May We Be So Good

I drew the St. Francis of Assisi drawing in 2013. It is special to me because he hold the bird perching trustingly on his hand, looking up at his pained compassion.

With my horse Devon in 2011. He loved to swim and was very brave. He too is a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse. RIP, partner.

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  1. Thank you for the nice post. The pic of bumble bee reminded me about the scarabs! Their wings have special design for under surface; which upon opening of wings comes in contact with air and scarab levitates! In fact, with enough wings attached to a board, we can levitate on such board!

    Thank you and namasté.

  2. And thank ~you, dear Chitta, for teaching me why it is a sacred symbol of eternal life. Light is in abundance here. Your warm illumination is gratefully appreciated.

    It is a treasure also that one can hear your voice in your written words. Namasté back atchya 🙂

    1. Thank you dear friend. Scarab was considered as symbol of rising Sun, in ancient Egypt! And now you know why! 🙂

      With your second para, I thought wordpress should have a section to upload audio file upload! We can hear a nice story too!

      Thank you and namasté.

      1. I was tired last night as I wrote, and unclear. I knew it was sacred – I had a scarab beetle actually, interestingly, my (ex)brother-in-law, brother to the father of my children and lineage of Dann Tribe I blogged about (fallen angels), he works for the NSA doing all we stand against, and ~he gave me~ the huge taxidermied scarab in the 90’s. What I ~did not know is that they ~levitate, as you wrote. Now it all makes sense! I am very grateful for all the people who fill in gaps of illumination in this critical ascension process. I treasure you and everyone in this process.

        I put out a call on Twitter a few days ago asking to be interviewed. I’ve been thinking about podcasts, and the platform the one Aug shared one done on recently (I would would not emulate NPR’s style though) looks promising, since my HW & SW are oldskool old lol.

        I have another venue for us too, not yet disclosed :-> You are very welcome, and namasté!

  3. P.S. That’s me on my beloved horse Devon in 2011 RIP Devon of Auralor, a Percheron/Quarterhorse American Warmblood I raised from a 2yo. He was also a victim of satanic ritual abuse, and we are far out in a lake. He loved swimming and I was struggling to convince him to return to shore. He’d have drowned us both in his desire to overcome the distance because it was in front of him. I loved his heart, we should all stay so determined <3

    1. Oppsss… I can’t see a pic of you with Devon! But, I would love to have one horse to whisper! 🙂

      Thank you and namasté.

  4. Thank you dear friend,

    As I could not reply there against your reply, a new comment I needed to create!

    Hmmm! I see that the Tribe of Dann is coming back to me periodically! Somewhere, I read that the Tribe of Dann came from the matriarch Danu or Dhanu! And perhaps, she was Asura or Rakshasa! You will find many names of persons, places, water bodies, etc are based on the tribe! Also, I have a feeling that somehow the movie 13th Warrior (the character played by Antonio Banderas) is somehow talking about the Tribe, directly or indirectly! I could be very well wrong, but I think you would find it out better then me!

    Yeah, sounds great about your own podcast or channel! You are very well aware and careful, but still; choose the platform wisely!

    I guess for us what you are thinking, I have already considered it! (I hope that we are on same line!) However, looking to time zone and other restrictions at my end, I think we need to work it out.

    I am imagining the lush green pasture, gentle cool breeze blowing, clear (unsprayed) sunny sky and Devon enjoying the pasture; while you are loitering around enjoying the nature! Is that ok? 🙂

    Thank you and namasté.

    1. Sorry for the delay in reply, and I read the same about the Tribe of Dann, and all the names go back to communication before language: it’s fallen angel DNA. They went to different places/continents/planets/planes. Did you read that Dann post? One thing I do see is that it is difficult for those who revere dieties (I used to feel kindred to Devi and Ganesh, that feels likes three thousand different ‘ME’s ago) to embrace what I just wrote.
      I did a sound file of the Felicity story; what you wrote ‘spurred’ me to. All of us here are on the same line in truth and light Namaste!

      1. Hello dear friend,

        I just found today this on Tribe of Dann:

        Hope you get something more out of the link.

        I read almost all of your posts. But, I guess if you are trying to point out something then please give reference of the post, so that we can be on same level.

        Well, I am currently not following any deity till I am sure who they are; if not who I am! One interesting thing I read about is that there are some beings who have a very long drooping nose, for me it is a tribe of Ganesh! If you wish to know further about, please let me know. I will share a link privately.

        Am I going to get the sound file?

        Thank you and namasté.

      2. That’s another deep look into the source of the Dann, Da’naan, all the names referenced. Thank you for the link: I can’t read enough about them. From my Welsh/Irish and then my childrens’ maternal grandmother’s side – the Dann family, old pre-colonial family from Virginia – and even on their paternal grandfather’s side, since their great-great-great grandfather (I think I have that right) was head gardener for Queen Victoria. What a lineage. No wonder they were in the labs (referencing their childhood artwork I posted recently).
        From what I’ve gleaned ~so far~ is the fae are also the lesser djinn/gremlins/goblins/sprites/menehune/fairies. While in Hawaii living offgrid for 7 months I witnessed them in their nightmoves in the jungle (I also saw skinwalkers more times than I wanted to. Lots of orbs of all sizes, including rising from the ocean… crafts).
        I think there’s a continuity that appears once my blog is read as a whole. It’s like a book of threaded vignettes and investigation in real time unfolding. It is good to not be alone on the truth path. Thank you for being here. I do backlink to previous posts, but I try to keep that to a minimum, because frankly, most people don’t have attention span anymore, and need information is small, staccato soundbytes.
        Speaking of sound, the It Was Felicity post is the podcast I tried to do. My ~flavor~ of old skool tech prohibits podcasting for now: e.g., my system is ancient here. I need a black box dual screen setup. I know the Most High will provide that. I could do so much with that! For now I am limited by equipment, literally. But I healed from Lyme and Morgellons after the United States government medical system and my family said it was “not a thing”! It cost all I had, but taught me what matters most, and definitely it’s not material things. SO, GOD gave me a consciousness and LIGHT and I share the truth with others. THAT is what matters most.
        Ganesh. Elephants. Yes.
        A man was visited by Enki twice. Enki called himself Abba, though.The fallen angel Annunaki nephilim tried hard to win back God’s favor after being cast out, as the record of their pleas relayed by Enoch/Metatron shows. It was said that before the Most High walked away from the waters and placed the dome over this creation that He would sit at the edge of Eden (many names for it) with an elephant (behemoth) on either side. I look forward to the link.
        Namasté and thank you too.

  5. Hello dear friend,

    As I could not reply against your comment, new comment is created.

    Oh, so many generation worth cleansing of DNA is required to stop the further children abuse! I guess, you are perfectly placed in the lineage so that you could do the DNA cleansing. What method you can use, that I am not aware but I guess efforts by you is going to liberate many souls for sure.

    On g-plus, there was this guy who was posting a lot of pics of plenty of faes / fairies flying on the shore; in the day light! Also, I understand that orbs are also present around the Sasquatch / Bigfoot / Yahoo / Yowie / Yeti… whatever name you give.
    I am sharing the link here, about someone’s dream journal. Please scroll down to the bullet titled: “October 13th, 2017 (Regular Life) (ET Contact with Elephant Beings)”!

    One important thing I realized, when I searched for pic of behemoth and found a pic of behemoth and leviathan! (The link for the pic of behemoth: Now, see this link: !

    Also, please note that Vishnu is Enki!

    I am interested in knowing about the incident and what happened with the man; whom the Enki had visited twice! Please share. Abba means father!

    Thank you and namasté.

    1. When I talk with people who revere demigods such as Vishnu and Buddha, and I explain that these are entities who were cast from the Most High Creator along with Lucifer/Enki and are little-g gods, their eyes glaze over and they think I am stuck on the christian trip. That’s why I call it “Religion, Inc.”. IT’S TAVISTOCK ON STEROIDS.
      So what must be known is that ANIMALS WERE CREATED BY THE MOST HIGH, but miscegenated by these fallen angels. People are very confused onthis in the truth community. It is very hard to unlearn at this level.
      The vatican is responsible for the confusion between leviathan and behemoth, word-wise.
      ABBA does mean father. As I wrote, Enki was benevolent in ways, creatung his slave race and trying to appease GOD and be forgiven. He wanted acceptance back. GOD said no. ABBA and ABYSS are really similar and one must wonder why.
      I am reading some of Delores Cannon’s writings as I can afford the downloads and have time (mentioned above the behemoth paragraph in the link).
      I am blessed that you recognize my role in saving my family from the generational sin! Yes, I am the grandmother! And my grandmother – not the O- bloodline side (paternal) – too had a pivotal role in who I am and how I see now. Thank you with all my heart for stating this truth, Chitta <3

      1. Oh thank you once again dear friend .

        I have some own deductions on Hinduism from what I have read, so far. I guess it’s too explosive for sharing openly.

        Also, I have read a lot about Vatican and similar things akin to my deductions on Hinduism!

        Hmmm yes the god and their tricks! BTW the meaning of ABBA (pronounced as u ubbaa) was in local language.

        I have gone through some of her long videos long ago. She is amazing soul!

        I am happy to know that you are aware and actively pursuing the DNA cleansing. It’s a great responsibility that needs preparation worth many incarnations! So I take a bow to you. Also, my loving respect to your grandmother!

        If the family have a genes length parasite on the genes, I can totally relate to your work on ascension diet as well as deworming.

        Thank you and namaste.

      2. PARASITES ARE DEMONS IN THE BODY AND THE SOURCE OF SIN IN HUMANS AND ALL DEATH AND DISEASE. Even “good people” have them, and hence the struggle, angel on the right shoulder, devil on the left, like the early cartoons depicted. We must do all we can to cleanse and stay cleansed. It takes YEARS to get the encysted strongholds encased in keratin biofilm out. We are constantly reinfested.
        DNA cleansing.. DNA CLEANSING IS NOT ALL JUST DEWORMING. Using these non-plantbased tools is using hacks to help us in this insanely miscegenated nano toxic emf world. OUR HEART FIELD INTENTION IS THE *******MOST IMPORTANT POWER WE HAVE AGAINST EVIL*******

  6. Thank you very much dear friend for the reply.

    Yes, I am aware that detoxing and deworming is not DNA cleansing. It is a slow process that starts in mind and ends in DNA! And in between there is a lot of mental work! I have a fair idea but as I understand there are many paths and processes…

    Oh yeah… heart intentions! I believe that is the starting point for all good deeds!

    Thank you and namasté.

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