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August 20, 2023
I just read your ropeworm protocol book and found your blog. I am … in [country] starting the Hulda Clark detox. I’ve had a big awakening this year, which I won’t get into right now, but I am scared because I took the vaccine. Also I have had the number 666 around, it’s in my passport I got in 2021 when I got back from India. I was also in India during the lockdown but stayed … for 18 months. I had to get a new passport because my old one got water damage and they actually barely let me out of the country. I only have $4 in my bank account. I don’t really know what’s next at this point. I am questioning everything.
Thank you,

My response:
Lindsay, I can appreciate that you lived in India and the exercise of Yoga, but plead with you to forgo the spiritual aspects that Pagan culture assigns with the asanas. The fallen angel Shiva gave yoga to the people to deal with the pain and suffering caused to them by the archons, who possess their bodies, minds and spirits as the parasites of this fallen world, all children of Satan.
You have taken the injections in this Covid plandemic, which means that to one degree or another your genetics have been altered and you are patented property of the corporation (who are legally people but the disembodied dead giants who must have human bodies) that manufactured the genetic alteration in what you let into your body, changing your DNA and adding a 6 in between the double helix sulfuric bridges, even as the 2013 SCOTUS ruling states.
You must REPENT of this mistake and turn to Jesus Christ while you are still in the body.
Here is the link to the video where a demon confesses that this is possible:
“Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” – John 8:12
I am lifting you up in prayer, and Jesus, who once lived in India in what The Bible calls “his lost years” died for you with as much love as He did for every soul on earth put together – if they turn to Him. He IS GOD, and ALL THERE IS, WAS AND WILL EVER BE.
Please let me know when you do!
In Christ,

Questioning everything? REPENT.