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January 23, 2023
I’m loving The Ropeworm Protocol Bible Human Ascension Manual, and am dispersing your book to friends and clients.
Will spare you a novel but … now I see the ropeworm everywhere! After getting more strict with the cabbage, the things I’ve seen come out of me!
I guess you can say, your writing and the space between your writings has allowed me to see.
The Ascension Diet Eating To Ascend book – I’m only on page 700 first time through, can’t wait to read it again and again!
Thank God for somehow attuning me, all the way from here, to you, and your getting this information out.
Much love to you, a trillion blessings,
Betsy Von, LMT
I cannot believe they sent you to me, and I can’t even remember how it happened! But I’m so glad it did, Angel.

Betsy, as a Licensed Massage Therapist, what you are doing for those who come to you to improve their health by empowering them with the knowledge of – and treatment for – the human ropeworm and other parasites is, whether or not you know it, advancing the Kingdom of God. You thank God for bringing you to me, but in truth, it is GOD bringing you to His Truth: I am just a messenger, and you called me “Angel”. From one angel to another, we are in human form working to unite our fellow humans with the reason they are really here, as we work to dispel these archons in the body.

One of the earliest followers of my work is also an LMT, “Jashula”, and her she wrote:
I am a massage therapist and I can feel the parasites in a person’s muscle tissue. Sorry to freak you out, but those knots you feel are actually usually parasties rather than being inflamed tissue (which is what most doctors and therapists tell you). (She directed her ‘freaked out’ apology to blog readers.)

Since you have read the Ropeworm Protocol book and increased its power by strict adherence and attention to the instructions given, you are now fully aware of the fact that what Jashula wrote above is correct, and that all of us are exposed to the parasites (resident evils) of others, by family, friends, workplace contact, touch, association, by drinking, eating, medications, animals, the outdoors… THE WORLD IS A CESSPOOL OF MRNA AND THESE ARE THE DAYS OF NOAH.
It was Eden before The Fall.

How to help others… I have been criticized for ‘catering to the new age movement and millenials’, and find far too many who call themselves Christians blinded to the fact that they could be so much more, and do so much more for God, if they would get off their laurels of comfort foods and detox the serpent from their guts and clean up their temple act. It came as a shock, but I see these men and women in their very conventionally safe Christian walks as modern day pharisees who cling to the lies we have all been taught and wait for a new body at Rapture while ignoring the tools to make the best of the one they have. These tools are detoxing the ropeworm and removing the parasites. This is what Jesus taught but it was hidden. There is very little time left to save souls before the digital currency net snares mankind. Jesus ministered to the sinners, not those who already believed who need their bibles dusted off with 5th grade reading level mini-sermons they can’t really receive because they are polluted and therefore deaf and blind. But you are leading others from the paths of destruction, Betsy, while you yourself are being cleansed. Like the disciples, your eyes are opening as you do this work. Thomas doubted but still followed Christ. Peter denied him three times before the cock crowed. Betsy, you were led to help in this DNA rescue mission of God’s. Elected. Praise God!

“…your writing and the space between your writings has allowed me to see.
Think of the space between my writings as the period in between the breaths.
[   ]
[   ]
The breath comes from God, not me.
The inspiration – the indrawn breath of life-giving energies…
The expiration which expels what’s used, or what should not be.
I was led to write, led to these truths, because through being denied diagnosis and threatment of Lyme disease, I developed Morgellons, this after a lifetime as a targeted individual who made the tragic mistake at age 50 of marrying a secretly cross-dressing Washington, D.C. career newsman who did all he could to destroy then kill me after I asked for a divorce. Yet…
The Hand of God was in all of this, and in my trials I was refined.
In turn I am trying to help others by sharing what I am shown.
I could not see this clearly if I had not detoxed, but God choose those who serve Him.
But for His Grace, we would not be here.
Even Paul of Tarsus, a “Hebrew of Hebrews”, needed to be reborn in Jesus Christ.
It’s so much easier when the scales are removed from the eyes!
With Paul, Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus and as Paul recorded, scales fell from his eyes after he saw Jesus’ light.
The Rockefeller medical conspiracy mainstreamed parasites. But remember what I shared in the books: (1) in the 19th century after the train system was set up, the elite contaminated the Chicago livestock yards with Trichinosis to give parasites to the pigs shipped all over America. The biggest pork processor is named SMITHFIELD, which in England is the place where more Christians were murdered by the Catholic Church than any other killing field. And pork is the other white meat, a hybrid of wild boars and humans crafted by the Egyptians. That’s why God – YHVW, Jehovah – THE ONE TRUE GOD and the only Living God – told the Israelites DO NOT EAT PORK in the Torah.

“I cannot believe they sent you to me, and I can’t even remember how it happened! But I’m so glad it did, Angel.”
I am too, dear sister! It is such a joy to me when the light that shines is passed on like the torch that it is, to help others. O how sad it is to me when self-professed Christians and deniers alike reject these truths. All I can say is how thankful I am, how grateful I am that you are here and are helping others, and that soon we will be together in eternity if you accept Jesus Christ as your saviour, and Lord, for all of this freedom is His gift to us.

For, like you, I am just a messenger too.

In Christ, who IS LIGHT, and the Door, eternally, our peace,

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