It’s Not Invest92L – it’s NIBIRU

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July 10, 2019

(It has occurred to me to remind readers that they might want to revisit my posts after they are first published and notification is received, since I often edit with additional resources and material.  Thanks!)

“Let the world never forget the name Royal Raymond Rife – for he was prevented from showing us a new world by powerful corporate interests. He and many others. Peace brothers and sisters!”
I suggest playing the above in a separate window as you read this post.

The Purifier is Faithful and True, and the power and might draw from each individual what is within electromagnetically. This Creator-definitive, penultimate intelligence acting force is shaking out and sorting. The world shows and feels it, ramping up to the cleansing, from individual souls in bodies to nations en masse, and continents tremble, quake, weep and sob the wrath felt in rain deluges. You might, if you are a reader here who knows their role as Lightworker, be experiencing your own purification detox process. I certainly am, and over the course of the past year have shared and demonstrated many hacks, helps and homeopathic or systematic process practices for you to amass your toolbox to thrive optimally in these days of Tribulation challenges. For reasons which should be obvious, now is not the time for me to describe exactly what I am addressing and my counter-measures, as I am a Targeted Individual under attack for truthing about ropeworm/The Serpent Seed detox, the lies of the controllers, and Destroyer being here. But the purification caused by this cosmological body electromagnetically within your cells and the core of who you are varies by individual. It can be confusing because not only is it unprecedented on such a level, but societally there is no empathy or support, even physically. The majority of the earth’s people are  rutting, raging and getting fat with parasites and cannibalizing each other. The industries and paradigms, the narratives and what this world responds to and with have all been constructed by the rulers to obfuscate and keep hidden the reality we face as Earthlings. If one does know what is happening, further isolation and shunning rejection is the return for one’s caring candor. Do not let this deter you from standing firm in what you know and do.
For we are told in both Ephesians and Revelation, to stand.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God,
that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,
and having done all, to stand.

It will worsen. Sorry, I’m the “no fun blogger” saying the hard things you must hear, trying to give you every edge I myself have been gifted with sight of, so you can make it HOME TO THE LIGHT, THE MOST HIGH GOD, who is the Alpha and the Omega and Who Is, Was and Will Be, Who is Infinite and who incepts inception itself. Returning to Oneness past this 5G EMF Luciferian fallen angel (remember, “aliens” are the fallen angels, and anything but benevolent, even the Lyrians and Pliedians trying to garner favor with Jehovah, who already said NO) control grid soul-sucking prison. Becoming the soulspirit formed by choices made while a mortal, if your name is in the Book Of Life (Phil 4:3, Rev 3:5, 13:18, 17.8, 20:12, 20:15, 21:27, 22:19): “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” – Revelation 20:15.


Could it be that the lake of fire will be the earth’s electromagnetically charged red oxide atmosphere that we already live in? I think so. The plasma arcs (lightning) release as well as bond Hydrogen and Oxygen, and plasma is liquid. Look at the image (I may add more later, so please check back) I took last night of the “sunset” at a 900-1,000′ elevation, about 8:15PM. Just as in two posts here and here that I did in which my unedited/unaltered photographs, shot with an iPhone simply with my UV filtering sunglasses over the cellphone’s lens, here you see what REALLY IS THERE – The Destroyer – if our senses could operate without being confused, stifled and inhibited from correct assay by the geoengineering chemicals, the lens arrays, HAARP, and biochemical and programming lobotomies. It’s so straightforward that it’s shocking: the UV filter on the inexpensive sunglasses reveals all red spectrum that NASA et al designed the stratospheric injection aerosol geoengineering chemicals and particulates to hide from our biological ocular system registration and processing of visual information – in short, the hidden light spectrum revealed, courtesy of UV sunglasses and an iPhone4. (Once ‘they’ read this post, I’m sure they’ll “get right on it” – and me, even more… but I cannot remain silent in the face of Evil: I have spoken bravely despite painful consequences since I began to talk at nine months.) Almost everyone is utterly incapable of seeing what I share here with you, and others share also: there are few of us, as it has been written.
But what I can tell you is that this is the time of sorting. The time to detox, cleanse, and focus on the positive. You are already redeemed: live it now. Give love to your family, and if you are estranged from your own flesh and blood as I am, these words could never be more relevant than now: “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.” – Matthew 10:21

It is my hope that my two adult children read this, and my beloved granddaughter E., who I got these books for two weeks ago, and I pray I am able to give them to her.



The “weather” is NOT a “tropical storm hurricane season”. THEY ARE LYING, THOSE VAPID SO-CALLED METEOROLOGIST NEWSCASTERS.
This is literally an event of biblical proportions, and the ancient sacred texts which have managed to survive Grand Crossings of Nibiru/Wormwood/The Destroyer/PlanetX all describe what the geoengineering filters, HAARPed fake weather and try to hide: it’s here. That’s why the 5G towers – and crowsnest shooting turrets in the DC Metro/NOVA area to boot – are ready for: TO CONTROL MASS HYSTERIA OF CROWDS AS ELECTROMAGNETIC MINDWIPES HAPPEN, AND TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM ASCENDING (a scheme I don’t believe is possible, but O does satan try).

I love you. I love you all.

So even if the aeon flux of plasma discharges are leaving you feeling new levels of low, and weird, and all is strange, stand. STAND. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Stay GOOD. DO YOUR BEST. Be PREPARED for days or weeks or months without food. Be ready with all you can to help your family.
Pray, fast and meditate.

YOUR LUNGS ARE WHERE YOUR WINGS ATTACH (click to read my post on that!) When you breathe deeply, and learn to master fear with inner strength, you are building your spirit soul. Or not… that’s your choice, our free will in action.

Max Spiers said this first, RIP truther Max who was murdered with nanotechnology black goo. He said that these fallen angel reptilians want our heart energy, and that’s a fact, and why they have soul-sucked us dry as slaves, and created trauma systems.


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    1. Nibiru, The Destroyer, Wormwood has a parabolic motion and once you recognize it as the 12th planet, represented as the winged disk, accepting it in the FE model is natural, as it is a cosmological spiritual entity body. It’s all really dense stuff; hard to decipher from the purposefully omitted info by the controllers (that Vatican basement! Must be amazing and horrible both!) but we can glean facts, like how sound created life (cymatics|Logos|Word|infinite) and from the sacred texts we learn of Tiamet cleaved by her son, his apron the asteroid belt, her veins gold blood the Annunaki mine… [digression oops]
      So looking at the astrological chart with 13 being Ophecius, the Red Dragon AKA Destroyer the FE model is not negated but corroborated by the Enochian Calendar. We just have understandable cognitive dissonance. Earth as Yggdrasil as torroidal ring magnet heart within firmament of celestial beings/objects -TY brother, much love!

      1. Thanks, yeah when I discovered Flat Earth I threw out Nibiru along with the rest of Sitchin’s stuff as disinfo. But maybe I was too quick to do so, will have to research further!

        Also wondering why Max Spiers (who I followed avidly for a time) used the heliocentric model, maybe the controllers were twisting his arm. He did manage to get a lot of truth out, but you sort of have to read between the lines, so to speak.

  1. Very Powerful and Inspiring Message to Stand Firm in the Truth and To Love Valiantly during these trying times. Thank you dear Sister!

  2. Thank you very much, dear friend, for the wonderful post.

    I presume that all your readers, like me, are aware and informed. Yet, your words really fills up our hearts with new hope and courage to be ready to face the challenge.

    Yes, we all feel that low… resulting in slower mind, slower actions and low will to do any thing!

    Breathing deep from navel seems tough for all shallow breathers. What I noticed while breathing deep that after a certain time (which depends on person to person) of forced deep breathing; body is out of auto mode of shallow breathing and if we don’t make an effort to breathe deep the next cycle, we simply stop breathing and that period of time between when we simply stopped breathing and when need to breathe again is surprisingly very long and we really don’t feel panic when we must breathe! So, effectively deep breathing actually makes us better to handle / face fear!

    I think it is time that we collaborate and cooperate to survive as a self sufficient group; having all skilled person to live without modern amenities like electricity, tapped water and gas! We grow our food, do all our chores, manufacture necessary items of living… as we humans did 200 years ago! I guess Amish people are already prepared! 😉

    Thank you again for nice post and a reminder!

    Take care.


  3. That is a very important point people need to know, which I guess I experienced but never articulated, the not-breathing interval, so THANK YOU CHITTA, this is vital! <3 And I for one an up for creating a community! Yes!

    1. You are most welcome dear friend!

      I am dreaming that the community surviving on barter system for good! All members are equal but unique so all get same level of life / lifestyle; without discrimination but based on individual choice!


      1. Beautiful, Chitta. I too dream of this. It is certain that detox and soul growth, living a spiritual path, not materialistic – and especially, ridding one’s body of parasites one day at a time, over time – these factors can overcome the problems found in social groups which harm interactions.
        I value all your comments, you are so additive here! Thank you!

  4. Opening up new comment, as there was no way to reply in the thread.

    No, thank you dear friend. Frankly, I am not motivated enough to start my own blog. However, because you are writing beautiful, loving and soul touching blogs, I am motivated a lot to think, experience and share!

    Yes, I fully understand and agree about effect of detox. The collective consciousness on body level, that is all organisms living in side the body – including bad parasites and helping gut culture – affects the higher soul of the body, that is our soul! So, once the parasites are gone, that collective consciousness on body level improves vastly; positively affecting us – souls! And if for each individual of society is more positive this way; the society would thrive positively. This is what I comprehend.

    We all value your investment of time and emotions in writing the beautiful blogs and inspiring, helping and guiding us.

    Thank you very much.

    Take care.


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