Grace on palace stairs
October 20, 2023
Hi Laura,
I’m in Australia and received your Ascension Diet book few days ago. I consider myself aware and well read. Yeah, for some reason there was a delay at Australian Customs to receive my parcel. This has NEVER happened before. Got my book and just browsing through it. Amazing!!!
Do not agree with everything but in my opinion this is the bible. I also recently purchased your parasite protocol book. I do not buy books, ever, except Jim Humble’s MMS protocol, and yours. Thank you for your effort. There is so much I would like to say but not enough space here, lol
If you have a mailing list I would love to be included, if that’s ok.
I would be extremely interested in any updates, new discoveries.
I’ve been a fan of Harald for years.
It goes without saying I’m pure blood.
Thank you so very much for writing this “bible”. I am very much obliged.
Very best wishes.
Grace in Australia

My response:
Thank you for these incredibly kind and generous words, which indeed reflect the name God gave you. I pray that you will be brought to a real relationship of knowing Jesus Christ, who is the only hope for our souls, whether you disagree with parts of my books or not.
I added you to the Substack newsletter The Digital Scrolls, and you can sign up for the WordPress blog at (I can’t add readers there).
I also have a Patreon group, and soon will have something even more. Will let you know, and please stay in touch.
In Christ,


Thank you so very much for writing this “bible”