FULL ARMOR OF GOD (Eph 6, 10-18)

From a Patreon group member, December 9, 2022
I’m not online much these days, however I do enjoy receiving your well-considered and written words.
I’ve been doing a lot of quiet prayer, fasting, deworming, cleansing and music and creative things away from computers and phones.
It’s amazing how my dreams both awake and asleep have become.
I’ve still not seen a rope worm although I have been finding nests of  other flukes and parasites lurking within and it is great to now be free of so many. Morgellons counts have also decreased (using the electromagnetic foot bath which draws them out).
The albendazole and fenbendazole suggested in your protocols,  my homemade ferments and homegrown mimosa pudica, plus piles of diatomaceous earth, zeolite and clay are all helpful.
It’s quite a battle and takes discipline to continually vanquish the demons they send at us, wave after wave.
Thank you for all you do, for keeping each other in prayers and your untiring faith and trust in Christ and our Father Creator.
God bless you.
Love, Chris

From a Patreon group member

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