and the end of the world as we know it. Jesus Christ IS the Plasma and Electromagnetic Light and Energy of the Singularity ELE event coming.

Cardinal Vigano and Dr. Zelenko have just come forward acknowledging the End Times event Believers have been scorned for speaking of. David Koresh and all of the people at his compound in Waco, Texas were murdered by the American government for disclosing the arrival of Nibriu the Destroyer, Planet X and Wormwood, with the attendant signs and wonders and cataclysms being unleashed now. Karen Hudes, World Bank whistleblower, made public emails telling the humanity what is coming as well as the plan of the world rulers to hide it and escape to their DUMBS. Historian, Scientist and author Velikovsky went public on this in the 1950’s, and they ruined his career like they did Tesla’s. Dr. Bill Weld went public with the 1995 DoD / DARPA / NWO Operation Nano Domestic Quell program to install the Black Goo graphene nanotechnology neural lace BioAPI in all of our bodies to be activated by the KILL SWITCH of 5G, and he and his family were murdered. Now one really can’t get much done without a cellular phone, named that because is tracks and controls those it is used by, and by magnet-assisted transfection will suck people’s souls up to The Cloud owned by AMAZON and with being vaxxed people will no longer be human, but patented by Big Pharma, the arm of Lucifer. Just look at the caduceous, the twining snakes around the staff. People are moving toward relying on cryptocurrency – yes, even those who profess to be followers of Jesus Christ and the Most High GOD – which uses biometric data to track them, and is an integral part of the beast system. The majority are so polluted they can’t see any of this. They have not done the ROPEWORM CLEANSE.

But it is happening. I have been saying the same things since I began this website four years ago (longer on previous social media I no longer submit to), and am quite persecuted. The reward is great in heaven for me and all who are in the headlights of the alphabets, Satan’s enforcers. The “CANNIBAL CME” that NASA, NOAA, and all the other liars say is arriving within twelve hours is something they have been expecting, and that’s whythey ionized the skies with Operation Solar Warden, the Space Fence, and the stratospheric aerosol injection programs run by all governments air forces and navies, using commercial airliners. There are less consumer flights not really due to the Trojan Horse Covid but their appropriation of these jets to spray us like bugs, now openly admitting they are sparying what’s in the genetic alteration shots.

“And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” – Matthew 24:22

Lucifer’s liars do their best to flip the tables by calling the arrival of the majesty of the Most High a “cannibal CME”, when they are the ones who humans children alive #Pizzagate, #Abortion, #Natural Flavoring Industry, #Vaccines, #Spirit Cooking, #Pedophilia, #Adrenochrome, #Falun Gong

(Source) Solar storm from ‘cannibal’ sun eruption may impact power grid and bring auroras as far south as Pennsylvania

This week’s solar storm is bigger than the storm over Halloween.

The government agency tasked with monitoring space weather has warned that a powerful solar storm could interfere with power grids, satellites and radio signals — although it might also have sent the beautiful northern lights incredibly far south overnight into Thursday (Nov. 4).

The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), an office within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has been monitoring a series of outbursts from our sun that began on Monday (Nov. 1). Since then, the sun has produced several coronal mass ejections (CMEs), which are bubbles of hot gas and magnetic field; while such activity can come from any part of the sun, the current examples have headed out into space toward Earth, making them of particular interest to humans. Some sun weather trackers dubbed one of those eruptions a “cannibal CME” after it overtook an earlier storm.

SWPC warned that as the current geomagnetic storm unfolds, the consequences may affect people’s daily lives, including “voltage irregularities possible in the electric power grid, false alarms may be triggered on some protection devices” and “intermittent satellite navigation (GPS) problems,” according to a NOAA statement.

NOAA operates a host of satellites that can detect CMEs. The CME responsible for today’s potential impacts reached the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) spacecraft late on Wednesday, then reached the GOES-16 satellite about 15 minutes later, according to a statement. DSCOVR is located about 1 million miles (1.5 million kilometers) away from Earth in the direction of the sun; GOES-16 is located in geostationary orbit about 22,200 miles (35,800 km) above the equator monitoring the East Coast of the U.S.

In addition to potential consequences more noticeable to everyday life, NOAA noted that spacecraft may be affected by phenomena like surface charging and orientation problems, and the storm might interfere with high frequency radio signals at high latitudes, which could affect long-distance airplane flights.

It’s not all bad news, of course. The NOAA statement also notes that the geomagnetic storm may bring on particularly stunning northern lights, noting that overnight from Wednesday into Thursday the displays may have been visible from “Pennsylvania to Iowa to Oregon and points north.” (Auroras also occur during the day but are much more difficult to see against a sunlit sky.)

And the display may continue, SWPC’s geomagnetic storm forecast notes, with G1 representing minor storms and G3 representing strong storms. “G1 storm levels continue to be met and solar wind conditions remain elevated and enhanced, maintaining the potential for additional periods of G2-G3 level storms,” a forecast published early on Thursday reads.

In addition to the technical forecasts, SWPC also produces a visual aurora forecast for both the northern and southern hemispheres.

CMEs and other solar activity that can affect conditions across the solar system are known collectively as space weather. Space weather is generally tied to the sun’s 11-year activity cycle. Currently, the sun is in the early period of what scientists have dubbed “solar cycle 25,” which is forecast to peak in 2025.

All weather is “Space Weather”: that’s why the study of weather is called METEOROLOGY.
Thyey began to try to manipulate our weather to try and stop GOD’S return to earth and cleanse it of them once and for all.
There is no “space”. What they can access is limited to beneath the firmament (Van Allen Belts).
Their lies are so vast!

(Source) Nov. 2, 2021: The CME heading for Earth is a cannibal. SOHO coronagraphs caught the storm cloud leaving the sun on Nov. 2nd following a slow-motion solar flare (M1.7) in the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2891:

This CME is a cannibal because it ate others of its own kind. Cannibal CMEs are fast coronal mass ejections that sweep up slower CMEs in front of them. The mish-mash contains tangled magnetic fields and compressed plasmas that can do a good job sparking geomagnetic storms.

The slower CMEs, in this case, were hurled into space on Nov. 1st and 2nd by departing sunspot AR2887. The cannibal caught up with them almost immediately after leaving the sun. This NOAA computer model shows what happened:

The cannibal cloud swept up one whole CME and a portion of another. If NOAA’s model is correct, the combined CME will make first contact with our planet around 0600 UT on Nov. 4th. The model also predicts a +250 km/s increase in solar wind speed and a 6-fold jump in solar wind density in the CME’s wake. These conditions, if they materialize, would set the stage for geomagnetic storms as strong as category G2.

La Palma, anyone?

(Source) September 9, 2021: An ‘Internet apocalypse’ could ride to Earth with the next solar storm, new research warns

The underwater cables that connect nations could go offline for months, the study warns.

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  1. Ti abbraccio dall’Italia ,come sai abbiamo 2 mondi 2 stati 2 paradigmi e naturalmente il programma dei controllori che usano la genetica e le onde a scalari come un “mondo paradossale di mezzo” una terra che non accada nulla.Stanno fallendo. Si il Cristo è già fisicamente con noi e questi esseri non possono tollerare la sua luce ,devo dire che anche gli operatori di luce se non preparati affonterebbero la singolarità come un forno a legna che cuoce il pane ,anche se sei panettiere devi essere anche fornaio ,devi essere batezzato nell’acqua madre nella luce del figlio e nel fuoco padre spirito santo.

    1. (Translated) “I embrace you from Italy, as you know we have 2 worlds 2 states 2 paradigms and of course the program of controllers that use genetics and scalar waves as a \”paradoxical world in between\” a land that does not happen. They are failing. Yes Christ is already physically with us and these beings cannot tolerate his light, I must say that even the lightworkers if not prepared would face the singularity like a wood-burning oven that bakes bread, even if you are a baker you must also be a baker… You must be baptized in the mother water in the light of the son and in the fire father holy spirit.” – Luca @mio401

      You have described the fallacy of chronological time quite well! And I embrace you from Babylon, soon to be destroyed in judgement.
      The tribulation we are all about to experience as the Shielding Approach and re-education centers – already in use in Australia, and in New Zealand the UN flag flies – will be the test of faith especially for those who are lulled by their (ecumenical, religious, mentoring) leaders with half-truths that felt right. In a sort of reverse-engineering, I see my having been shunned by family for the Lyme/Morgellons medical system DoP/DSM #’s lie told to them as precursor to what Christ said in the Gospel of Thomas: “Jesus said: Blessed are the solitary and the elect, for you shall find the kingdom; for you came forth thence, and shall go there again.” (49) “There are many standing at the door, but the solitary are they who shall enter the bridal chamber.” (75) “This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. In the days when you consumed what is dead, you made it what is alive.” (11) … The point? “And they will stand solitary.”
      So my experience is not unlike others who have see their families torn asunder by the powers of this world and the modes of destruction used: addictions, the temptation of sin, pride and ego, generational sin of inherited parasites in the body to the third and fourth generations, being part of the crowd for comfort e.g. herding. In this sense, Luca, we are richly blessed, because we have already been prepared by Christ who IS GOD to be able to withstand the End Times persecutions and face dying for The Truth over holding on to anyone and anything in this world, for which some of us have already lost all that they thought had defined them. THEY GAINED CHRIST – THAT IS THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
      Truly, we are blessed and know our role, mission and reward in Eternity.

    2. I reread this, and need to correct one thing you wrote: Christ is not at this time “on the earth”. He ascended and went to The Father, the MOST HIGH. But Christ is coming soon, as can be seen by what they attack in the clouds with the chemtrails.
      Much love and prayers to you… Laura

      1. Allorta perchè perdono lascio andare ho fede e affronto il dolore anche degli altri? come potrebbe esseere che Egli non è questo quick e che mi attrae ? capisco il guscio di presenza della terra e l’individualità , ma ti chiedo e ti prego da un tempo pari a zero . Amo la tua tempisitca .

      2. “Alorta because I forgive I let go I have faith and I face the pain of others too? how could it be that He is not this quick and that He attracts me? I understand the shell of the earth’s presence and individuality, but I have been asking and praying for a time equal to zero. I love your timing.”

        Non il mio tempismo. Il suo!
        (Not my timing. His!)

  2. Re the “world we live in”…

    The TRUE “human condition” is about 2 pink elephants in the room and has never been on clearer display than with the deliberate global Covid Scam atrocity — study “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at

    1. Thank you for your comment and the link, which I will approve because many facts are on that webpage. But the real truth is that we are witness to the end of the Holy War, which has already been won. Time and this 3D world will both end. Many have been polluted since the beginnning, swayed by sin and perverted from within and without.
      Covid is a Trojan Horse, and all I have written is GOD’S TRUTH SPOKEN THROUGH ME.
      Dane Wigington is missing the boat, in a sense, because he fails to acknowledge why they are geoengineering.
      I pray that you see the Truth as well. Few can.

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