Another reader email of waking to see the Matrix for what it is (pray before reading)

Another reader email received this morning,November 2, 2021. Before following the link below, ask yourself if you want to brand your memory with the images it contains. Pray before looking. Arm yourself with your spiritual armor. It is not neccessary to follow the link below in order to comprehend the truth I am transmitting to you here— Laura
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On Tuesday, November 2, 2021 4:46 AM, Mike S wrote:
The above was a link he sent that had an origin ID from  Facebook.
Facebook, as I have been saying here since I started this site in 2018, but learned finally firsthand in 2017, is a portal to upload human consciousness to a digital eternal hell.
In India – from my experience being there in persoin and witnessing it – not only is Facebook used, but WhatsApp and TikTok. There are a lot of people and diverse cultures to ensnare.
Computer processors and chips are built in an exact  miniature architecture to scale of God’s Temple Solomon built, as described in complete detail, down to the cubit (now called Qubits). Readers here know I have many times posted videos of and transcribed D-Wave founder Geordie Rose’s words and lectures in which he says they worship an alien demon and are bringing in entities.
Here is my reply, for the world to read, as Mark Zuckerburg has changed the name of Facebook to META and this thing I have been prophecying about is really happening.
Yes, it’s a true story. They repress his work showing that demons are real just as my writing is suppressed. They run the show (earth) but their time is about to end, literally.
That is why they want a carbon-free world of souls uploaded to the cloud (IoT and IoB) via  magnetic transference: the ELE Singularity event of the Return of Jesus Christ (GOD), the LIGHT ENERGY OF ALL CREATION ITSELF will melt all the arth elements, peeling the sky back like a scroll. That’s why they are all in their DUMBS, hoping to pop their reptilian heads up to a NWO post-human. But they will not succeed. No prophecy of God has or can ever fail.
In 2016 I discovered that radio signals are embedded with images, and lo-and-behold that became something others were documenting as well. Facebook loaded images of THEY LIVE in CSS stylesheets of subliminal intimidation in 2017, on the same Powerbook a demon came out of in voice and fire
Had you seen the video of frequencies opening the portal to Sedona in a guy’s bedroom?
This is how they built the temples, all the architecture all over the world that defies human abilities. CYMATICS AND FREQUENCY.
We live in a world of illusion. (I did live in Flagstaff for a year, and went to Sedona a LOT.)
The day before my daughter-in-law died, a Stargate opened over the house I lived in.
My article from 2018 about the Victorian scientist who made ticks in the vacuum of a bell jar by passing electrical current through the airless environment:
(About Facebook)
The entire time I have been searching for posts, opening links and writing this, connections are being closed, every single screen and window has been reset. The demons in the tech do not want this reply to be written.
Pastor Laura Rohrer Little Brooks
“My spiritual armor surpasses all magic.” – Ephesians 6:10-19
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    Jesus in my dream last night, August 7, 2021

    I was toward the back of a group of people in a dark, rainy woods. We were wearing BOBs (bugout bags) and following Jesus, who led us through the darkness with his own illumination: HE was the light we saw by.

    He showed us the path, what was dangerous on either side, what to avoid stumbling over, and what to look for to eat. Dressed in natural-colored clothing defying categorization, He was very factual and economical as he showed us what we needed to survive with only what we were carrying and what we could find on the way through the darkness. As he was speaking, those in the front of the group would relay what he said to those behind, to be sure that they heard what they needed to know.

    Then the group went on in their own ways, each on their individual journey of survival, and Jesus was next to me on my left side. He indicated that we should sit on two rocks at the side of the path, and he sat on the taller one. He looked exactly like the likeness we were given in the Shroud of Turin, even just a few feet from me, and I felt like I was with my father: not my biological, abusive father, but GOD. I felt as if I was HOME.
    He sat with his hands folded together on his knees, just quiet, looking forward into the darkness with the calmest confidence. I felt like he was giving me the space to speak, and said “I remember when I first met you. I was four, maybe five years old in choir, and from the choir loft looked across the church and saw you”… and then I heard myself talking as I began to leave the dimension of the dream, and was speaking with my voice and mouth aloud when my eyes opened and I saw the ceiling of the room and felt the presence of my body on the bed, and my audible sentence became a thought then a knowing as if a diaphanous sock liquidly reversed it’s shape and state into an echo of an albumen tube that ‘said’ “But you know this already [the fact that I remembered when I ‘met’ the Messiah] because You were There”, and as I returned to the daylit room and the beginning of the day in wondering amazement at how childlike I felt and how His Love drew this from me in perfect peace as the geoengineered weather is hiding the Wormwood system overhead as demons run amok and we look forward to the plasma arc from the east to the west that will roll the sky back as a scroll, melt the earth elements, and separate the wheat from the tares in a world of people that walk in darkness in the shadow of death who have seen a great light.

    “Behold, I come quickly, hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.” – Revelation 3:11

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