Attention Rumor Mill News and other truth websites

My article "Actual Chimera Soul Takeover with Morgellons Injection" was just listed on the website Rumor Mill News, but they have not yet reached out to me personally. I am eager to speak in interviews. Please help this message spread: I am being silenced. The truths must be broadcast in these crucial last days.

Synthetic biology in the Covid-19 vaccines

MARK OF THE BEAST: Electron microscope images show carbon nanotech, aluminum, thulium in Pfizer and Moderna’s covid-19 vaccines

"What we first saw in the Moderna sample at a normal regular microscope, which uses light, is we saw various little crystal shapes and patterns on the slide. And then we did the platinum coating on it to get a closer look, and we see on top of these little crystal things, these shapes that look like they look like chips, right? Do you see that square? Well, that rectangle, it's got all these little dots on it arranged like a grid..." - Dr. Daniel Nagase, April 2022

Another reader email of waking to see the Matrix for what it is (pray before reading)

From another reader email received this morning,November 2, 2021. Before following the link below, ask yourself if you want to brand your memory with the images it contains. Pray before looking. Arm yourself with your spiritual armor. It is not neccessary to follow the link below in order to comprehend the truth I am transmitting to you here. --- Laura

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