’m blown away and encouraged to see. I hear you, I feel your heart, in your writings. I am sending love and strength your way. I wanted you to know I am strengthened by your words. I cannot see how many or who responds but it must be difficult to put your heart out here continuously. I am so grateful that you do.

December 12, 2021

From Ps. Laura: “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” – Psalms 46:10 is far less powerful than the full text of what YHWH said to Enoch!

I am not sure I want to say Happy Thanksgiving. However, I want to say my heart is filled with much gratitude for you in this world and in my life. Your voice speaks life and brings freedom in our fallen world for those with ears to listen.
Your presence is a testament to God’s mercy and final authority.
Thank you for enduring this life, coming here to live with us, and persevering in all circumstances.
May the pen be your favor as you finish up your book.
With love,

I love you very much Laura, You Made Me See and understand what they do inside me, before knowing you I was prevented from seeing myself inside in Quantum. I can with the eyes of the soul not as you do I am prevented by satan and their servants.it is a war for the claim of my history and body. The mark against the mark. I am prevented from being notified of your new articles, but I look for them.
From Italy, mercy and love without limit

God Bless you Pastor Laura !!! 🙂
I just spent 2 hours in the bathroom, and I will spare you the details…. but basically the worms wouldn’t stop coming out !!! In total it looked like kilos of ‘dead worms’ and also one full length (with head). I’m doing water enemas followed by coffee enemas. About 7 in a row !!!
I don’t have the herbs you mentioned yet… but I have Reishi mushroom powder also, which I took last night. And also charcoal powder before bed.
Yesterday I made the cabbage, so just waiting for that to ferment.
This morning, I almost cried with a mix of joy and disgust…when all this stuff came out…I’m sure you know what I mean…
So now I know this is the beginning of my REAL detox (I’ve been detoxing for years !!!! … with no avail).
And also the beginning of getting my life back. I’ve been so sick since 2014… truth be told probably longer than that. And I was sick of being sick.
But finding you just seemed like the missing piece of the puzzle.
Please let me know when your book is ready. I’ll be your first customer, for sure !!!
Now, I have no idea how long this will take… maybe months, maybe years before I regain my health. But I’m just so grateful to you and all you do.
Love, Peace, Health and Freedom !
Tanya XO

Published here https://eatingtoascend.com/2021/05/11/missing-puzzle-piece-found/

I cannot thank you enough for bringing this truth to light. I read it about it on your blog a while back and had skimmed through this post when you first wrote it, but was procrastinating ( as I too often do!) on delving deeper. I finally did this week and I wept like baby when I came across one of the videos wherein Ron Wyatt was recounting the reactions of the scientists when he revealed whose blood it was after they had tested it. To say it moved me is a vast understatement. The only way I can convey what I experienced in words is ‘ ‘spiritual awakening or shift’ and as you know, I was already a believer…

March 27, 2021

Thank you again for your steadfast stand against evil.
Your ability to navigate this nefarious agenda assists us to understand the many layers, cover-ups and hidden symbols.
I am very grateful for you.
– Lorraine Raymond

“Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” – Ephesians 6:13


Oh my goodness. I been growing…eh…not easy with all the misinformation but so glad I found this and You, your blog thank you umpteen! Funny how I arrived…reading flower of life by Drunavlo..I saw images related to some automatic writing I did but couldn’t yet link to specific scripts.. the Copts made me search, and that was almost close but then something told me Essene Script and I couldn’t believe my eyes…led to the copper scrolls…Eventually your post caught my eye.a different blog post then I clicked eating to ascend and found this wow! Back to this though, my dreams have been becoming more…everything and I been trying to sleep on my back read how Egyptians slept with blocks I believe to keep their head straight so I put a blanket there, upon waking i was told the aliens created the virus woah woah woah! You have confirmed this further and i knew the nano was involved…so even if your healthy as can be you still must be weary…woah thank you so much. Question being….what is your thought on it actually being eradicated? Seems slight but hope and belief is always in our hearts! Wow…i just am in amazement thank you so much my friend for all of this ..it is unimaginable…thank You.

In response to https://eatingtoascend.com/2020/03/31/covid-19-coronavirus-the-mark-of-the-beast-time-is-here/
April 1, 2020
Your information is MASSIVE and want to thank you for all your efforts.  It is greatly appreciated.  I am trying to filter through it as fast as I can, while trying to continue on continuing to incorporate an alkaline diet etc.
Your direction to stop use of all smart devices (smart phones ipads tablets)  all social media…which would include facebook twitter linkedin…would that include all ONLINE communication such as email? 
Does humanity have a chance to overcome as the population has NO CLUE of any of this information? Confused
Thank you Laura,
ps:  I must say for me, this email has at the moment affected my frequency but knowledge is power  and the frequency/consciousness of the population has a definitive impact on the direction of mankind as well.
From @EatingToAscend: YES is my answer to the question about use of social media on the forms mentioned – ALL FORMS of social media, apps and games, auto-correction, predictive typing, shopping suggestions, ALL OF IT IS BEING USED TO HERD PEOPLE LIKE CATTLE INTO A DIGITAL DIMENSION CALLED THE MATRIX. Does humanity have a chance? Only a very small percentage. The tares grow in the wheat and the harvest is genetically modified. That’s fact and allegory both. It is jarring to learn the truth, as the entire world one thinks one knew as real dematerializes literally. Be strong and know that your light within is GOD. Fear is the reaction of ego and maya. Let go and know you are a mighty soldier in this Holy battle. Remember that you have spiritual armor! Ephesians 6:10-19. LIVE IT. Thank you for writing. LOVE.

This is key: “…break through the dullness and the fog to actually perceive what is happening within our temples.”
What -Z- is saying is that removing the veils/scales creates the environment that these monsters cannot exist within, when our frequency is high. WE ARE DIviNE LIGHT BEINGS.

Name: Z

Email: [withheld]

Comment: “and many will hate me for telling you that it’s not fat, it’s parasites. ”

Yeah, this is true.

I wanted to tell you intentional use of psilocybin mushrooms is hugely effective at expelling these parasites.

I lost 10 pounds in 12 hours.

But more impressive than that was the ability to actually SEE these parasites in my own physical form; to consciously banish them from the physical locations they implanted themselves in within my body- Not only that but to actually be able to differentiate between the different ‘types’ of parasites, each with it’s own ‘flavor’ of energy it craved…

Our bodies have the ability to purge these things; The process of expelling through vomitting is incredibly powerful. The mushrooms are a gift that allows us to break through the dullness and the fog to actually perceive what is happening within our temples.

At the peak of this experience, I could feel every part of my body more vividly than ever before, and, I could actually see my the light energy inside this ‘physical’ form.

However, I don’t think I would recommend this route to someone who isn’t either familiar with ritual entheogenic use, or someone with a deep experience in self-exploration and a solid embodiment practice.

Wanted to share as I recognize the truth of your perceptions.



November 19, 2019

First, thank you. I am a semi-retired naturopath with 25 years of chronic Lyme. I am now preparing a workshop for people with Lyme or any chronic condition alike. I was lucky to have knowledge and support, many do not have that karma. So now I am almost fine and want to help in return. Now, what you are writing makes total sense. I have always felt that there was a multidimentional aspect to these bugs. I am a practicing Buddhist and Tibetan medicine recognizes the presence of demons and all kinds of entities associated with disease. Since I still have some bioelectrical symptoms which I manage with kratom, I would like to experiment with your diet as I am in quest of getting better and better. Dying healthy is important.

Thank you again.

My reply:

And I am first of all in complete empathy with the struggle you have endured in your learning what this affliction created by the dark one and his minions is. Our Creator led us to find each other on this journey, our souls to meet. Thank you for reaching out to me. I completely agree that it is – dare I say vital  – to die with as healthy a body as possible, YES! What a blessing I have been given to begin this day receiving your email. This chapter is soon becoming a book on its own, and will be available on Amazon for your students and clients. Please do not hesitate to bring any and all questions of observations you have to my attention, as we are all just beginning to realize the true manifestation of evil in this world, in the Kali age. I have come to see that in the Divine Mercy of the One, this is a very integral – if not the most integral – component of the ENERGETIC SORTING taking place. What we perceive as affliction is a gift to have the opportunity to transcend.

Hi, When I have time I sit and look. I always pray for guidance on what to look for & what to share. I had told my husband 6 months ago that I didn’t believe Islam was a real religion but made up to create chaos. You sent the link to confirm what I had said about that. Thank you not us but the Spirit inside. – Nancy in VA, October 15, 2019

Thanks to these Luciferian-driven ruling class we now have the Bubonic Plague, the Spanish Flu, Influenza, Typhoid, Malaria, … – THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL PARASITES DECEPTION AND CONNECTION TO THE FRAUD OF DISEASE

Thank you for another very informative post! You often post information that I didn’t know. I suffer from severe parasitosis. I am also a massage therapist and I can feel the parasites in a person’s muscle tissue. Sorry to freak you out, but those knots you feel are actually usually parasties rather than being inflamed tissue (which is what most doctors and therapists tell you). Antihelminth medication nearly killed me. The food we eat, the water we drink, and the aerosol that is sprayed on us makes our physical bodies a breeding ground for these things. I believe that Laura is correct that a homeopathic and route, fasting, praying, and her ropeworm protocol are advised. Most people at a young age have a physical body that adapts to them; but when a person becomes overstressed the parasites will start multiplying out of control and cause disease. Parasites cause heart attacks, strokes, arthritis, depression, insomnia, teeth grinding, fibromyalgia, and many many other diseases. Please don’t make the mistake of believing that this is something that happens to “other people”. Just because you aren’t seeing them doesn’t mean that you don’t have them. They encase themselves in biofilm and attach to the walls of your intestines and that is why you usually don’t see them. They also migrate throughout the body. I am not trying to upset anyone by this information; just trying to help. I have found all information written in Laura’s blog to be TRUTH and straight from the Heart. I am thankful for her; she is brave to be doing what she is doing!! – Jashula, October 6, 2019

The Truth Underground radio interview, October 2, 2019, talking with Jim Rivas and Steve Olson about how each of us can regain …

This is an amazing interview! Thank you for your bravery in posting this! Many many readers and listeners out there think this is something that happens to “other people”; not them (I used to be one of those people). I can attest to the fact that everything you are saying is very real and true. EVERYONE has these and it is imperative that you take steps to eliminate them NOW rather than later when your immune system is stressed. I was a person just like everyone else eating healthy (Or so I thought at the time), active, exercising, lifting weights, dancing, and enjoying my life and then I could hardly walk down the street from the pain in my body. I couldn’t eat a bite of food or a sip of water without severe pain and discomfort because I was so full of parasites. I have seen worms twice as long as myself and wide. WORMS (not bezoars). They are the worms that Isaiah speaks of. Fast and pray to Jesus. Laura is correct about the natural flavoring being created from fetal cells. Eat vegan or at least kosher. Stay away from wheat as Laura advises. Even if you feel fine in your body and do not believe that this applies to you. This is for real. Jesus saved my life in order to bring you this message from the future. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the only way; and he says that the kingdom is within you. Seek this with all your heart and Spirit. I was targeted my entire life but didn’t realize it until recently. We all are. Take the steps Laura advises in the ropeworm protocol now and regain your sovereignty and true health. Please trust me, the medical doctors absolutely will not help you. I have seen many many many of them, even the naturopaths – all wasted time. Many of the natural supplements also contain animal products that could cause prions diseases and they may also contain nanobots Please stay human. Please!! We love you and need you. Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand the wiles of the devil”
Make your garments clean now. It is time. – Jashula, October 6, 2019

I’m still listening to your The Truth Underground radio interview. Oh my gosh!  That happened to me too.  They told me first that it was a rash caused by my laundry detergent.  Then they told me they thought it was scabies!  I am still trying to cleanse and still dealing with some heavy stuff.  I actually did have a heart attack.  I went from working out 3 times a day lifting weights and teaching zumba to not being able to walk down the street.  My entire body hurt so badly today that I thought I was going to die.  I’m so sorry that you had to deal with.  I will not be deterred from completing the mission that the Father sent me to do. 
Thank you for being a warrior during these times.  It helps people like me and many others.  And I am sure that many people will hear and learn what they need to by listening to this. – P. Knight, October 6, 2019

You are written in the book of life – do not fear spit or insults, I cry for this humanity only a few see and among these are especially women, from the double date of 2020 everyone will see himself in glory or vergogna. Dio bless you…
… I wanted to inform you; to tell you something very important when you did an article about your granddaughter Emily, I saw a sun that came into you and called you “bride”. Maybe I should not say these things… but you are far ahead and you are not of this world. – Luca G., – August 25, 2019

Thank you for the posts! I really delight in them & receive a great blessing & learn with each one! Thank you for posting the Essene Gospel of Peace, have not finished yet & will need to read a few times! I am spreading the word on the domestic pigs! Makes sense to me! I have not eaten pork for years, as I am a vegetarian, but my husband is not. Once in awhile he wants sausage… I hear, “I don’t eat it much”… so I screenshot the part on wild boar and human mixing & sent it to him at work, and also to a few family members. He was quite shocked. I said they are tricking you into being a cannibal! I fear eating anything I don’t make myself. Of course, they all think I’m paranoid & nuts! But that’s okay, I’m planting seeds, leading by example, and slowly seeing their eyes being opened. YAH IS GREAT! HIS PLAN IS PERFECT! – Anonymous, July 28, 2019

You are writing beautiful, loving and soul touching blogs, I am motivated a lot to think, experience and share!
Yes, I fully understand and agree about effect of detox. The collective consciousness on body level, that is all organisms living in side the body – including bad parasites and helping gut culture – affects the higher soul of the body, that is our soul! So, once the parasites are gone, that collective consciousness on body level improves vastly; positively affecting us – souls! And if for each individual of society is more positive this way; the society would thrive positively. This is what I comprehend.
We all value your investment of time and emotions in writing the beautiful blogs and inspiring, helping and guiding us.
Thank you very much. – Anonymous, July 11, 2019

I read the first chapter of your book. I am in a bit of a state of shock. I can’t believe that something as big as giant parasitic worms in our bodies can go so unnoticed so long by the mainstream health “services.” I mean these ropeworms don’t show up in X-rays, or MRI’s? And then I saw your link to the article about all the mysterious deaths/murders of doctors and health practitioners and two and two is starting to add up. If what you are saying is true, that we all have worms and that they are essentially one and the same with demons that have been plaguing us and causing all the diseases, all the addictions, all the laziness and hatred, then your book and detox protocols may be the most important thing since the bible and should be mandatory reading! – Ben at truthscrambler.com June 22, 2019

Dear friend, I would be delighted to receive the chapter of your book! I love & am thankful for your posts! My phone was fryed recently, lost a lot of content, took almost 2 weeks till they send me a new one. I was happy to get caught up on your writings. I too live on East coast between Allentown & Reading, wicked storm here last night. I must say it did scare me, asked The Most High to help me get through it. Seemed like it was over my house most of the night. Thank you for the information you put out sister, trying to open peoples eyes, something I pray for always. Bless you sister! – S. K., May 22, 2019

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