mRNA Termination Death's Gain of Function

RNA Termination Sequence Killswitch Gain of Function.

mRNA Termination Death's Gain of Function

It was hidden by the editors of scripture, the Catholic Church, but Jesus called Satan “the artificial spirit”. Gain of function is really what the Serpent did to the human race, recorded in Genesis by Jahweh. I am hoping you have read my second book in which I explain all of this. mRNA and RNA have termination sequences while DNA regenerates. Death IS the Devil. They really DO put snake and other poisonoius venoms in vaccines and drugs, THIS IS WHY.
I really can’t say it any more clearly.
Darwinian Chemical Systems is MODERNA trading on Nasdaq as MRNA and was incepted to craft a non-human genetic alteration to withstand the earth’s termination event when Nibiru the Destroyer – APOPHIS AKA WORMWOOD – comes, in 2029/2030, on the slim chance any asteroid debris might remain, so after this fallen world is destroyed a non-human (POSTHUMAN) non-carbon based species might have some building blocks to evolve from somewhere in space. As if.
That is what the NSF grant was for in 2010.
David Martin glosses over this (the “Dr” DM whose logo is Freemason).
And when the CME blasts happening now rapture the REAL CHILDREN OF JESUS THE LIGHT those LEFT BEHIND will suffer TRIBULATION.

By the Grace of God, I cracked the sin code.

I am praying for all who struggle with this truth in death-embracing defiance from a lifetime of lies told to them.

Alt News really ought to interview actual Morgellons targets – like me – when compiling the report on the graphene and other metal non-biological synthetic life forms promised to be released this coming week. Get the water from the source, not rebottled, so to speak.

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