Aborted Fetal Cells in Vaccines as of March 2018


When asked by your medical provider if you want the ‘flu shot’, and you refuse, DO NOT SIGN ANY FORM OF REFUSAL. You have the right to refuse, when asked to sign a ‘patient denial form’ just tell the nurse no and just write “patient denies request”.

Never sign your name.

A common adjuvant added to vaccines is aluminum, a known neurotoxin that has no biological benefit for the body.

Aborted Fetal Cells in Vaccines as of March 2018
Aborted Fetal Cells in Vaccines as of March 2018 #cannibalism #transgender #Luciferian #satanic #ritual #occult

Watch this video in my blogpost titled Science Video – What Happens When Mercury and Aluminum Are Combined where you see a chemist putting a drop of mercury onto a small piece of aluminum in a laboratory. You can see that a violent reaction occurs when these heavy metals are put together. Imagine what this does to the central nervous system in a living body. It’s like putting cement powder into an IV drip into your veins, or your drinking water. It literally breaks the electroconductivity of the signalling of signals in the synapses and dendrites.

This is the same video in my blogpost linked to just above, which I originally published in September 2018.

This video below is the most powerful and concise presentation of vaccine injury facts that I have ever seen. From it I learned also that even placebo vaccines and medications contain aluminum, and one would suspect also mercury.

Always remember that Mr. Bill Gates himself confessed on TED Talks “The world population needs to go from 8 billion to 500,000. With vaccines, we can do that.” Ask yourself: Why would ‘someone in computers’ become an influencer in depopulation and eugenics unless they were a figurehead in a death agenda on a mass scale? Where would they get the money to ‘roll out’ this holocaust? From the computers and operating systems of control they make humans pay them to use.

P.S. In foods as Natural Flavoring

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  1. Years ago a ministry exposed the use of aborted babies elastin and collagen for make up to get rid of wrinkles and give your skin a new born baby’s glow. To hide this fact the list of ingredients now call it animal elastin and collagen to protect themselves but aren’t we also called animals at times? We can witness about this deplorable act by going to local pharmacies and alerting them. Also, alert your pastor so he can expose this to the church and reveal it at your bible study as well.

    1. Thus forces everyone to be cannibals, as they are. Cannibal etymology Cain / Abel … Cain being serpent seed from Eve having been impregnated by Lucifer.
      NEVER eat anything that lists “Natural Flavors”: that is fetal cells and tissue. Refuse all vaccines. Fast and detox. Your comment is so valued! As to telling church people – good luck with that! 501c3 government sponsored/recognized churches are shills and will be sure to make you persecuted.

    2. That’s so messed up but hardly surprising. It’s so much better to use either natural home made make up or 100% pure brand or something else that all natural. I don’t trust edta or any of the poly or quantum Ingredients either

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