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From my ropeworm journal, September 2018.

Rope worm, also called Plant Worm, because its genome contains both plant and animal based genes in the one organism, is endemic to almost everyone on the planet, and very difficult to identify and remove. And honestly, a very few have ever even heard about these bodily inhabitants, let alone attempt their removal. One doesn’t usually learn about #ropeworms until they’ve ‘gone down the rabbit hole’, and then are presented with so many things that are all interdependent, and all must be addressed, that what to do is hard to get to, being buried with shocking data and all those truths to face.

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As I type this, I can feel one detaching from its intestinal grip right now. This is my second day of a rope worm protocol which uses the herbs Mimosa Pudica (also known as the “Sensitive Plant”, a #vermifuge, and Cascara Sagrada, which increases the gut motility of the small intestine and urges elimination naturally. Both of these non-GMO organic herbs are in capsule form.

On this protocol, I am continuing the probiotic fermented cabbage juice that I have been making and using since June 2017. It’s an affordable, healthy remedy for weaponized fungus, yeast and parasites which also rebuilds organs, over time, and has been known to reverse autism, restore fertility, regrow teeth, and more. So I decided to add on top of my cabbage probiotic juice this protocol for rope worm, and am glad I did.

The fermented cabbage juice is now a part of my #powerfood #lifestyle. For the purposes of this article, the focus is on the #MimosaPudica and #CascaraSagrada as active agents, and here’s why: I am fairly well detoxed on most levels already, yet my sixth sense told me that the ropes were still in residence.

Symptoms of having the human ropeworm include bloating, food intolerance/sensitivities, digestive issues, fatigue, constipation, toxic feeling, brain fog, body pain, inflammation, abdominal pain, brittle/thinning hair/nails, premature grey hair, waking up feeling unwell, sinus issues, feeling of infection, insomnia, headache, hormonal dysfunction, dry throat, itching, confusion, diarrhea, anxiety, memory loss, feeling antisocial, abdominal pain, depression, organ dysfunction-Liver and kidney problems, and exhaustion after eating.

Of those, I still go to grips with a handful of these. And although I am in shape (size 6-8 petite), my tummy is just too suspiciously a bit round. And that is a sign of them. So’s that gut that people call a beerbelly. Or the academic pooch… you know the kind: lanky people who have that little belly. Very indicative.


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