Jessica Window Looking In
Loving the book, but the print is sooo small,
it’s difficult to read and the color is text is too light.
I need a dark black text that is larger.
Can you possibly print it that way?
It’s a very important book, but hard to read.
Jessica M.

My response:
I hope to publish a spiral-bound laminated-page edition that will lay flat and yes, be in a larger font.
The Enemy is very industrious and unceasing in his waylaying of my time and resources, and it seems my life and efforts are in constant catch-up from the relentless game of Whack-A-Mole played with my stability and available energies.
We are all under Spiritual Attack, and it will only continue to increase.
The Ropeworm Protocol Bible Human Ascension Manual, despite its design flaws, has become the world’s most effective Ropeworm and Parasite detox protocol, and because it proclaims the TRUTH OF JESUS CHRIST and the fact that Satan’s genetic seed is the ‘serpent in the gut’, I take providing this Holy Spirit-inspired work very seriously. Being in the occupation of saving souls, it weighs on me heavily that the format might not be as condicive as it ought to be for you and anyone else. I pray that you have still been able to benefit, and that you are blessed in removal of the ropeworm, parasites and overall toxin detox, and regenerating.
In Christ,

Loving the book, BUT…