Deus X Kombucha Batch Complete!

June 9, 2019

The kombucha scoby I split into two and made a dual-gallon batch from (<— link) was done yesterday, and I just finished processing all the images. Look how lovely it turned out! Nine days seems to be just right for now. No aspergillus mold, not sweet, not vinegar-ey – just incredibly refreshing, effervescent, and healthful as a probiotic. What it costs me to make is literally pennies to the dollar, and I know exactly how cleanly and purely it was created, with love and cymatics of structured water, by me and God.

The SCOBY is from Amazon and was about $10.00. I really recommend this one, and have had complete success. Buying your own through my affiliate link helps me bring all of this life-saving information to others all over the face of our dear earth <3

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Ingredients: Two gallons of home-distilled water, used to make the tea as well as fill the jars, which a 50/50 tea and water, a SCOBY in each jar, and 1 cup white cane sugar in each jar.
Process: Put a SCOBY in each clean jar, add one cup of sugar (the SCOBY consumes the sugar as its food while fermenting), fill halfway with room temperature tea made with distilled water, and add distilled water to bring up to one gallon. Seal, bless with intention, and place in a dark, undisturbed place for a week to ten days. The target optimal temperature is 71′-74′ F.
Done time: After a week, test by placing a straw with one end capped in, and releasing into a spoon or cup (not your mouth, you don’t want to contaminate with saliva if you need to test twice!) If it is sweet, give it more time. It’s perfect if the sweet edge is gone. If you see a bit of blue aspergillus mold (not harmful, basically penicillin like on bread), it’s done and then a bit over done. Stop before the blue begins. After three batches, I feel confident about a nine day batch time! Strain through clean cheesecloth or a small gauge seive into bottles, cap tightly and refrigerate. So delicious and good for you!
Tip: If it gets cool in the house, set the darkened jar (kept in a dark box or covered with a towel) on a plate atop a bowl of hot water, and use your wrist to baby-bath-water-check it =)


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